Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 4 Episode 16

Eye Of The Tiger

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Dec 14, 2004 on MTV - Music Television

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  • Spinner and Jay get expelled after what they did

    Jimmy returns, and Spinner is forced to confess that he is responsible for all of this. Everybody then hates him for this. At the end, Spinner tells Hatztallicos about what he and Jay done. Hatztallicos has no other choice, but two expell these two because she doesn't tolerate bullying.
  • It's Your Own Fault Spin

    As much as I love Spinner, he was so wrong to blame Jimmy. He should have understood where Jimmy was coming from when they talked. Rick could have killed him and he's the one who made things right with Rick.
  • Jimmy returns to school. Spinner is punished. JT and Liberty make out a lot. My review contains major SPOILERS. BE WARNED.

    This is the worst episode of D:TNG that I have ever seen. If the rest of the episodes this season(in America) are like this I will cry.
    It was unrealistic and almost everything about it was forced.
    They turned what happened with rick into a typical issue about bullies and school shootings in a very generic way.

    Rick did not become the way he was because of bullying he was already like that!
    This is my major issue with this episode.
    They weren\'t true to their own story and instead changed it into something different and generic. And a timely hot topic issue at that.

    If Spinner, Alex, and Jay\'s prank hadn\'t sent him over the edge something else might have and to be honest after what he did to Terri he deserved to be in juvie or a mental hospital, not in school.

    I also strongly dislike the JT/Liberty storyline and think that they changed JT\'s character/made him revert back to childhood.
  • Jimmy returns to Degrassi.

    "Eye of the Tiger" is good Degrassi episode. Jimmy returns to Degrassi after being shot by Rick. Everything seems to be good until Spinner opens his big mouth. I actually enjoyed this episode until Spinner told Jimmy that he was reason that Jimmy's in the wheelchair. I really don't like how Jimmy and all Spinner's friends just alienated him after this episode. Spinner made one mistakes. And Who knew Rick was going to bring a gun to school? I actually like the subplot revovling around JT and Liberty finally dating and Danny doesn't like that JT is dating his sister. I give this episode a 7.5/10.
  • Jimmy comes back to school and it welcomed with open arms. However, Spinner decides it is the time to confess the truth about why Rick shot him. Danny disapproves of JT and Liberty.

    Finally, an episode where Aubrey gets to show his chops! Fantastic acting on his part. I felt the pain Jimmy was going through, how hard it was for him to adjust and to return to school in a wheelchair. His conviction that he would never walk again, never be able to play basketball again really tugged at my heartstrings. I also felt for Spinner. He couldn't have known that his actions would have had such horrible consequences for his best friend and I could understand and respect why he felt he had to tell Jimmy. It sucked that he got expelled for it though because Principal HotSauce was being completely unfair to him and Jay.

    The B plot was ok. The fight between JT and Danny was utterly pathetic and the whole "You made my brother bleed" thing was kinda dumb. I love the JT/Liberty relationship though so that aspect was good.
  • this episode of DTNG is called "Eye of The Tiger". named after a song by Survivor. I call this episode an interlude to Time Stands Still. this episode is a must watch to all viewers. especially to those who see the two-part episode, TST. it is very powerf

    In this episode, Jimmy returns to Degrassi after rehabilitation in the hospital. as Spinner watches Jimmy come out of the Handicap Shuttle, he is overwhelmed with guilt for lying to Rick about the paint and feathers prank. so he helps Jimmy get through the day by being there for him and helping him out. after school, Spinner still feels guilty so he confesses that he lied to Rick. But Spinner only ends up hanging himself and getting a bad reputation. Jimmy is so stunned and traumatized that he leaves Spinner behind and tells everyone about how he lied to Rick. When Spinner shows up the next day, Marco and Craig bully him and tell him to fix the damage somwhere else ant to stay away from Jimmy. At the party Spinner tries to clean himself to everyone but no one wants him arround. in the end, Spinner confesses to Principal Hatzalakos and what he did to Rick and how he lied about Jimmy.She expells him and Spinner life will never be the same.
    Spinner sure got what he deserved. as Marco said, he needs to fix the damage somewhere else. instead disrupting the patry, he should have gone to Terry's house and proposed. after all he obviously loves her that much to publicly humiliate Rick and say that Jimmy did it. Spinner really wasn't a friend of Jimmy now that it was mentioned, he stole his MP3 player, and took his dancing pants(in Girls Just Want To Have Fun). In fact Spinner was a big jerk. He blamed Emma for his excessive erections, he strangled JT in condums, he got ugly with Toby for liking Kendra, he did awful things to Mrs. Kwan's night class, and other bad things.
    I was kind of dissapointed though when Jimmy didn't mention the MP3 Player theft incident. this episode is more like "Don't Come Around Here No More" or "Leave (Get Out)".
  • Jimmy comes back from the hospital; Spinner is filled with guilt, because he basically put Jimmy in a wheelchair. Spinner confesses about what he and Jay told Rick, and Jimmy begins to dislike Spinner even more. Spinner becomes friends with Jay, and Jay i

    This was not the best Degrassi episode I've seen so far, but it wasn't horrible, either. I truly thought that Jimmy and Spinner were doomed ever since Spinner tried to sell Jimmy's iPod (not MP3 Player, as stated.) I do believe that Spinner will eventually kill himself somehow, such as driving drunk or setting Degrassi on fire. This will thankfully save the world from his recent speaking inablilities.
  • jimmy returns to school, heads turn, jt drools....

    this was kind of a filler episode. It was bascailly needed to show the reason why spinner is getting expelled and propel him into a character down spiral. Jimmy comes back to school and I love how everyone greets him outside. Hazel is so proud of her man! I loved seeing how spinner felt guilty and basically made himself look like an azz trying to please and take care of jimmy. In the U.S. on the N the "you're dead to me" part was never spoken by jimmy in the gym, it didn't come till later when they were outside when spinner was in the car.
    Jt, liberty, her brother thing was pointless. I'm sorry but jt and liberty just don't seem to mesh well for me. It's like the writers said "okay liberty has longed for jt long enough, let's just throw them together." What happened to toby?! I'd like to see how he's dealing with ricks death and breaking away from being jt's sidekick. all in all this is Spinners "very special episode" I feel like degrassi is slowly progressing towards an end.........
  • Jimmy is back and Spinner is guilt ridden.

    In "Eye Of The Tiger" Jimmy returns to school after being shot in the school shooting some months before. With Spinner feeling very guilty he does everything he can to help Jimmy out by putting his books in his locker, helping him with a drink of water and when a basketball game comes up they dedicate an award to him with him saying that next year he'll be able to play. That was very sad as his face shows he may never walk again. Also soon afterward Spinner confesses to jimmy what he and Jay did. Jimmy tells him, 'You're dead to me." Those words I think I would have said, i would've also killed Spin, I mean he put the kid ina wheelchair for what could be the rest of his life in the words of Mrs. H.

    Soon the whole school finds out and outcast Spinner for creating the biggest tragedy to ever hit Degrassi. Even Manny outcasts him and leaves him. Now Spinner is alone excpet for him and Jay who go off and get drunk, then Spin goes to a get together and takes the keyes to joey's car and then starts driving before Jimmy stops him who si in front of him. This was another truly emotional scene in where Aubrey Graham is truly at his best.

    When Jimmy is done talking he leaves and Spinner starts crying and gives Craig the keyes back. He then confesses the next day to Mrs. H and then tells jay was behind it too. Thinking he is going to get suspended he asks when he will come back and she answers him that with the severity of his crime she's expelling him. that last scene was a shocker that I didn't expect. i thought this epsiode was a filler episode but it turned out to be one of the best of the series.
  • Jimmy returns to school, while a guilt-ridden Spinner tries confesses the truth. Meanwhile, Danny doesn't like the fact that J.T. is dating his sister Liberty.

    In a nutshell, this was the episode I had been waiting for since "Time Stands Still". Jimmy finally returns, and Spinner finally confesses. I wonder if Jimmy's condition is as bad as he said it is. He said he'll never be able to walk again, but maybe they're blurring that line so they can direct the plot in either direction.

    The scene where Jimmy and Spinner were in the gym was one of the most tense moments of the season. Spinner's sitting there listening to Jimmy talk about how his future was over, and I was waiting for Spin to bust out and tell the truth. It was kind of funny how the next day every student at the school knew what Spinner had done, yet none of the teachers hadn't heard anything.

    The subplot of this episode was something to watch as well. Is it just me, or was Liberty cuter in this episode? Anyway Danny, Liberty's brother and J.T.'s best friend doesn't like the fact J.T. and Liberty are dating. Boo hoo, get over it Danny. I did think it was hilarious how they told Danny to bark when his dad got home, and he just did that silent "woof" just to be a jerk, how classic. I'm just glad it ended like all tv episodes like this usually end: the antagonists realize they hurt the person they're trying to protect so the just back off. Yay, J.T. and Liberty live happily ever after.

    Overall, this episode is one that brought conclusion to one chapter of Degrassi, and has opened begun an entirely new one. Will Spinner be able to return to Degrassi next year? Will he be able to get his friends back? We'll just have to wait and see until season five.
  • Jimmy returns to school and the whole school is eager to see him back in action but Jimmy has something to reveal about what really happened the day of the shooting and how its gonna affect him long-term. And a guilt-ridden Spinner tries to redeem himself

    "Eye Of The Tiger" is a classic and revealing episode. In the main plot spinner tells jimmy that he was the reason he is in a wheelchair. Aubreys acting is really good along with Shane Kippel. I aslo liked the subplot with Danny,Liberty and Jt. Good Episode Overall. Good Stuff
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