Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 6 Episode 19

Don't You Want Me?, Part Two

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM May 14, 2007 on MTV - Music Television
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Alex and Paige get back together, and Alex tries to hide her job from Paige, but the secret doesn't last long. Paige cannot deal with the situation, and it leads Alex to make an important decision. Emma is worried about what might happen when she thinks she might be pregnant, especially when Sean says he still plans on leaving.


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  • Alex becomes a stripper to make money for herself and her family.

    "Don't You Want Me" Part 2 is an excellent Degrassi episode. It's just as good as part 1. In this episode, Alex becomes a stripper so she can earn money for her family. Alex's mother is such a jerk. Emily used Alex's money to bail out her boyfriend who is the biggest jerk ever. I love how Alex quits stripping so she can be with Paige. I love Palex! I'm not sure, but I think Alex moves in with Paige in this episode. In this episode, Emma takes a pregnancy test and it turns out to be negative but she still convince she's pregnant. I love that she didn't end up being pregnant. I give this episode a 10/10.moreless
  • fair

    alex and her mother risk getting evicted from their house because of their financial woos. will alex's new job be able to help keep them there? Can she make the amount of money they need?

    it was alright, like last episode is was boring in some parts, alex was never one of my favorite characters, and even though she is mostly more tolerable now i still do not think she is a great character. but i still kind of liked the episode, the overall grade i would give to this episode is in the "C" range, methinks is fair enoughmoreless
  • Good episode but i think degrassi is ending soon

    I loved this episode i love the fact that paige and alex are like together agian they were the whole point of degrassi..well not the whole point the best part of degrassi..and i seen all the new episoeds already all you got to do is download them from ISOHUNT or and youll be able to see the whole season 6 good season i love it season 7 is going to be hot..but it may be the last episode i hope not i hope they make this last as long as 7th heaven ya feel yeah that should be sweet i love paige and alex alex is so hotmoreless
  • Alex needs money, and realizes she'll get a lot if she strips. Things get complicated as she tells Paige she quit her job. Meanwhile Emma thinks she is pregnant. My response? Great episode but too much Emma. Not to mention the pregnancy plot is ovemoreless

    This review is set for both parts one and two:

    Paige and Alex's (I refuse to use names like 'Palex') relationship has been started since "Lexicon of Love". Although they broke up in some other episode, I knew that their relationship was still open in other episodes.

    As Alex said in part one, Paige kept on opening and closing and opening 'the door'. Or something like that. But Paige is still confused about her sexuality, while Alex knows that she is a lesbian. They get together again and Alex says she quit her job, without even saying that she started to strip for money she desperately needs. Total lie! And when Paige goes to Alex's work, she finds out that not only Alex lied to her, but she also finds out what Alex is really doing at her job.

    A bit of a strange turn on Degrassi, but hey, it was good. It makes sense that Alex would stoop low to get money for her and her mom. The stripping idea? A bit unoriginal, but they made it the complete opposite.

    As for unoriginal, I'm turning to the B plot: Emma and Sean. Sean thinks of going to the army, and Emma fears she is pregnant.

    There is TOO MUCH EMMA. Whenever there is a Manny episode, Emma is right there besides her. Whenever there is a Sean episode, guess what? Emma. Is. There.

    From the guy named Jordan who was planning to rape her and tape it, finding her real dad, her and sean, her and chris, rick pointing a gun at her head, her and jay in the ravine, her and peter, her and manny all the time, her eating disorder, sean coming back, sean going into jail, her and peter breaking up, sean and her hooking up again, sean figuring out about her and jay, manny moving in, manny moving out, JT's death, her buying birth control, snake kissing peter's mom, to now this...

    She's had to much, and since the pregnancy thing is overused...(Liberty (Adoption), Manny (Abortion), Mia (Well, she kept her baby, so that sorta counts as she came into the show with her child) (Kept the baby) and now Emma (False Alarm)...this part wasn't that special to me.

    It was good, overall, despite some parts. It's a must see!moreless
  • Kudos to Deanna Casaluce for her acting chops!

    I was really glad to see how well Casaluce (Alex) can act with this (and hopefully the next) episode.

    Alex and her mother are about to be evicted because her Mom got scammed by her boyfriend. The show did a great job of contrasting Alex and how she has not going to end up like her mother.

    The "Palex Part 2" is interesting because Paige is the one who after breaking up Alex because she didn't have "plans", now Paige is the one who is acting immature and still doesn't see Alex's reality for what it is. Hopefully, Paige will grow up next season.

    Emma is pregnant? Go figure. I wasn't surprised she was angry at Sean. Being against military is something she would do. Honestly, out of all the couples on Degrassi, Sean and Emma have always seemed to the least compatible, IMHO.

    So Alex enters the dark world of stripping and we will see what happens next week.moreless
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