Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 8 Episode 3

Fight The Power

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 19, 2008 on MTV - Music Television

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  • Jane joins the football team.

    "Fight the Power" is a fantastic Degrassi episode. I love Jane's plot of wanting to join the the school's football team. The Shep is a jerk. He is a sexist pig. I'm glad that Jane eventually was able to join the football team. It was intense how the football team treated Jane. They basically beat her up, which I find is very scary because it's like they had no conscience. I am so glad that Danny and Riley stuck up for Jane and that by the end of the episode, everyone was on Jane's side. It's sad to see Darcy leave. She become one of my favourite characters. And her write off was so lame, but at least she got one. I give this episode a 9/10.
  • Yay Jane

    I liked this episode, and I genuinely felt bad for Jane. The guys on the team just did not want a girl obviously ,so their solution is to make her feel like crap and bully her. The scene when she is beat up by another two players is probably one of my favorite moments from the episodes I've seen, you just want to try and do something. I thought the emotion in that was well-done. I also liked the ending when some people accepted Jane as part of the team. So, my overall grade is an A+, one of my favorites
  • Jane proves that some girls can play football, too. But most can't fit in with the guys, though.

    Jane tries out for the football team, and shows her stuff off at practice. She beats Derek in some plays, forcing him to run laps, which angers him. But Spinner is there to show his great girlfriend some support. The Shep is against it mainly at first, but there aren't any rules that disable girls from playing football, so he can't turn her down.

    She's really pretty much the greatest player on the Panthers' roster, but because of a missed block from Derek, she catches a ball in a 17-17 tie in her first game and is hit immediately, forcing her to fumble the ball, which is ran back to the end zone by the opponent. Spinner realizes the mistake (I've always liked him) but nobody else does. Everybody else saw Degrassi lose, 24-17, because a GIRL fumbled a ball.

    In the end, Danny and Sav, (I believe Sav, too) convinced the guys to let Jane feel like part of the team, which was very nice of them. So no more attacking Jane in the hallways, guys!

    Meanwhile, Darcy is trying to tell Peter that she's leaving for Kenya to build a school for some children for the rest of the semester. (really just to leave the show for Beverly Hills 90210, ugh.) I'll really miss Darcy. Obviously, she doesn't come back in Season 9 for the second semester, so they lied, and displeased many fans, like me.

    When she finally tells Peter, he gets upset and is sad, on his own couch at his party after the game. He's shocked and mad when Darcy doesn't come to the party but is calmed down by Mia, who he eventually starts dating. But he eventually loses HER to Paris in Season 9. Poor Peter.
  • Degrassi Episode 803 "Fight the Power"

    OK so basically Jane goes out for the Football team, which half the team and the coach disapprove of. Her best friend, Darcy, moves to Kenya for the semester but doesn't tell Peter until the last minute. He gets all cranky and puts a downer on his own party until Mia and him hook-up during a walk. Then Jane gets laughed at after screwing up at Degrassi's first ever football game. Then Darcy sends her a gift telling her to be strong and she also sends Peter a gift and he realizes that he wants both girls but hides the fact he still likes Darcy from Mia. Jane, Sav and Danny stand up to the "Shep" and Jane decides to assert herself. Clare and Alli's random appearances in this episode were amazing. The acting was OK at the most but it was written well and a great episode! '

    P.S.: Mia sucks!
  • ep. 3. Degrassi: TNG

    soo sadd darcy leavesss
    well honestly i guess that is her story line that she goes eh? soo sadd..
    buh i really like the new characters on here in Degrassi Community School. :)
    buh how did u find out and what site did you find out that darcy leaavess in diz episode???
    man i cant wait for this episodeee.
    i heard there is gonna be a special episode in toronto tho near Halloeen.
    Can you tell me where u get the info about the amazing SHow Degrassi: TNG?
    likee u post up whats gonna happen n so n so
    buh its too revealing :P lolz
    hope you reply to meeee.
  • Season 8, Episode 3.

    I never knew Darcy and Jane were friends... Hmm. It was probably mentioned and I forgot. Oh well. Darcy is leaving! She is going to Kenya! Shenae is so amazing and the show will not be the same without her. I would prefer it kept some more of the older characters like Alex and Paige and Jay (who have yet to appear this season) as compared to introducing so many weird characters. Peter is already moving on to Mia! I wasn't crazy about the Jane football storyline, but I love how Spinner is supportive. Pretty cool episode, though. Sad to see Darcy go. :(