Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 11 Episode 29

Dead & Gone, Part Two

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Sep 01, 2011 on MTV - Music Television

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  • perfect


    I haven't watched Degrassi recently, like the last 8 episodes I haven't seen, but I still know pretty much every important thing that happened. I was kind of weary about watching this episode, but I saw a promo for it, and I thought it looked really good.

    Drew/Bianca/Katie- this was a great plot. Vince pulling out the gun was kind of random, because like others have said, he pulls out the gun, shoots in front of a lot of people, and then he drops the gun as he leaves. But i still liked this a lot. It was intense when he pulled out the gun, and him shooting Adam was good. Adam's screams of pain and acting were really good, as was the scene in the hospital. final touch would be drew convincing bianca to not kill Vince. The acting in that scene was great.

    Clare/Jake- I doubt it is true, but it feels the only reason that their parents are getting married is so people can continue laughing at the fact that 'lol, jake and clare are siblings and dating!' (seriously, i know people are saying they're technically siblings because of the fact that their parents are dating, but... they're not). I wonder what will happen. I think it would be interesting if Jake's dad and Clare's mom DON'T get married, and then they like forbid their kids to see each other, yet they do in secret. Also, I liked Eli trying to console Clare at the end in the hospital. Does EClare have a future?

    Sav/Ms. Oh- this was easily my least favorite plot of the episode. It wasn't terrible or anything, it just did not interest me a lot. However, i did like the ending when she kissed him, and the ending with him looking at the cement, and the last shot of the school. Also, Alli's line about there being "plenty of drama next year" or whatever was great, because we all know that there will be a lot more drama. This show is about drama, obviously.

    Great midseason finale. Better than AFD and Drop the World, if you ask me, but those were also good. A+ episode

  • Things get intense when Vince shows up at the prom. Jake and Clare deal with the aftermath of their parents announcing their engagement. Sav sets up a romantic night for him and Miss Oh before he leaves Degrassi.


    "Dead & Gone" Part 2 is an intense Degrassi episode. It was so intense how Vince showed up at the prom. And I was surprised how Drew beat him up. It was so shocking and heartbreaking when Vince pulls out the gun and tries to shoot Drew, but Adam gets shot instead. Poor Adam, I can't believe he got shot. I am so glad that Adam made it to the hospital and that he's still alive. It was so intense when Bianca took the gun and was going to kill Vince because she'd rather go to jail than be trapped in a relationship. I love how Drew convinces her to call the police and tell them everything about Vince and the gang. I am so happy Vince got arrested. I love how Drew explain to his mom that Bianca helped get Vince arrested and she's going to need a lawyer. I love that Drew's mom seems willing to help. The Clare and Jake scenes were intense. It so sad that they had to break up because their parents are getting married. But now I'm interested in how they are going to behave as siblings. I love how Sav pretends he left the crowns back at Degrassi and needs Miss Oh to bring him. It turns out that he set up a romantic place for them to dance. I love how they kissed goodbye and I love how Sav said goodbye to Degrassi. I love how Riley and Zane get a good ending. I love how Riley told Zane that he came out to his mom again and that she accepted him. I love how Zane said that he'll be going to the same university as Riley. I give this episode a 10/10.

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