Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 1 Episode 4

Eye Of The Beholder

Aired Daily 9:00 PM Nov 11, 2001 on Much Music
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Insecure Terri is so sure that no guy could ever like her because of her weight that she is oblivious when Spinner displays overt interest in her. But jealous Paige will do anything to prove her superiority and works hard to split the couple up before they even begin. Meanwhile, Sean and Emma share a dance.


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  • Terri's insecure about going to a school dance.

    "Eye of the Beholder" is an excellent episode! The one thing I love about this show is that it actually has a fat character. Most shows only have skinny people. It's really sad how Terri is insecure and she calls herself a fat cow. The girl is beautiful and she doesn't even see it. I love how Paige, who's been labelled as a mean b!tch, is more insecure than Terri. Paige wants to date Spinner and so she gets Terri drunk so Terri will make a fool out of herself at the dance making sure that Terri doesn't end up with Spinner. What I like about this show is that it's realistic. Showing JT and Toby looking at porn is what most boys their age do. I love the end of the episode where they tell Emma and Manny that they got caught looking at porn and then Emma and Manny call them losers. I give this episode a 9/10.moreless
  • Decent

    In this episode, Terri doesn't want to go to the school dance, because she's feeling self-concious about her weight, and thinks no one would want to go with her, although her friends think that Spinner is taking an active interest in her. So her friends (and a jealous Paige) help get ready for the dance, but not everything goes as planned. Also, Toby and JT go on an adventure in pornography. I didn't really like the porn plot with Toby and JT, because I knew what was going to happen (although I did like how Toby's dad and girlfriend punished them.) Terri's plot was great, as I could really feel for her self-conciousness, and I felt Paige was really unlikable throughout the episode. A good episode IMO. 8.5/10 B+moreless
  • Terri A plot + Toby B plot = doing a Simpsons episode about Apu and Smithers

    Terri's insecure. This is actually perfect characterization. Paige (pre-rape) is selfish. Also good characterization. Looking back, I honestly was surprised Spinner and Paige weren't already a couple after this episode. At the end, Terri gets to become a model because she has an "interesting look".

    The B plot was JT and Toby watching porn (or as they call it "teh pr0nz0rz") online. They get caught, of course.

    Stupid parenting move of the episode: Toby's dad, for making him watch porn. What? You want to show your girlfriend that you're all about incest? Because that's not a good thing. And while we're at it, don't these extra porn sites just add more cookies to clutter up your computer?moreless
  • Terri's drinking and Toby and JT's porn adventure = very exciting :)

    Well, we all know by this time that Paige is just an utter BUM!

    She just wants ol' Spinner to herself, even though he definitely likes Terri. She just makes Terri feel even more like poop. Well, Paige grows on me sooner or later, I suppose. Not too much, though.

    I love Toby and JT's little adventure.

    It was funny. Especially when Toby's parents walked in or whatever. I can't believe they made them watch porn in front of them afterward, dude, that's got to be awkward.

    Oh, Terri. I feel bad for her. Nothing but crap! That's all she receives in this show.

    This was a pretty good episode.moreless
  • good

    Terri's sure that no guy will ever want her and she wants to skip the school dance. Spinner seems interested in her though, and Ashley and Paige convince her to let them make her over. Paige secretly wants Spinner for herself and plays on Terri's insecurities - ultimately getting Terri drunk and into some overly sexy clothes. Toby and JT pass on the dance in favour of sneaking a glimpse of some internet porn. Emma meets Sean at the dance. so all in all it is a very good episode and i would reccomend all degrassi fans to wacth it.moreless
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