Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 5 Episode 3

Death Of A Disco Dancer

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 03, 2005 on MTV - Music Television

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  • Paige and Alex get high.

    "Death of a Disco Dancer" is an awesome Degrassi episode. I really love the Alex and Paige friendship. They are so different from each other, it's interesting seeing them interact together even more than when they were working together. I love how Paige and Alex get high in this episode. It's so fun to watch. The subplot in this episode is alright. I'm not a fan Jimmy plots anymore because he just turned into a big jerk after he got shot. Anyways, the ending was cute with Jimmy and Derek bonding. I give this episode a 8.5/10.
  • perfect

    paige has her future all planned out, she is going to go to the college called Banting. But, will things go wrong when she gets high? Will she be able to go? Jimmy is an assistant coach in basketball, but newcomer Derek poses trouble because of his snooty attitude, and calling Jimmy a "cripple." Will Jimmy be able to show just how good he is at basketball to teach Derek a lesson?

    Good episode, both plots were really good and I really liked how it all ended, overall a perfect episode, this episode definitely gets an A+ from me. Perfect
  • Paige gets stoned.

    This episode is a Paige episode, Paige ponders on her future & pushes Alex to but when Paige accidentally offends her Alex stops talking to her. She wont let that bother her since her boyfriend is back. Matt returns with a peace offering, drugs. Right after Matt dumped Paige, so now she is in the dumps & all she wants is Alex so she gives Alex the weed. Alex says she will check out the colleges if Paige got stoned, so they did & went it & embarrassed themselves, and now her future will never be the same since she was laughed at by her dream college. It was nice to see this episode, since Paige is incredibly stupid & she deserves to have a brutal fall. Anyways the subplot was amazing, never underestimate a cripple, which was a good lesson cause Jimmy beat Derek even though he was in a wheelchair. A great episode.
  • One of my personal favorites of Degrassi!

    This episode was really good to me for some reason. I felt like I would someday be in the same situation Paige was in....HAHA! For some reason it made me scared of my own future. IDK why.....hmmmm? Well it is one of my personal favs. I like the way things in Paige's life just started crashing down. And her (Lauren's) acting was really good when she was high and was being interviewed by that woman. And it made me think will Paige be able to survive college and the Harvard of the North? Well FF part 1 and 2 answers that question. The B plot made me feel really sorry for Jimmy and I really wanted to jump in the TV and beat the hell out of Derek when he made fun of Jimmy for being crippled! Derek always commits a bunch of low blows when he insults people. It really made me hate Derek! But I liked both plots...they were great!
  • Paige gets high....

    matt is back in town. Him and Paige get in a fight and he leaves and gives Paige pot, which she takes. She is really excited for the college fair coming to Degrassi, but her curiosity takes the best of her. She and Alex smoke the joint just before the fair. At the fair, a family friend interviews Paige and asks her a series of questions about the university she wants to attend, but Paige is very high and blows her chances to attend the university she desires.
    Meanwhile we find out Liberty is president.

    This was an ok episode. it definetly was not my favorite episode. i think it was very poorly written. Paige was given weed out of nowhere. It was random and it was very out of character for her to take it then smoke it.
  • Paige smokes her future away!

    I really enjoyed this episode! Paige has her whole future planned out and that's when her nasty looking b/f comes back to town with no plans or goals anymore. After he disappoints her that he doesn't want nothing to do with her anymore and give her pot, her and Alex during college day decide to light it up and have some fun. When Paige realizes she's too high for her interview with the Banting rep, she makes a fool of herself during the meeting that causes her possibly loose out on her dream school. After she tries to softin' Alex wounds about her not having a future, they realize they're both scared of what lies ahead of them.

    Jimmy gets a new basketball player, Derek, that doesn't want to take order from him because he's in a wheelchair. Jimmy shows the lil punk kid a thing or two about ballin' and gets him back.
  • this episode was one of the worst.

    This just was not a good episode. It was just terribly written and everything about it was just unappealing. Nothing good happened. I guess the ending was decent. I mean, for christ sakes it would have been a tiny bit better if they gave this 2 parts later on in the season, and showed some more consequences, but either way i think they gave this storyline to the wrong person. I could even see like ellie and craig smoking pot more then seeing paige do it. In all honesty this episode was just flat out pointless, although not all episodes could be good, but a point to it would be nice.
  • Episode doesn't seem important at first, but it will prove to be so later.

    Okay, so after watching this episode the first time, I decided that it was pretty lame and the only thing about it that I even liked a little bit was that Alex was in it and she's my favorite. After watching more of the season and then coming back to it, however, I realized that it's actually a more important episode that I initially thought. It basically sets up the relationship between Alex and Paige more than its been done in previous episodes and gets viewers ready for what will happen later in the season. Without this episode, the ones that come after it don't make as much sense or seem plausable. Plus, we get to see that these two characters are changing, both separately and together.
  • Quite interesting.

    I thought it was nice that Paige and Alex both got some development beyond "Alpha Female" and "Bad Girl." It seemed to create some chemistry between them, too, which I hope lasts--it makes for interesting dynamics.

    Kudos to the writers for dumping the largely uninteresting Mr O storyline, forgiving the pun.
  • Paige and alex get high (after matt rejects her and gives her the drug) and jimmey shows he still has all his tallent, even in a wheel chair.

    Come on you all knew as soon as she got the drug she was gonna do it. but any way i got to see jimmey beat that creeps you know what at basketball, thank you writers of degrassi. I just dont understand why paige was all freaking out about the whole carrer day type thing, its not like it was the interview to get into the school it was just a seminare.. but besides that it was hilarious
  • Paige thinks she's got everything. When Matt ends their relationship, and Alex tells her she is trying to control everyone's future around her, she turns to marijuana for some relaxation. She ends up throwing away her chance to go to the University she wa

    It was about time they did a storyline on Pot. I don't know if it's because I'm not a Paige fan, but I did not like this episode.
    I found the scene where Matt dumps her and then gives her the joint was very lame.
    I feel if it were a different character, and a different storyline, this episode could of been great. But for me, it was just OK.
  • Because she got high...

    So yes... the infamous "Paige gets wasted" episode. Lauren did a good job of playing high, but overall this episode was lackluster. Nothing really happened, except for Matt becoming a greasy and overly idealistic college kid (aren't we all). His character was simultaneously blown to shreds and made hilariously off color. Other than that the thing was a waste.
  • Unbelievable!

    I was a little put-out by this episode, the fact that Paige gets so low in character that she needs to get high. I mean, seriously, she is planning her whole life out, only to screw it up. Of course, this is a sad reality of many kids today.

    And Jimmy was himself still, strong in his better-than-everyone-else attitude. I adore him for this! Stay strong, that's all I gotta say. He went through a lot, only to just stay rough and tough, so I was happy with him!

    Fabulous episode, just a little blah over Paige and the reality of this age!
  • in this episode, paige gets high

    Wow! this was a GREAT episode! it was so out of paige\\\'s character and to quote alex, \\\"wow paige, this is so un-you, of you\\\" and thats exactly waht i thought. Paige obviously has some \\\"issues\\\" and i juts dont see why she got high, because all she\\\'s been talking about is college and she knows that getting high can ruin your chances. i also was surprised because, in the episode \\\"jagged little pill\\\" ashley got high i E and paige was very mad at her for a while becasue of it so why would paige dget hight knowing its effects
  • paige gets blown; a great episode.

    Paige and Alex have a great relationship. I'd love to see ALex's homelife developed more later in the season, but this episode made me love Paige, a character I've disliked since the first season. Matt dumps Paige, and looks incredibly gorgeous while doing so, gives her a joint, and she passes it off to Alex who tokes it up with Paige. Paige's mannerisms in this episode made me lovelovelove her. By the end, we realize, financially set or not, everyone is scared. This was a great episode, by far one of my new favorites.
  • Finally Paige shows her weak side

    As much as this girl (Paige) trys to act like she has it all in her hands, it just goes to show that even her, PAIGE (Miss "Never go Wrong") has a Vonurable side to her and can be taken advantage of.

    Loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Go Degrassi TNG once again you've out done yourself..
  • Paige thinks she's got her world and future all planned out only to find the characters involved don't exactly wanna take part in it. Jimmy shows that even though he may be wheelchair bound, he still got skillz...

    Usually Paige episodes bug me and don't exactly interest me.. they did before but now I just think its really flat and not my thing. She smokes up, but personally I found her everything annoying and nothing captivating..

    Jimmy, I'm glad to see was dealing with being in a wheelchair and it did shine a light on him, so i'm glad he was in there.

    Oh, and I guess we learned a tad more about Alex... esp since she is in the opening credits...

    Hmm, but I guess the is episode sort of had to play down the highly dramatics after Venus (1 and 2) and the next episode.. sort of the calm before the storm... yay, ya so, don't worry if you don't get to see this one, its not really anything special, unless you like the characters who starred in it.
  • This was a Paige episode and it was a bit extreme and awkward seeing Paige smoke pot in this episode. It was a disappointment to see how she ruined her chance in getting to a college. Meanwhile, a new degrassi kid- Derek thinks he's better then Jimmy.

    This episode was a little bit corny for me although i love all degrassi episodes! The story line wasn't my type but it was all portrayed excellently. The sneak peek shown after the episode for FOOLIN was quite interesting and one that is a must see. It was sad to see Mr. O give paige drugs and then breaking up. It was quite nasty also with Mr O's appearance. "IT GOES THERE."
  • My Review of "Death of A Disco Dancer"

    I initially thought this was a mediocre episode, but I rated it so high because this episode brought up some great issues.

    The fact that Paige had everything planned out in her life, but didn't have a BACKUP plan is a trap that unfortunately most people fall into today. Matt's return was really weird because EVERYTHING about him had changed, from his look to the way he acted. To tell you the truth, him giving Paige the joint was one of the most random things I've ever seen in a Degrassi episode.

    I really enjoyed the subplot for this episode involving Jimmy. Being looked down on by one of the players because he's in a wheelchair and eventually gaining their respect is just one of the many challenges I hope we get to see Jimmy face in season 5.

    One final thing: J.T. and Liberty made a brief appearance in this episode, where J.T. announces that Liberty is the new school president. I wonder how that will play into the shocking news we discover in "Foolin"...
  • Another good episode.

    This is kind of a "fluff" type episode where not a lot happens, but it's good none the less.

    Paige's reaction to marijuana is somewhat amusing, though also slightly unrealistic. It is a good episode to use as a filler between the season opener and it's sequel and the pivotal next episode.

    "Death of a Disco Dancer" sets the stage for Paige to have to deal with her now uncretain future, due to the consequences of her actions while on drugs. It also gives us more of an insight to Alex's home life.

    Also, Jimmy's experience as being assistant coach to the basketball team is well portrayed and interesting.