Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 2 Episode 19

Fight For Your Right

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 02, 2003 on MTV - Music Television

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  • Emma protest genetically modified food.

    "Fight For Your Right" is a great Degrassi episode. I love Emma plots. I love when she's trying to protest something. In this episode she's protesting against the genetically-modified foods in the cafeteria. I love how Mr. Raditch tells her stop, and she agrees, but then she keeps protesting anyways. I think it's unfair for Mr. Raditch to stop protesting. Emma even went off school property to protest and Mr. Raditch was threatenting to suspend her. He's a jerk. I love how Emma was about to apologize, but she didn't. Oddly enough, I found the subplot entertaining up until a certain point. I love how Jimmy's rich and Spinner's jealous of him. Once Spinner stole Jimmy's ipod, then the plot got lame.
  • I like this episode

    I really enjoyed this episode. The food fight was hilarious and the video of JT and Shela in the caf was also funny.I love how Emma was fighting for what she believes in even though it gets her in trouble. This episode is good for Emma as character development. We also learn that Spinner hasn't got alot of money and I really thought it was wrong of Marco and Jimmy to make fun of what he wears because he wears it everday. Jimmy and Marco said it was a joke, but it wasn't funny at all. This episode is a classic, well in my opinion.
  • gd

    Emma has been protesting GM (Genetically-Modified) foods for a long time, and she decides to take it to Mr. Raditch. When he tells her that the school can't afford it, and that they haven't been proven to be harmful, she decides to inform the students anyway. When Mr. Raditch finds out, he shuts down her informities. When Emma sees a documentary on the cafeteria, she tells the students to boycott the cafeteria, but it ends up in a food fight, suspending Emma for the rest of the day. When she is interviewed for the Grapevine, she keeps going with her protests. Mr. Raditch gives her an ultimatum: Either apologize or be suspended for a week. She decides to keep going anyway.
    Spinner has his eye on a new designer shirt, but it costs too much for him. It's not enough that Jimmy is getting $1000 worth of stuff for a ''belated birthday present''. When Spinner sees Jimmy's MP3 player, he decides to pawn it, ending their friendship.
  • The first time i saw this epesode i could not get enough.

    it stared out good with emma protesting, again. Then emma went bad (nothing comapaired to secrets)by countinuing protesting after radich (radish) said no. the pretended that she was going to apalagize on the morning anouncment but she said she could not because people ahve freedom of speach. emma got a weeks suspention. the spinner/jimmy storline was not very intersetin. way to go miriam and who who ever wrote this epesode.