Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 11 Episode 20

Extraordinary Machine, Part One

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Aug 17, 2011 on MTV - Music Television

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  • perfect


    Eli- this was, as usual, good. I am getting kind of tired of his plots, but this was good. Him firing Jake was good and i lol'ed when he had Riley be the replacement (i dunno why, but it just made me laugh). the scene with him and Clare at the dot was good and the ending was good (would have been better if Teennick hadn't spoiled it in the promo for this episode).

    Anya/Owen- really Anya? You're still doing coke? I dunno, for some reason i figured she had quit, or was at least thinking about quitting. She pretty much blew her chances with Owen, which stinks because i liked them together. Maybe they'll still be together in the future?

    KC/Jenna- it's kind of hard to take KC's "I love you, I wanna be back together with you" lines seriously considering he cheated on her for so long. I dunno. I still have my polygamist theory. He's cheated, twice, so who's to say he won't cheat again? Although i did like him trying to get out of getting rid of Ty. Ty is a cute baby, no doubt, and i don't want him and Jenna to get rid of him.

  • As play is nearing closer, Eli starts showing extremes in emotion. Jenna and KC meet the parents who want to adopt Tyson. Anya continues with her addiction to cocaine.


    "Extraordinary Machine" Part 1 is an excellent Degrassi episode. I love how Eli has become even more crazy. He's not taking his anti-anxiety pills, he's making all these changes to the play, he fires Jake, and hires Riley, and he still has a temper. I love how Imogen tells Eli that going off his medication was for to get his creative ideas to write the script for the play, but that he should go back on them. I love how his dad is noticing that Eli is having extremes in emotion. My favourite scene is when he thinks he's on a date with Clare, but then he gets angry and his words are all messed up. It's crazy how Imogen is his Clare replacement. I wonder what the doctors diagnosis of Eli will be. I have a feeling he's bipolar. The ending was interesting because Eli and Imogen were about to have sex. I can't wait for the next episode. In this episode, Jenna and KC are giving the baby up for adoption. I'm glad they're having an open adoption. I love how Jenna approves of the parents, but it sucks that KC doesn't. KC is just being selfish. He's proven that he can't take care of Tyson because all I've seen is Jenna do all the work and KC was cheating with Marisol. He'd be giving Tyson a better life if he gave him up for adoption. I'm glad that KC and Jenna aren't getting back together. I love the continuation of Anya's cocaine addiction storyline. It's interesting that the drugs have made her a little delusional. My favourite scene is the one when she's realizing that she's messed up her life and that she needs to do something about it. I'm wondering if she's going to join the army because of commercial she saw on tv. And I'm also wondering if she can quit cocaine just like that. I give this episode a 9/10.