Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 8 Episode 18

Danger Zone

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Apr 12, 2009 on MTV - Music Television

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  • good

    overall a good episode. i liked holly j and spinner being held at gun point at the dot, and i was sad when spinner got shot. i was happy though, when holly j comes to the rescue. one of my favorite moments from every episode i have seen is in this, when holly j goes to the dance and everyone there applauds her because of her saving spinner. overall, this was a great season finale and a great episode all-around. there was nary a dull moment, one of my favorites from all the ones i have seen, definitely gets an A+
  • cool episode

    i loved this episode its one of my favorite episodes this is the only episode where people can see who the real holly j is and where almost everyone has a couple i also like the theme of the dance black and white by the way does anyone know the name of the last song on that episode when holly j gets applauded and who sings it i really really liked that song i think it was two people singing it a man and a woman please if anyone knows it write it down on your review so i can download it thanks
  • Degrassi is a teen-based show set in Canada, portraying the fictional lives of students at Degrassi high school. The lives of these characters intertwine, and become even more complicated. Usually through standard social dilemmas, the show is at its best.

    Degrassi:TNG is the best form of real teen drama audiences will get in ages. Some events may seem a little exacerbated, but only prove to make the storylines that much better. There are no long-lost relatives, and epic endgame couples, but just life portrayed from 7th grade to senior year of high school. Some of the dialogue can be too much, but it's age-approriate and so much better than other teen shows that have kids speak too eloquently. Usually shows lose its spark after 3 or 4 seasons, but this show just doesn't seem to lose it's edge and it's filming scenes for it's ninth season! That's pretty self-explanatory.
  • Holly J and Spinner are held at gunpoint when a robber comes into The Dot. Connor tries to get KC and Clare back together. Peter has to prove he still loves Mia.

    This episode was amazing. It was very well written. Plot A is that Spinner and Holly J are held hostage while a robber helds them at gunpoint. I loved Plot A. There was a lot of drama. Spinner got shot, and I'm glad he got shot. Not because I don't like Spinner, Spinner is the best, but because it added a lot of drama to the episode. I am glad that he didn't die. That gives more of a chance that he'll be in season 9. Plot B was Connor trying to get Clare and KC back together. Connor is definately growing on me. That poor girl who was saying she liked risk and he didn't even pay any attention her. Hopefully she becomes Connor's girlfriend in season 9. It was sweet of him to dance with her and the end of the episode. This episode made me realized how annoying KC is. I think he should get over himself about being a "Bad Boy". I'm glad that KC and Clare made up in the end. Plot C was Peter had to prove that he's still in love with Mia. I don't like them as a couple at all, but this episode was better with them. I just hope the break up for good next time. Since there's a lot of drama in this episode, I give it a 10/10.