Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 6 Episode 6

Eyes Without A Face, Part Two

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Dec 12, 2006 on Family
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Eyes Without A Face, Part Two

Darcy continues posting sexy photos online, and when she shows Spinner, hoping he'll think it's sexy, he gets made. She soon realizes that not only are the photos not as private as she thought, but Adams isn't who she thought either. Ellie and Jesse are still together, but she is uncomfortable with sex, and goes to Ashley for some help.


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  • Darcy's obsession with posting racy pictures of herself continues.

    "Eyes Without A Face" Part 2 is an excellent Degrassi episode. Things get a little more intense when Spinner finds out about the racy pictures Darcy's been posting online. It seems like it's become an obsession at this point in the episode. It gets even scarier when this guy named Adams is commenting on Darcy's photos and he shows up Darcy's house. He's so gross. I am so glad that Clare called the cops. The subplot doesn't do the "A" plot any justice. I really don't care about the Ellie and Jessie subplot. But I still give this episode a 10/10 because the "A" plot was just amazing.moreless
  • perfect

    darcy continues to post risque pictures of herself on the internet, which causes her and spinner to bewak up because he does not like her doing this. and she is in for a big surprise when she meets her "fan", Adams, who is in actuality an old man in his 30s/40s, and not a friend of peter at all. has darcy learned her lesson from all of this and never do it again?

    good episode, peter can be a real jerk, such as lying to darcy about knowing adams (and the whole mia thing from last season), but the episode was still great, A+moreless
  • Darcy is the biggest hypocrite on Degrassi.

    Okay first let me start off by saying, this is definitely the new and not improved Darcy, she lowered her standards this season for Peter & Adams, instead of Spinner, a sure thing. As she keeps on asking for "more" and she says something is "missing." As she is trying to make out with Spinner. Christian girl is sick of being good and wants to be bad, and Spinner was the good guy by stopping it before it went too far. Then she starts hanging out with Peter more, stripping for the camera & Peter, for ADAMS. Hasn't she learned anything for Simpson's class? Darcy deserved everything that happened to her toward the end. Spinner on the other hand, didn't. Enough said. Ellie's plot was whatever. The Jesse/Ellie plot feels like filler. Also at the end, Adams comes to Degrassi to "Get to know Darcy" Danny & Derek hack into her page and see EVERYTHING, breakup from Spinner, and Peter playing her. She was so effed up to Peter, and used him, I'm glad he got her back. Great comeback. Other than the characters being out of character, the plot was really great.moreless
  • Darcy continues to post more sexy photos of her on her Myroom Page, with the disapproval of Spinner. She also gets frigtened when she meets a certain someone.

    Even though she has no approval from boyfriend Spinner, Darcy continues to let Peter take sexy photos of her in a sexy school uniform and a sexy bikini and all, as she continues to post them on the Internet and let Adams buy stuff for her and the spirit squad.

    Spinner eventually breaks up with Darcy when pictures are released around school by Peter of Darcy's sexy shots in her bikini. Darcy cancels her Myroom page, and because of this, brings a weird visitor to Degrassi High School.

    Peter explains to Darcy that Adams is just some weird, unmarried creep, with money:

    "He played me, just like he played you."

    While walking home from school, Adams stalks Darcy down and finds her, shouting her name to Darcy and her sister, Clare. Darcy gets scared as Adams comes to her and starts talking to her. She demands Clare to call the police and as the cops come and wrestly Adams into the police car, he tries to make Darcy convince that the two are friends, but she just lets him get arrested.moreless
  • Great two-parter

    this is a wonderful episode,i don`t really have favorites from this season but this,rock this town,the bitterist pill,and can`t hardly wait,oh yeah and the two parter what`s it feel like to be a ghost,and the episodes working for the weekend and sunglasses at night.Well i kinda liked clare in this episode,she was very if not more,mature for her age

    and darcy should be gratefull to have that type of sister.any way i liked that they did thiss topic again and they did it well....even if the real drama didn`t start till the middle of the episode.

    all in all.........a good episode!moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • The police do not cuff Adams before throwing him into the police car which would never happen in a real life situation. Police always cuff their detainees.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Darcy: You're good, Clare. You're really good.
      Clare: You're good too, Darcy. You just got a little turned around is all.
      Darcy: I think it's a teensy bit more complicated than that.

    • Danny: We saaaaaaw!
      Darcy: The Ring? A shooting star? Your future lives as lonely old dorks?
      Derek: Your MyRoom page. Hot stuff!

    • Peter: So, how naked are we getting here?
      Darcy: Naked? I don't do that, thanks.

    • Peter: You got something people wanna pay for. Don't you wanna make some cash.

    • Manny: You need to watch out for Peter. He sure has his creepy eyes on you.

    • Darcy: Your not my pimp ok

    • Ashley: So do you think he wants to?
      Ellie: (Her mouth full of food) He's a guy.
      Ashley: Have you talked about, you know, doing it?
      Ellie: (coughs from her soda) Can you please not say 'doing it'? And I find it a little embarrassing. And by a little I mean hugely. I've only had two boyfriends, Marco-Gay, and Sean and we never, you know.
      Ashley: Well lucky for you there's a health clinic at the university.

  • NOTES (1)

    • Sarah Barrable-Tishauer (Liberty), Deanna Casaluce (Alex), Daniel Clark (Sean), Lauren Collins (Paige), Ryan Cooley (J.T.), Aubrey Graham (Jimmy), Mike Lobel (Jay), Miriam McDonald (Emma), Adamo Ruggiero (Marco), and Amanda Stepto (Spike), do not appear in this episode.


    • Ellie: Um so following in the great, though fictional steps of Carrie Bradshaw I'd like to pitch a series on sexual health on campus.

      Carrie Bradshaw is the main character on HBO's Sex and the City who writes a weekly column entitled "Sex and the City" for the fictional newspaper, The New York Star.