Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 6 Episode 8

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Dec 19, 2006 on MTV - Music Television
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Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Sean is released from jail, and being with Emma, and having a job with his friend Jay, makes him feel on top of the world. But things soon come crashing down, when he finds out about Jay and Emma hooking up at the ravine. Derek is feeling threatened by his History teacher, and isn't sure how to handle it.


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  • perfect

    sean gets out of jail and wants to continue dating emma, whom he considers perfect, but is she so perfect? and how will sean be able to take it when he finds out that she and jay had sex in the ravine?

    good episode, sean was portrayed really well here and i think the episode was overall very strong, with strong characters and a great plot, and as such, my overall grade for this episode is an easy A+, i can't find one thing i disliked about the episode, all around perfect episode, i certainly think so anyways. Just perfectmoreless
  • Sean gets out of the slammer.

    Okay so I think this was a wasted mid-season finale. Yay for Sean getting out of jail, but I don't understand why they had to bring up past issues, and make the episode filler, by arguing through the whole thing, and getting back together in the end. The only good thing about this plot was the Jay/Sean/Emma interaction before Sean found out, other than that, this plot did zilch for me. Okay and the worst B plot in the history of time. Danny & Derek go up against a mean teacher, interesting? I don't think so. Basically a HUGE filler, and Semma fans should be happy, but ugh, if they were going toward the Jay/Emma direction, they could have done a way better job with it.moreless
  • Sean gets out of jail and finds out what Emma Jay did a couple years ago. A teacher threatens Derek.

    Now this season of Degrassi is getting more better. Sean gets out of jail. Emma and Sean are now back together. The only thing that I don't like about Sean is that he never deals with his problemns. He always runs away from them. He overreacted when Jay told him about what he and Emaa did years ago. He went to the airport but then he realized that he loves Emma. I am so glad that they are back together, but hopefully they srat together for at least a couple more episodes. Danny and Derek's teacher is to rude. He must be the biggest jerk at the school. He has no right to talk to kids like that. I am so glad that Derek went to talk to Mr. Simpson. Hopefully we find out in the next episode that the teacher gets fired. I give this episode a 10/10.moreless
  • Finally Semma is reunited. But it doesn't really go as well as Emma had hoped. Pasts are exposed and Sean's temper is again revealed.

    I really do like this episode. My favorite part is in the begining when Emma shows Sean the picture of them from "Friday Night" Season 1. It was so cute. The middle of the episode is really hard to watch but you just can't stop. He's asshamed of himself. Then she's asshamed of herself. He's asshamed of her. And Jay...Well Jay just ruins everything as always. But eventually it all works out as it should. I Love what turns Sean around at the train station. Again back to that little polaroid picture of them. He runs back to her and appoligizes...which he should for holding such double standards. Thankfully Emma and Him reunite and try to work through their past mistakes they made apart.

    Manny has some of the greatest lines in this episode as well. This is where her "CooCoo Bananas" Line first appears. But my fav will always be:

    Manny:"Ouch, Hope you had a soft landing when you feel off that pedestal"moreless
  • Yay! Sean and Emma reunited =)

    Awww I love Emma and Sean together. They are so adorable. I've always loved them since the time they got together. Ok yeah I know I'm rambling sorry. Anyway I liked this episode. It was interesting to see Sean and Jay fight. It's always fun to see people who used to be friends fight each other. It's always like a surprising twist or something of that sort (not making sense sorry). Well it's not as if Emma could have hid it from Sean anyway. I love that scene though where Sean is released. Hehe so cute together. Definitely my favorite Degrassi couple.moreless
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Joe Pingue


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