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Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 1 Episode 9

Coming Of Age

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Dec 16, 2001 on MTV - Music Television
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Episode Summary

Coming Of Age

Ashley is feeling suffocated by Jimmy, and when Toby lets it slip she is thinking of breaking up with him, Jimmy gets upset and breaks up with Ashley. Emma gets her first period.

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  • It's Jimmy's Birthday and Emma becomes a woman.

    "Coming of Age" is a great Degrassi episode! I actually like Jimmy in this episode because you get to see his character background. His parents neglect and he so he's very lonely. I love how Ashley felt suffocated, but then I love how she finds out that Jimmy doesn't have that great of home life. Emma gets her period in this episode which is actually a great issue for a 7th grader. I love how Emma tries to hide it wearing those huge gym shorts. I love how Paige didn't act all Queen Bee in this episode and she actually helped Emma out. I give this episode a 8/10.moreless
  • On a very special Degrassi...

    Emma is becoming a woman. She has her period. (Sean is the only grade 7 who looks like he's gone through puberty at all, but whatever.) I like the way they portrayed PMS, with Emma crying more during soap operas. This episode also involved Emma (in her typical way) explaining to the class that menstruation's normal. What was really cool was to see Paige being Emma's mentor; this will become her role for both Emma and Manny in future episodes.

    Meanwhile, Ashley and Jimmy almost had sex, so this episode is 99% intense, because they almost had sex. Not the best way to blend the A plot and the B plot, but it fit the theme.

    Who should get kicked in the head? Toby, for walking in on Jimmy and Ashley.moreless
  • A great episode and it changes a few characters too

    This episode is one of my favorites! I love the fact that they turn Emma into a women and she had no idea that it had happened. Also, I like that they gave Paige a little bit of an attitude makeover. Helping Emma really made her look better. This is also one of the few episodes that Sean looks interested in Emma. Also, the Emma and Paige friendship bond starts here as in future episodes where the two do protest against certain things and people. It's also funny to see Emma attempt to where those huge gym shorts during the presentation and how she stands up for herself. It is almost the perfect episode!moreless
  • I would like to tell you my thoughts on this episode.

    I like this episode. Getting your period in school can be frustrating, especially when you are unprepared and there are boys around. I have this episode, but I only watched it once. I love Degrassi and I have season 1 and season 2 on DVD. Season 1 and Season 2 have all the good episodes of Degrassi. In my opinion, Season 1 is the definitely the best season. This is one of the good episodes. For those of you who are wondering why the blood spot was on the low part of Emma's skirt, it is because she was sitting so it was higher under her body.moreless
  • In this Episode we find out that Ashley is starting to think of Jimmy more as a brother rather than a boyfriend. And Emma starts acting really moody then when shes done apologizing to Sean, she gets up to walk away and Emma stops her due to her periodddddmoreless

    The episode Coming of age was really good. It helps girls understand that getting your period is normal and can happen at anytime. When your feeling extremely moody for a week or so you should be prepared for the fact that you might be going through PMS. We also find out that Ashley doesnt like the fact that Jimmy is always hanging around. so then through out the season i wondered if every time she was around Jimmy she was irritated. But then after things got out in the open Jimmy and Ashley were doing ok. Emma also makes a petiton for tampons in the washroom which is a good idea incase something unexpected were to happenmoreless
Fielding Horan

Fielding Horan


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Laura Jordan

Laura Jordan

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Brent Holmes-McGill

Soap Opera Man

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Linlyn Lue

Linlyn Lue

Ms. Kwan

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Amanda Stepto

Amanda Stepto

Christine "Spike" Nelson

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Maria Ricossa

Ms. Kerwin

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • In this episode Emma sees that there isn't a tampon/pad dispenser in the washroom, but in "Mother and Daughter Reunion" when Caitlin and Joey run into the washroom there is a dispenser behind Caitlin.

  • QUOTES (16)

    • Manny: So are you feeling okay?
      Emma: Oh yeah Manny, I love being a woman. (she looks at her sarcastically) I don't feel any different.
      Girl: Here you go. (hands clipboard to Emma)
      Emma: But I did have this idea. Like my mom says, never be embarrased to speak. Paige, do you want to sign my petition to get a tampon dispenser in the girl's washroom?
      Paige: Yeah, sure. (she signs the clipboard. Sean comes riding up on his bike)
      Paige: Hey Sean, do you want to sign Emma's petition? For Tampons. (she smirks. Sean walks over and signs the clipboard.)
      Sean: Sure, if Emma came up with it. It's gotta be a good idea.

    • Man: (Emma and Spike pass by) Oooh, I would like a lick of "that".
      Spike: (disgusted) Excuse me?
      Man: I would like a lick of your "cone". (smiles) Sue me.
      Spike: I probably could because I don't think that's what you meant.
      Emma: Mom.
      Spike: Guess what? You don't talk to women like that, especially younger women.
      Man: I was just kidding.

    • (Manny rushes in the girls washroom)
      Paige: What? It's the girl's washroom sue me.

    • Emma: (experiencing PMS while watcing a soap opera and crying) We're just so small and the universe is so massive...

    • J.T.: Yo, yo! Puff Emma's in da house!

    • J.T.: Aw, did little Emmy pee her pants?
      Emma: No, I just started my period, for the first time. You know, mesntration? Something that happens with oh-fifty-percent of the population. Perfectly normal, right Ms. Kwan. (J.T. drops a pen he was holding and his eyes widen. Toby's eyes widen,too. Sean's jaw drops and is surprised)
      Ms. Kwan: Yes Emma.

    • Manny: Emma, did you sit in something?
      Emma: No Manny, why?
      Manny: Look. (Emma gasps)

    • Emma: So I'm not gonna turn into...
      Paige: Me? Honey, you wish.

    • Paige: Hon, you don't wear light colours when you're on your period.
      Emma: I didn't know, okay? It was my first time!

    • Manny: So, are you feeling okay?
      Emma: Oh yeah Manny, I love being a woman. (Pauses) I don't feel any different.

    • Manny: We should celebrate.
      Emma: Celebrate what exactly?
      Manny: Becoming a woman.... Em, you can get pregnant now.
      Emma: Oh great. Can we celebrate by finding me a washroom?

    • Emma: I am so not ready for this.

    • Emma: BLAH BLAH BLAH! I can't even think! (gets up) Ya coming? (storms off)
      (Manny makes the sign for "loopy") I SAW THAT!

    • Ashley: He's just every where. Right, now I'm at the point where i could break up with him.
      Terri: You don't mean that.
      Ashley: No, I'm serious.

    • Paige: I've got a pad, if you need one. You could get one from the office but that would be kind of
      Emma: Ew! Just imagine, 'Mr. Raditch, may I have a maxi pad?'

    • Paige: Hey, you can get boobs now.
      Emma: Like I want them!
      Paige: You will. They're actually really great.

  • NOTES (3)