Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 3 Episode 1

Father Figure, Part One

Aired Daily 9:00 PM Sep 17, 2003 on Much Music
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The pending birth of Spike and Snake's baby inspires Emma to search for her birth father. Spinner and Paige are now a couple. With their anniversary approaching, Spinner scrambles to find her the perfect gift.

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Emma decides to search for her biological father.

    "Father Figure" is an awesome Degrassi episode. I love the beginning of the episode where they're talking attendance and the teacher calls out Emma Simpson and Emma gets all upset and says that she kept her name Emma Nelson. I just love that scene so much. I love how Emma decides that she wants to meet her biological father. Now, if you haven't watched Degrassi Junior High/ Degrassi High, then it's very surprising to find out that Emma's father is not a doctor, but a patient. The only thing wrong with this episode was the subplots. It just got annoying Spinner trying to find the perfect locker for Paige. I give this episode a 9/10.moreless
  • He's not the doctor, he's the patient...

    Definitely a turning point in Emma's life, when she meets her father. She hates the fact that everyone assumes that she is Snake's daughter, and she wants to meet her real father. So in this jam packed adventurous episode, she decides to go look for him. Sean doesn't want too, but Craig agrees to go with her. Great interaction with both character, I could tell their friendship really grew in this episode.

    Meanwhile Spinner is trying to find a good anniversary present for Paige, after he tries his hardest to get her a good locker, the locker that she wanted, she rejects the present. And it turns out Jimmy has the perfect locker, so now Paige wants his locker. I liked how they compared their lockers to property, but this episode just proved that Spinner & Paige were an awful couple, especially since Paige was not nice to him.

    All of Emma's life, she thought her father was a doctor, when she goes to the hospital, it turns out he's the patient, and it fades to black. Such an amazing twist to a great episode. Amazing episode overall, which opens up the season quite nicely.moreless
  • gd

    Grade 9 starts and Spike is 9 months pregnant. After Emma has been mistaken at school for being Snake's daughter, this inspires her to find her birth father. When she asks her mom she says no. But Emma goes on the internet to find his address. She finds it then the next day in school she cuts class with Craig to find him. The first place she goes to turns out to be the wrong address. Then she and Craig return to Emma's house and find the real address. They take the subway to Stouffville to find him. Ending up at a doctor's building Emma sneaks upstairs and goes to the room. She opens the door and faces her dad with a big surprise.moreless
  • Emma's Search for her Father

    Emma is at that point in her life where she is ready to know the truth about her father. We see in some of the first half of the episode Emma has not fully accepted Snake to be her dad, that's understandable since thoughout her life she never knew what it was like to have a father. Since her mother is still reluctant to tell her the truth about her father, Emma can't wait anymore so she decides to take matters into her own hands.

    If you've seen the original Degrassi, you probably know what happened to Shane and why he couldn't be there for her. So you'd know what's in store for Emma. And it's a pritty heartbreaking and slightly heartwarming discovery when both Shane and Emma meet face to face. The relationship both of them shared at that moment was almost reminicent of the film "Rain Man". I actually sheded a tear for her just seeing Emma break down in tears after her fight with her parients felt painfully real because you realize what she lost and how far it goes.moreless
  • Emma wants to know where her birth father is and why he was never a part of her life. Spinner searches for the best anniversary gift for Paige.

    I’m glad that I hadn’t seen the original Degrassi series before I saw this episode, because it would have given away what happened to Shane. This episode was definitely a big link to the past because we learn why Shane was never around after Emma was born. I just don’t understand why Spike didn’t tell Emma about Shane. All she had to do was explain that Shane was permanently injured, so he literally could not take care of Emma.

    It was interesting how Spinner gets Hazel to switch lockers with Paige. One minute, Hazel refuses to switch because she likes where her locker is located and it’s not her fault that Spinner doesn’t have anything to give Paige. Then she totally gives in. This fits in perfectly with the theme that Paige is the queen bee and Hazel is her sidekick who obeys her every command.

Angela Deiseach

Angela Deiseach

Erica Farrell

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Maureen Deiseach

Maureen Deiseach

Heather Farrell

Guest Star

Jonathan Torrens

Jonathan Torrens

Shane McKay

Guest Star

Melissa DiMarco

Melissa DiMarco

Ms. Hatzilakos

Recurring Role

Linlyn Lue

Linlyn Lue

Ms. Kwan

Recurring Role

Daniel Morrison

Daniel Morrison

Chris Sharpe

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Director Bruce McDonald makes a cameo appearance in this episode as an extra. When Emma and Craig first set out to find Shane, there is a montage that includes a shot of a streetcar, a subway train and the two of them running through a glassed-in walkway. The man that they run by is McDonald, wearing his trademark cowboy hat.

    • Shane McKay is played by Jonathan Torrens, who did not play Shane in the original Degrassi series. The actor that originally played Shane in Degrassi Junior High was Bill Parrot.

  • QUOTES (3)

    • Paige: This is it, start of grade 10; a whole new year. I'm just so happy I have you to share it with.
      Spinner: Me too, honeybee.
      Ellie: Honeybee? Did he just say honeybee?
      Craig: Yeah, I bet you guys have pet names too.

    • Toby: So J.T. which lovely lady will you be going after this year?
      J.T.: Well there is Ms. Hatzilakos: always tempting. But then there's the tangy Ms. Kwan.
      Manny: J.T.: charming as always.

    • Shane: (show Emma a picture of her younger self) This is my daughter, Emma. But she doesn't love me.
      Emma: Why do you say that?
      Shane: She never visits me.
      Emma: Maybe because she couldn't find you, until now. I'm Emma!

  • NOTES (4)

    • Adamo Ruggerio (Marco), Amanda Stepto (Spike), Andrea Lewis (Hazel), Stacey Farber (Ellie) and Stacie Mistysyn (Cailtn) are added to the opening credits.

    • Christina Schmidt (Terri) and Dan Woods (Mr. Raditch) do not appear in this episode. Christina Schmidt is credited even though she doesn't actually appear in the episode.

    • Music:

      Michèle Vice-Maslin & Matthew Gerrard
      Courtesy of Sweetsongs & Gmatt Music

      "Hard Road"
      Written and performed by Sam Roberts
      Courtesy of Universal Music Canada

      "Love 101"
      Written and performed by Meeka

      "(You're a) Strange Animal"
      Written by Gowan
      Courtesy of Mark-Cain Music

    • Actor Daniel Morrison makes his first appearance as Chris Sharpe in this episode.