Degrassi: The Next Generation

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  • Season 14
    • 1/13/15

      Miles and Mr. Hollingsworth's strained relationship reaches a climax, and Hunter witnesses the whole thing. Miles decides that the house isn't big enough for the two of them. Winston and Frankie try and force a confession out of Zoë. Eli finds out that he is the father, and tries to convince Clare to let him be a part of his life. One of the Degrassi students accident starts a fire at the school.

    • 1/6/15

      With rumours flying about the cheerleaders being behind the Oomfchats, Frankie convinces the Power Cheer to turn on Zoë and force her to take responsibility for everything. Things backfire, when she makes it look as if Frankie was behind it all. Zig and Tiny compete to see who can get a girl's number first. Clare starts to reconsider her future after talking with Mr. Simpson.

    • Hero V.S. Villain
      Hero V.S. Villain
      Episode 10

      Mr. Simpson calls a school wide assembly about the Degrassi nudes. Zoë asks to speak at the assembly to throw off potential suspicion. The Power Cheer receives more threats, but discover that Hunter isn't behind them, and assume that Frankie is the real culprit. They decide to try and set her up in order to make sure she doesn't say anything. Clare tries to cover up the truth about who the father is, but when Drew finds out it isn't him, she decides it's time Eli find out too. When Clare tries to tell Eli the truth, he refuses to listen. Tristan tries to win over Miles again, but soon discovers that he isn't the issue.

    • 12/23/14

      Imogen finds out about the Degrassi nudes, and tries to get to the bottom of things. When she discovers Jack is apart of it, Imogen gets very upset and considers sending out her own pictures. Maya tries to defend Miles, by lying to the police about the accident. Drew struggles to balance life with Becky and Clare.

    • Hush
      Episode 8

      Miles' lifestyle is becoming a concern for those who care about him, but he doesn't listen when they try and help him. Drew worries about Becky and Jonah becoming so close during their song writing sessions. The Power Cheer try and track down who has been blackmailing them, so they can focus on the championships.

    • 12/9/14

      Zoë gets a text from an anonymous person, stating they know about the nudes being sent, and if she doesn't quit cheerleading, they will tell on her. Tristan starts to worry about Miles when he misses a presentation at school, and he catches him smoking pot. Dallas finds out that Alli got excepted into a university in London, England, and worries that she is going to leave him behind.

    • 12/2/14

      Maya is having an ongoing nightmare of Miles attempting to commit suicide, and worries when he doesn't show up for school. However, everyone around her believes that she is the one that needs help. Imogen tells Jack she loves her, and Jack reveals that she is into polyamory. Imogen lies and says she is also fine with it, but worries about losing Jack. Frankie finds a disturbing comic on Hunter's computer and worries he might try hurting some of the cheerleaders.

    • 11/25/14

      Luke asks Becky to come visit him in jail, but she tries to find any excuse to not be able to, as she isn't sure how to face him. Zoë tries to push the Power Cheer to do better, but they don't think they can beat the competition. Eli wants to be with Clare, but is frustrated with Drew constantly being around.

    • 11/18/14

      Clare tries to figure out how she is going to tell Eli that she is pregnant. Things get even more complicated for her when Drew tells his mom, who tells Clare's mom about the pregnancy. Winston is feeling left out, and tries to break up Tristan and Miles. Zig feels emasculated when Grace beats him in an arm wrestling match.

    • 11/11/14

      Frankie is annoyed by the double standard in her house. Zoë decides it is time for the girls on the Power Cheer to take control, by charging the boys of Degrassi for sending nudes. Frankie is against the idea, but goes along with it anyway. Imogen and Jack try and help Becky out, by setting her on a blind date. Maya worries about Miles, but things backfire when she turns to her mom for comfort.

    • Wise Up
      Episode 2

      Mr. Hollingsworth tries to rebuild his relationship with Miles, but Miles thinks it's all just a publicity stunt, and they once again fight. Drew is stressed about his situation, but Clare tells him that she doesn't need him to be involved. Zoë is annoyed when Zig receives topless photos from random girls, and so she sends him one of her. When he has a negative reaction, she thinks he is just judging her.

    • 10/28/14

      Clare struggles to deal with the fact that she is pregnant, and at first tries to hide it, but soon turns to Alli for help. Becky starts a new cheerleading group, and Zoë wants to be a part of it, but Becky isn't sure it is a good idea. Miles and his father continue to have a strained relationship, and he reveals that he and Tristan are dating to his family.

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