Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 2 Episode 18

Dressed In Black

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jan 19, 2003 on MTV - Music Television

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  • Ashley and Craig are paired up for an English project while Jimmy and Hazel are paired up for the same project. Tobey and JT buy condoms and Spinner founds out.

    This episode was more entertaining. Ashley and Jimmy are back togtehr I think. I'm not sure what the end was all about but I think they migh thave broken up again. Jimmy and Hazels version of the play was great but the little smirk he gave Ashley trying to prove a point was rude. Ashley and Craig version of the play was crazy good. They made it look so real. Kenra pushing Toby was great. What a tough girl. I'm not sure if they are broken up yet but hopefully they stay together. The end where JT is cover in condoms was hilarious.
  • Ashely's second best plot in my eyes and a silly B plot with JT and Toby...condoms...

    Okay. Ashley thinks Jimmy is trying to change her back to her old self (pretty preppy girl) but Ashley is gothic now and is sad that Jimmy just doesn't except the new her. This episode is really the greatest episode of any show that shows how some people won't except how others look and want to change them. I felt really bad for Ashley...she looked so sad about leaving Jimmy. Also I don't know about u other guys but I would've loved Ashley singing that really beautiful song to the beginnig! Loved that song! Wish it was a real song! This episode also forshadowed the later relationships Jimmy and Ashley would sooner or later be in. Jimmy/Hazel and Ashley/Craig! Loved it! This was a very special episode that honestly made me feel slightly sad. And it's just hugely and in my opinion the best episode in Season 2 besides Shout part 1 and 2!!! Also one of my personal favs on my Top 20 best Degrassi episdoes list!! The B plot was fair liked it for a little was okay! Superb episode!
  • gd

    Jimmy invited Ashley to come to his party in "Message in a bottle" and she didn't know why. Now they become friends again but decide that they grew to far apart for anything else. Ashley considers changing the new gothic her to get back with Jimmy but decides its not worth it if she can't be herself. Mean while JT and Toby learn about condoms in sex ed class and JT convinces Toby that they should be prepared and stock up on them. Spinner finds the condoms in Toby's locker and tells Kendra. very good episode indeed lol ha ha.
  • Ashley is back together with Jimmy only to discover that maybe they're not as perfect for each other as they once were. JT and Toby buy condoms.

    This episode was the start of the Ashley and Craig relationship. I personally despise them as a couple now but at this point they were ok. This episode was more about Ashley and Jimmy's relationship however. What I really did not like about this episode was how the writers made it look like Jimmy was trying to change Ashley when he really wasn't at all. When did he try to change her at all in the episode?? It was completely in Ashley's head the whole time. The only thing he said was that he liked her old look better when she forced it out of him. Why did it matter which look he liked better though when he clearly liked her for the person she was? She was being pretty bratty and self-centered (as usual) and her look switcheroo was brought on all by herself. Her little speech at the end during the play to Jimmy was unneccessary and hurtful when he didn't do anything wrong. This episode just made me dislike Ashley even more.

    The JT/Toby storyline was just immature and useless.
  • Ashley thinks Jimmy's trying to 'change' her. JT thinks twelve-year-olds have sex all the time.

    This episode's one of those where Ashley is a drama queen. But I'll get to that in a second. Instead I'll get the boring B plot out of the way first. Toby's dating Kendra, JT thinks Toby needs to get protection because he's 13 and Kendra's 12 and all middle school kids are having sex in JT's sick little mind. In the end, Spinner and Kendra find out, and they're ready to kill Toby. Toby explains that JT gave him the idea, then they all agree to kill JT instead. As it ends, JT's covered in condoms.

    Throughout the episode, Ashley asks Jimmy loaded questions, such as how he feels about her look. He says he liked her prep look better, but he's getting used to the goth look. Since they're coincidentally doing Taming of the Shrew in English class, Ashley interprets this as meaning she should change back. This looks stupid because she still has her goth hair with her prep look. The entire episode has Craig talking about the play and Ashley interprets this as Jimmy trying to 'tame' her. At least last season when Sean accidentally gave her an epiphany, it was a real epiphany.

    My disdain for Craig and Ashley is no news. She became an extension of Craig, their storylines were cliché, his sudden interest in music was contrived, they make gestures which seem like noble sacrifices but when you look at it with any rational mind are just stupid, and their fans tend to credit her with stuff Terri, Sean, Emma, Marco, or Ellie did. But until season 4 with the Kevin Smith appearance, this will be their worst episode.

    And that's how Ashley decides her hair only works when she's dressed in black.
  • Ashley and jimmy are back together.J.T. and Toby decide it\'s time to buy condoms and Toby ends up getting in trouble with spinner because Toby is dating spinner\'s sister. Ashley realizes that she and Jimmy are going their seperate ways and so she breaks

    In the beginning Ashley and Jimmy are back together and happy. Then Kwan assignes a scene for a play. Ms. Kwan paires Jimmy with Hazel and Ashley with Craig. Jimmy and Hazel decide to do a comedy for their scene, while Ashley and Craig decide to a very dramatic and realistic scene that shocked the whole class. Meanwhile, Mr. Armstrong gives \"the talk\" to the eighth graders (instead of Dr.Sally), which convinces J.t. to buy condoms. He persuades Toby to get some for him and Kendra (spinner\'s sister) and spinner finds out. Toby tells spinner it was a misunderstanding and that it was all J.T\'s idea, spinner then decorates J.T in the condoms they bought in front of everyone, they learned not to buy condoms until they are ready.(back to ashley and jimmy) Ashley gives a picture of her new look to jimmy and he tells her he likes the old ashley better. ashley comes back to school in her old clothes and realizes that she she shouldn\'t have to change for anyone but herself so she goes back to her goth look and breaks up with jimmy.