Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 11 Episode 7

Cry Me A River, Part Two

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jul 26, 2011 on MTV - Music Television

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  • 1107

    Feel good episode of Degrassi here.We got some unexpectedly great interactions between Adam & Dave. And I think everyone understood why these two wre put together by the end of the episode. Dave's reasoning was off throughout the whole thing, glad he was set straight by the end of the episode.

    I really liked the twist at the end with Katie & Clare. For someone who doesn't like drama, she just created a whole lot for Clare. And I have a feeling Katie is going to be a character that we are going to love to hate (just like Holly J a couple years back).

    Fiona & Charlie's story was boring as sin, but I liked the tie in with Fiona following in her brother's footsteps to be a director and Eli continuing to be a writer. Good episode overall. Also was nice to see Simpson.
  • Part 2

    Adam/Dave: Best line in the entire series about how 50 years ago the sign would have said white. Adam and Dave's fight was surprising. Dave thinks Adam's such a girl, so he would fight a girl? . The end when he apologized was dissapointing, I wanted more, but the end discussion about being trans, was powerful.

    Clare: Katie's a **** She reminds me of S1 Paige mixed with a wee bit of Liberty. Can't wait to see her get drama in her life (Adam), then she'll understand how Clare's hurting.

    Fiona: I feel bad for Charlie :/. Her roommate is a **** Good to see Eli and Fiona are friends now.
  • Dave gets kicked off Degrassi Radio for being offensive to transgender people. Fiona becomes director of the school play. Clare looks to a student with high authority to become part of The Degrassi Daily.

    "Cry Me a River" part 2 is such a beautiful Degrassi episode. This whole episode deals with Dave's denial about being offensive towards Adam and transgender people. The Adam and Dave fight was really intense. I love the end of the episode when Dave realizes that he actually was being offensive and that he apologizes to Adam and transgender people on the radio. I love Fiona's subplot of becoming the director of the school play. I love how she found something to do where she can belong. I really thought Elise was Charlie's girlfriend. I loved how Charlie explained that Elise was her roommate, and that Charlie didn't have the money to pay rent, so Elise kicked her out. It's interesting how Charlie is going to move in with Fiona. Katie has quite the attitude. She's a bit evil, I like that. I love how she let Clare join The Degrassi Daily, but Clare will only cover the school play, which will force Clare to spend time with Eli. I can't wait to see next episode. I give this episode a 9.5/10.
  • perfect

    Dave/Adam: Once again, amazing plot. Them fighting in the hallway was a great scene, and I can't believe Dave actually did dress up as a girl to get in the girl's bathroom! And him and Adam talking in detention was great, and I liked the ending with Dave apologizing. This was a perfect continuation of part one.

    Fiona: I'm not liking this plot a lot. She just met Charlie a couple episodes ago, and she's going to have her move in with her? Crazy.

    Clare/Katie: Good continuation of Clare being allowed on the paper. I think I'm going to go crazy with more Clare/Eli scenes. At one point when he was introduced, I thought he was a great character, but he's been the focus of WAY too many episodes.

    This was a perfect continuation of part one. I did not like it as much as the aforementioned episode, but it was still great. A+