Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 11 Episode 21

Extraordinary Machine, Part Two

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Aug 18, 2011 on MTV - Music Television

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  • Extraordinary Machine is an Extraordinary Episode

    This was the best episode of Now or Never in my opinion. Every plot was very convincing and well acted. I felt for Jenna and KC when they gave up Ty, and when Eli gave his speech to the audience about not being able to have happy endings (thank goodness his dad was smart enough to realize something was wrong with his son though, Ms. Dawes was stupid enough to think it was an act -___-). The best scene of the episode was after Eli's breakdown and everyone began to pat him on the back as he tried to get away from other people, idk why but it was just a really powerful scene for me. I'm also glad that Eli is finally going to try and get better, and I believe that it was a good idea to finally end the Kenna relationship. They need space right now.
  • Fantastic Episodes (Part 1 & 2)


    Eli: This is turning into the Craig/Ash/Manny situation, just rewired. Imogen's the Manny in this whole thing. She's playing on Eli's feeling's to win him and Eli's playing on her feeling's to help him win Clare. I feel bad because she is chasing after him, but he's just using her to project Clare. Anyone was surprised Riley showed up?! And Riley/Fiona interaction! Eli put on quite a show on stage. I hope this is the end of him and Imogen's crazy antics. Seriously Imogen? Putting the pills in Clare's bag?

    Anya: Her mother F*C*I* STUPID. She lets Anya do and say ANYTHING. Like nice way to introduce your BF Anya! The army? Hm.. I think it's clear that maybe joining the army is the best thing for Anya.

    Jenna/KC: I was about to cry. Powerful scene with them giving Tyson up. I really felt for them. I think they should have kept their baby, at least it would have grew knowing his parents loved him, instead of living another family's name.

    Overall, really nice two parter.

  • It's the night of the play and Eli's still crazy. Anya applies to join the army. Jenna and KC give Tyson up for adoption.


    "Extraordinary Machine" Part 2 is a fantastic Degrassi episode! I love how Eli continues to be crazy in this episode. I love how he planned to plant his prescription drugs in Jake's locker, give an anonymous tip, and get Mr. Simpson to do a locker search. I love how Imogen decides to do it because she'll do anything for Eli. I love how she plants the prescription drugs into Clare's locker. I love how Eli explains to Mr. Simpson that the drugs are his and that he ask Clare to hold them for her. It was so intense how Eli freaked at the play and putting his script on fire. I love how the audience thought that his freakout was part of the play. I love the end of this episode when Eli realized that he's sick and that he needs to get better for himself. I still think he'll be diagnosed as bipolar. And I felt so sorry for Imogen because he used her. I love Anya's storyline. I love how she wants to enlist in the army. I felt so bad for her when she failed the drug test. My favourite scene was when her mother found cocaine in Anya's necklace. I love how Anya still wants to be in the army and she's going to do that Enhance Reliability Assessment and get all her friends, teachers, and family to get interview to prove she's not a drug addict. If this is the conclusion to Anya's storyline, then I'm really satisfied. KC and Jenna giving the baby up for adoption was heartbreaking, but I'm happy they did it. I give this episode a 10/10.

  • perfect


    Eli- A. Mazing. I loved this main plot so much i was honestly a little disappointed there were two smaller plots. I love Eli being such a lunatic and his monologue at the end of his play was amazing. He's so not over Clare and i wish he gets better. The ending in slow motion and the color was unique and i can't wait to see what happens next.

    Anya- her wanting to join the Army seemed kind of random, but hey, i've thought about joining the Army, so... also, i found it kind of weird her mom seemingly did not punish her for using coke (unless she did off screen, but it didn't seem like it).

    KC/Jenna- this was pretty short, it was only like 3 scenes in the episode. Them giving away the baby and then hugging and crying was pretty emotional i thought. I hope we somehow see Ty again.

    Great episode and a great end to another week of Now or Never. A+