Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 11 Episode 6

Cry Me A River, Part One

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jul 25, 2011 on MTV - Music Television

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    Okay, so Dave isn't my favorite character on Degrassi, but his story line here was surprisingly satisfying. I was looking for a follow up story line to the transgender episode, and this was pretty good. I'm interested in seeing the repercussions of Dave's idiotic decision.

    The Fiona & Charlie thing really doesn't interest me much. Or at all actually My prediction is that Charlie will fall under the "forgotten characters" category and will never be seen again after this little romance is over, so I'm just going to disregard it.

    I'm really intrigued by Katie & Clare's story line. I'm usually not excited by new characters but this one seems promising. Just like Holly J was promising when she was introduced. Kate & Clare interactions should be good in the next episode. Good episode.
  • Awesome Episode!

    Adam/Dave: Adam shouldn't have tried too hard. It would have saved him all the melodrama. I can understand Dave being creeped out, but he did not have to do what he did at the end.

    Fiona: Something's fishy about Charlie as we'll see tomorrow. I already knew Chiona would be nothing but a Spring Fling. So Fiona is staying back . It'll be interesting to see Eli and Fiona become friends. Although I kinda think they'd make a cute couple .

    Clare/The Degrassi Daily: Degrassi has had it all. Sports, Christian Clubs, Morning Announcements, An Internet Gossip Site, and now a Radio Show and News Paper. Man that Katie is so wrapped up in work that she can't be a normal teen. She reminds me of Darcy mixed with S8 Clare mixed with S2-S5 Paige. Interesting, Clare's trying to join the paper to avoid the pain of her Eli breakup.
  • never wanted it to end

    Dave/Adam- easily the best part of the episode. I really liked them on the air, and I liked them hanging out. Too bad Dave was being so… I can't even think of the word he was being. Him going on his tangent at the end of the episode, on the air, and Sav trying to get him to stop, was perfect. "Not cool Dave" was such a perfect last line. I felt so bad for Adam, and I can't wait to see what happens on the next episode!

    Clare/Katie- It's not really surprising Katie wouldn't accept her work, though I wonder why. Is there a particular reason?

    Fiona/Charlie- Obviously Charlie has another girlfriend, or at least is very interested in someone else, which could be interesting, considering the scene in this episode where they were chatting and Charlie says "You have me."

    Great episode. I never wanted it to end. Easily an A+ and my new favorite of s11 thus far.
  • Adam and Dave compete to be the DJ on Degrassi Radio, but Dave might not be comfortable working with Adam. Fiona feels like she won't fit in once her friends graduate. Clare wants to join the The Degrassi Daily.

    "Cry Me A River" Part One is an excellent Degrassi episode. The "A" plot is all about transphobia. Dave and Adam compete to be DJs on Degrassi Radio and they both end up being really funny together and they both get the job. I really love this episode because you really get the sense of how hard it is to be transgender. Adam bought a Stand-To-Pee device, just so he could feel normal going into the boys washroom. I didn't like how Dave treated Adam in this episode. I can understand that he didn't like when Adam try to peak when they went to the washroom. But then he tries to take a peak at Adam trying to use the Stand-To-Pee device which makes Adam nervous and drops the device and gets piss on Dave's shoe. And he freaks out about it. Yay for Sadie for sticking up for Adam. At the end of the episode, Dave had no right to say those things about transgender people on the radio. The "B" plot is all about Fiona fitting in. Since she went to rehab in season 10, she missed school, so now she has to take another year of high school. The only problem is that she has the toughest time making friends. In this episode she skips school which makes her mother furious and leads to embarrassing Fiona in front of Charlie. The "C" plot is all about Clare trying to get on The Degrassi Daily. She wrote a 5 page article instead of 100 word article. No wonder Katie told her she couldn't be on the newspaper. I love how introduction of Katie. She seems like she's a hardworking student and it's all work and no play for her. We haven't see too much of Marisol, but she seems very outgoing. And I love how we finally get to see Imogen. I give this episode a 9/10.