Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 8 Episode 4

Didn't We Almost Have It All?

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 02, 2008 on MTV - Music Television

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  • I don't Like Liberty...

    I don't like the character of Liberty and so I don't really like this episode a lot. I give it a C+ or so, because whilst I do not like the plot with Liberty I do like Holly J. trying to lose her virginity just so she won't be the only girl on the power squad. I thought that was nice. I'm glad it didn't happen though, it would've been weird. Overall, C+ or so, it is a bad episode I think but I like the subplot more than the actual plot, which happens some of the time on TV
  • Liberty does whatever it takes to join a sorority. When rumors go around that Anya and Sav are finally having sex, Holly J realizes she's the only virgin left on the spirit squad.

    Liberty is invited to join a college sorority group and is accepted in while discussing hard things in her life - the hardest in her's: having to give up her child for adoption and the father, J.T., getting stabbed to death.

    She takes it too far as we finally get to see that Liberty has a crazy side to her, too. She gets drunk at a sorority party and goes streaking on campus with some of her friends, and eventually is required to get her heart pumped. She thinks she has lost her position in the sorority, but she is surprised when she isn't, but for the wrong reason. So she quits on her own, which was a wise decision, in my mind.

    Back at Degrassi High, Anya misses a day of spirit squad practice, and Hazel is the first to accuse Anya of losing her V-Card to Sav, claiming that the spirit squad is now virgin-free, but she is wrong. But Holly J doesn't want her to know that. So she tries to lose her virginity as soon as possible, so she chooses a classmate to do an art project with, and while her partner actually WANTS to do the project, Holly J is more interested in sex. She takes off her jacket, puts her hair down, but is disappointed when he says, "I'm not going to have sex with you."

    I wouldn't either. Spoiled little brat.

    Well, they don't have sex and it turns out that Anya didn't have sex with Sav as they say they are still waiting for a better time. So Holly J is not the only virgin on the spirit squad now. At least for the time-being.
  • Liberty tries expand her social horizon by join a sorority. Things aren't what she expected and don't end up the way she planned

    best episode of the season probably. Not that there was not much drama, but there was good acting and different kind of story. This season has been lacking and im not surprised to see the old cast have to bring it back up. It was funny to see liberty get drunk and unexpected to see her go shrieking. Emma really showed more that she was still friends with Liberty in this episode because she told everyone to support her. Its good seeing classic Liberty. The other part of this episode was painfully boring. Holly J is my fav character this season butthis storyline was uninteresting
  • Degrassi Episode 804 "Didn't We Almost Have it All"

    Liberty gets an A plot!!!!

    Any way Liberty is scouted for a top Sorority at Smithdale and makes rash decisions to get in. Holly J. want Blue and her to get busy. Liberty learns that she made it but only because she's black, so she decides to not stay in it while Holly J. and Blue decide not to have sex.

    Mia was not as mean in this episode, which shocked me. However she is becoming a annoying with all the screen time she's getting. One thing I can't believe is that Chante is not a virgin- if Holly J. isn't then Chante isn't either.
  • Liberty tries to get into a sorority. Holly J partners up with Blue for an art assignment thinking she'll get lucky with him.

    This episode had to be one of the best episodes of Degrassi season 8 so far. In the beginning of the episode when she pretended to have sex with that guy was funny. This episode wasn't boring at all. It's funny to see Liberty get drunk in this episode and so surprising that she went streaking. It's too bad that she had to get her stomach pumped. It's nice to see an episode that has racism as a theme because there are hardly tv shows anymore that deal with it. The B Plot was a little boring. I mean Holly J is a virgin and she wants to lose it with a guy named Blue isn't that interesting. But since the Liberty part was really good I give this episode a 10/10.
  • Season 8, Episode 4.

    I really enjoyed this episode. I loved when Liberty and the guy were going to have sex, and Liberty kept going on about how nice the comforter was. Haha! Holly J. is also about to have sex, but the artist does not want to have sex with her. Liberty must get her stomach pumped. The sorority drops her off, but they don't even stay with her! Liberty is just a token to the sorority. :( Emma is too hot! Rawr. I am not crazy about all the new cast members, but I really like Holly J. I think we may never see Heather, though.