Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 10 Episode 25

Don't Let Me Get Me, Part One

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 08, 2010 on MTV - Music Television
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Don't Let Me Get Me, Part One

Alli is determined to start over new, but rumours of her doing more than she actually did in the boiler room bother her. She winds up in a self esteem course with Bianca, and decides to get her back. Jenna's good girl image doesn't seem to be cutting it on the show, and she decides to give them a major scoop.


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  • Degrassi returns with new uniforms, new rules, and new ways to break them!

    Main Plot: Alli is blamed for the sex scandal in the boiler room at Vegas Night

    Alli returns to school and is forced to take a self esteem seminar since her name was present in a list of people who were seen possibly committing sexual acts on Vegas Night. However, the seminar is only for girls. At the seminar, Alli and Bianca get into a verbal arguement, and Alli decides to get revenge by sending naked pictures of Bianca to the entire school.

    This is genious. Look at it from the point of view: Alli had naked pictures of her sent out to the school a year earlier, so she knows the backlash and humiliation it causes, and she wants Bianca to feel the same.

    "Don't Let Me Get Me: Part 1" Main Plot Grade - A-

    Subplot: Jenna needs something "interesting" about her in order to stay on Next Teen Star

    Desperate to stay on Next Teen Star after almost facing humiliation, Jenna reveals to the entire world that she is pregnant on live TV without even asking K.C.

    K.C. didn't want a part in the pregnancy, but he still deserved to know that she was going to tell the entire world. He just shouldn't get an input. Jenna can't sing. At all. And her desperation for wanting to stay in the competition is a total snoozefest. Degrassi, stop making your characters famous!

    "Don't Let Me Get Me: Part 1" Subplot Grade - D+moreless
  • 1025

    Probably one of the worst Degrassi episodes ever. The boiling point finale was disappointing and this was no better. Degrassi is back after winter break which might as well be the season 11 premiere, this episode boring as sin.

    Can we stop with all these characters from Degrassi reaching to stardom? I mean come on, we've got multiple bands (Downtown Sasquatch, Studz) and then multiple actresses/singers (Manny, Paige, and now Jenna) Yeah as if it were "common" in high schools that a student will be in the final three to be the next "teen star"

    The plots have become unrealistic and redundant, Alli continues to be the most annoying character on television, and I just really think this episode should have focused on people who deserved the screen time over break. The cliffhanger was not amusing. Been there done that, Degrassi was good last season, hopefully it hasn't lost it's angle.moreless
  • Degrassi is back with school uniforms. Rumours are spreading quickly about Alli and Drew in the boiler room. Jenna needs to find a way to stay in The Next Teen Star.moreless

    Degrassi Season 10 return was awesome! School uniforms is new and interesting. There are so many rules. I can't believe the school has security. I love the new credits. It's crazy how Alli had to go to that self esteem seminar. The episode got a lot more interesting when Alli found naked pictures of Bianca on Bianca's cell phone and she sent them to everyone in the school. I loved how the The Next Teen Star thought Jenna was boring. I love how Jenna admitted to be pregnant on television and KC's mother finding out. I give this episode a 9/10.moreless
Athena Karkanis

Athena Karkanis


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Matte Babel

Matte Babel

The Next Teen Star Host

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Cassius Crieghtney

Cassius Crieghtney


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Jonas Chernick

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    • In the U.S. the episodes 25-32 were known as Degrassi: The Breaking Point.

    • This is the first season since Season 5 to take place over more than one semester, however, it is still not a full school year, as the season finale is at Spring Break.

    • Due to the events in the previous episode, the school now has a uniform. Unlike in real life, all the uniforms are not the same, but rather, the shirts have different colours for each grade. The following is the colour code for the school:
      Grade 9: Yellow
      Grade 10: Purple
      Grade 11: Red
      Grade 12: Blue

    • Judy Jiao (Leia), and Jamie Johnston (Peter), are removed from the opening credits. Daniel Kelly (Owen), and Shannon Kook-Chun (Zane), are added to the opening credits. This marks the first time the series has changed it's opening credits mid-season.

    • Munro Chambers (Eli), Annie Clark (Fiona), Jahmil French (Dave), Argiris Karras (Riley), Daniel Kelly (Owen), Shannon Kook-Chun (Zane), Cory Lee (Ms. Oh), Landon Liboiron (Declan), and Samantha Munro (Anya), do not appear in this episode.