Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 3 Episode 17

Don't Dream It's Over

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 23, 2004 on Much Music
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Now that Jimmy and Hazel are together, and Spinner and Paige are together, Terri feels a bit left out. She decides to give Rick another chance, but after an argument, things take a turn for the worst, and Terri winds up in the hospital. Sean is annoyed that Ellie is constantly hanging around with Marco, and they can never be alone.


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  • Terri takes Rick back and brings him on roadtrip with the rest of her friends.

    This episode of Degrassi is kind of intense! Terri is my favourite character from seasons 1-3. Her abusive storyline was very interesting. I really don't like the character Rick, so I didn't really like that she gave him a second chance. The scene where Rick pushes Terri and puts her in a coma was really intense. It makes me dislike the character Rick even more, but it creates a lot of drama for the show. Sean being annoyed that Marco likes to hang out with Ellie was sort of boring. The plot could have been done differently. Anyways, I give this episode a 10/10 for intense scene between Rick and Terri.moreless
  • "I love him." That's all she said. Whatever he did, It was like she was under his control, you know. Paige begged her to let her tell but she called it betrayal and she did not want to lose Terri. She did not want to lose her friend.moreless

    To everyone on this web site especially those who watch Degrassi on the N, there is something that I wanted to say about this episode. How many of you have been hit? Who among you slapped their girlfriend? Well, this is against the law. This is wrong. And you know what? Hazel, Jimmy, Paige and Spinner watched it happen to Terri and they did nothing. You have a responsibility to the people that you care about. When you see them hurting or you see them in trouble, you step in and you tell someone so that this does not happen again.moreless
  • Very Good episode. A classic episode.

    Paige gets to use her parents van and decides to take Spinner, Jimmy, Hazel and Terri on a Saturday afternoon road trip. When Terri decides to bring Rick as her date, the rest of the group is shocked. While Jimmy, Hazel and Spinner play Frisbee, Paige reminds Terri that Rick is dangerous. But instead of listening, Terri defends him. Their discussion provokes Rick, who listens in, gets angry and takes off in a huff. Terri is forced to choose between her loyalties to Paige and her feelings for Rick, and decides to follow Rick into the woods. Feeling angry and betrayed, Rick knocks Terri down. She hits her head on a rock and is knocked unconscious. When Paige and the gang show up to find out what happened, Rick runs away. Terri is facing brain surgery from her injuries.moreless
  • Best.episode.of.Degrassi.ever.

    This is by far, my favorite episode of Degrassi ever. The main reason I loved this episode was the car scene with Speener and Paige. This episode made me fall in love with Speener, therefore becoming my favorite episode of the series. The Ellie, Marco, and Sean triangle was also radd. I didn't care for Rick or Terri much, though. But when Speener and Paige were making out in her car and she wants to rush things, but Speener is thinking so much about her, and if she would regret it, and that she is just aganizing over Terri and wouldn't normally rush things like this, so he stops her. He respects her, and cares about her too much to let her just jump in his pants. Speener is the greatest boyfriend ever in all of Season 3. This episode was the best ever.moreless
  • Terri is back with her abusive boyfriend.

    In Don't Dream It's Over, Terri once again encounters her abusive ex-boyfriend Rick. When they have a trust game in theatre class, Terri has to fall into Rick's arms. At first she is worried but she falls and he cathces her and they share a smile. Soon they find themselves actually having a conversation which ends in Rick apologizing for hitting Terri and she just brushes it off and tells him she'll see him in bio class. Rick had quite a creep face, so i don't know why Terri would even think of getting back with him! Paige has the car all to herself and she is taking her, Spin, Hazel, Jimmy and Terri to the park, but what they can't believe is that Terri is bringing along Rick. After Paige tells them that they should leave him behind, Spin says no that then Ter would be alone with him and Jimmy says he would have an open shot at her. So they bring him along. They should've jsut not gone to the park and stayed with Terri or told her dad, that's what I would've done.

    Terri and the others get to the park and they settle down with paige having a watchful eye on Terri. Soon after Rick leaves to get Terri something and Paige asks her if she wants to dish wuth the girls that night and Terri says it's fine. So paige starts yelling at her for getting back together with Rick after he beat her up but Ter insists that he apologized. Then Rick comes in telling Paige she is a backstabber and Paige tells him he's a psycho. Rick gets very mad and runs off into the woods and Paige tells Terri to follow him if she thinks she such a bad friend. Worng move! You could tell Rick was very mad and he's abusive they should've never let Terri go.

    So Rick gets mad and Terri says she should go. Rick get even more mad and grabs her arms and pushes her and she hits her head on a rock. Soon paige and Spinner discover her and Rick runs leaving Terri. The school finds out and make a card for her in the hospital. Paige and Spinner visit and her dad finds out they knew Rick was abusive and yells at them and leaves. Paige and Spin feel all the guilt and balme it on each other. The following day Spin sees Rick and almost beat him up but Paige stops him and Spin breaks down. They visit Terri and her dad apologizs and they look to see Terri in a coma. A great episode about relationship abuse! Two thumbs way up and five stars.moreless
Alison Reid

Alison Reid

Terri Stunt Double

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Geoffrey Bowes

Geoffrey Bowes

Mr. McGreggor

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Deanna Casaluce

Deanna Casaluce

Alex Nuñez

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Linlyn Lue

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Mike Lobel

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • When Paige kisses Spinner in the car her head is tilted to the left, but when the camera angle changes her head is tilted right.

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Ellie: Sean. listen I was...
      Sean: Aren't we through?
      Ellie: Okay, are you like dumping me?
      Sean: Didn't you already dump me?
      Ellie: Let's try this again. I'm here to apologize. I haven't been a very good girlfriend, but you haven't been that great of boyfriend either.
      Sean: Look I don't hate Marco.
      Ellie: I've never done this before, like a real relationship thing, so if I don't totally know how it works?
      Sean: Then you can ask me.

    • Terri: It's okay, Rick, come on. Let's go back to the van and we'll go back home.
      Rick: No no, let's walk.
      Terri: It's really far.
      Rick: She called me a psycho.
      Terri: That's just Paige being Paige.
      Rick: So that makes it okay? My feelings mean nothing to you?
      Terri: Whoa Rick...
      Rick: Don't ever choose Paige over me again, don't you dare.
      Terri: I'm gonna go now...
      Rick: You're not going, you're NOT, NOT, NOT!! (Rick pushes Terri down and her head hits a rock, knocking her out)

    • Spinner: If Rick steps one foot inside Degrassi, he's the one that'll be in intensive care.

    • Paige: What, so you've just forgiven creep boy for beating you up?
      Terri: He apologized.
      Paige: Of course! His type always does so they can get another shot in at you!
      Rick: One, you have no right to dictate who Terri's friends are. And Two, you're a vicious backstabber.
      Paige: Oh, I'm vicious?
      Rick: You think you're so perfect.
      Paige: What! Well I'd rather be that than a psycho! (Rick kicks the van and then runs off)
      Terri: Rick's right. You're always telling me what to do! I'm sick of it!
      Paige: Fine. If I'm such a bad friend, then go after him. Go!

  • NOTES (1)

    • Sarah Barrable-Tishauer (Liberty), Ryan Cooley (J.T.), Jake Epstein (Craig), Jake Goldsbie (Toby), Pat Mastroianni (Joey), Miriam McDonald (Emma), Cassie Steele (Manny), and Amanda Stepto (Spike), do not appear in this episode.