Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 11 Episode 23

Drop It Like It's Hot, Part Two

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Aug 23, 2011 on MTV - Music Television

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  • Alli is addicted to playing poker. Wesley continues to lie to Hannah and Liam about having a driver's license. Bianca is being blackmailed by Vince.


    "Drop It Like It's Hot, Part Two" is a excellent Degrassi episode. I love how Alli is addicted to playing poker. I love how she makes the illusion that she's sick so she can go to that basement poker game instead of meeting Dave's family. I love how she tells the truth to Dave and explains that she's playing poker so she can get money for Dave to visit her when she goes to that exclusive science program. It was so intense how she was putting in her $2000 scholarship. It was so intense how Alli won the game, but they think she cheated, and they tried to get her money, but Dave's dad showed up. It's terrible that that's how Alli meets Dave's father. It's so sad that Alli and Dave broke up. Well, it looks like they're taking a break anyways. I really enjoyed Wesley's plot in this episode a lot more than the last episode. I love how Wesley got pulled over for driving under the speed limit. I love how he had to tell the police officer that he doesn't have a driver's license, which now Hannah and Liam know he lied to them. I love how he finished the project and impressed Liam and Hannah. I love how Hannah said she likes Wesley for his personality. It's very interesting how Wesley was fined and has to go to court. Bianca's plot is just heartbreaking. I can't believe Imogen knew that Bianca stole her money. I'm glad Vince won't beat her up anymore, but it's so sad how she's stuck in a relationship with Vince. I love how she gave Imogen lingerie as a peace offering and Imogen accepts. I love how Imogen shows Bianca that paper about volunteering to give grade 9 orientation. This means she'll get to spend less time with Vince. I give this episode a 9.5/10.

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