Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 5 Episode 4


Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 10, 2005 on MTV - Music Television

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  • foolin'

    liberty and jt are having issues, and things only get worse when jt finds out liberty is pregnant. is this a big enough issue for them to work out, or are they gonna break up? spinner starts to like darcy after he hangs out with her. are they going to become a couple?

    great episode, JT is my favortie character and so episodes around him are basically instantly good in my books, and this was certainly no exception. The sub plot was a little weak, but not too much to lower my grade, which is a well deserved A+. Perfect
  • Liberty tells JT thats she's pregnant. Darcy invites Spinner to a friendship club.

    This is such a great episode of Degrassi. Something that's really unexpected happens to Liberty in this episode. She's Pregnant!! It's cool that she and JT will have more storylines and adds more drama to the show. I can't beleive how controlling Liberty can be. At least JT wants to help out when the baby arrives. He does get a job at the drug store. It was a little freaky when she told them and they crashed the car. The car looked pretty beaten up. Darcy invited Spinner to a friendship club. I'm glad that he's going to the friendship club because he seriously needs friends. Spinner's old friends keep a grudge for the longest times so it's good that he starts dating Darcy. she can be very good for him.
  • Liberty gets knocked up.

    A serious episode I would say, this marks the second pregnancy on Degrassi, second of many. Liberty gets pregnant, it's JT's child, now they have to suffer being pregnant in high school, there are some light moments in this episode though like JT freaking out, that's always fun, I also like how Top crashed his remote control car when JT revealed the news, Just like JT! But with a real car, that got out a few chuckles. The subplot with Spinner was light, introducing Darcy! As a character that finally has a plot of her own likes Spinner & wants the truth about the shooting, after Spinner joins friendship club AKA Christian club. I like how Spinner is now dedicated to the club & Darcy, and he's telling the truth, finally he's not the most hated person in Degrassi. That was so last year. Plus JT had every right to break up with Liberty but he gladly isn't going to abandon the baby which is amazing of him. A powerful episode!
  • Liberty is PREGNANT!!!! Spinner and Darcy like each other

    This epsiode comes as a huge shock! Liberty tells JT she's pregnant and she's known for 3 months. JT can't believe his ears. I couldn't believe mine either. Haha. Anyway, JT and Liberty must deal with this life changing decision. I really loved this plot because i love the Jt/Liberty relationship and I love how this epsiode was written. I don't understand why she kept it hidden for 3 months.
    JT tells his grandma, who takes the news badly. The sub plot was ok, but not as great as the Main plot. I think the Spinner/Darcy relationship is kind of cute and I was happy that Spinner wanted to do what Darcy does with her church.
  • One of my favorite episodes. J.T.'s life as he knows it is going to change forever.

    It is nice to see that they have finally given J.T. and Liberty a main storyline in this season and not just a sub-plot. I like how J.T. crashes the car when Liberty tells him that she is pregnant and later Toby crashes the canyon hopper.

    I love the way they carried out this storyline. Sometimes I find that the subplots interfere with the telling of the main story, but in this episode the writers do a very good job in pairing plots. The sub-plot is light enough, but not so light or boring that it keeps you interested.

    Although I loved this episode, I do wish there had been more of a build up to Liberty getting pregnant. I mean, the last time you see Liberty and J.T. in season four they are sharing awkward, innocent looking kisses. It just seems like a bit of a jump that suddenly over the summer they have had sex and get pregnant. It just seems out of character for Liberty, but then again I guess people do crazy things when they are in love.
  • A shocking development turns JT's world on its head, and Spinner finds someone willing to help him find redemption.

    I think this episode helped set the stage for the rest of Season 5. Even though Liberty's pregnancy was obviously the A-plot, both this and Darcy helping Spinner would prove to be major storylines in the coming eps.

    First off, a part of me wasn't surprised to see JT end the relationship. Anyone who's seen the show up until this point know how controlling and domineering Liberty can be. JT on the other hand steps out of character a little. He's usually the funny guy, and then this happens and now he wants to be a man about it. This would take him to a place that he's never been before. He may be immature, but now he'll prove to be something else.

    Darcy becomes the first person to help Spinner through his problems. At first I thought that Jimmy was entitled to being angry, but after seeing him try to screw things up with Spinner and Darcy, I have to admit I lost a little sympathy for him. He could blame Spinner for everything, but he should've put the blame where it belongs, on the person who shot him.

    This episode proved pivotal to the rest of the season, as well as established the directions of the characters involved. So, anyone to wants to see where Season 5 is going needs to see this episode.
  • This is a amazing installment!

    This is the best episode od degrassi ive seen in a while dating back to last season's episode eye of the tiger. Since then all i got was crap, and now degrassi has showed that it still can be good. The plot was just exceptional, especially the writing. Everything about this ep made me want more. I could watch this episode over and over again. Even the subplot kept me interested. Overall it was one of my favorite episodes, and i could see it will set the tone for the next few episodes in season 5. This will be a good ongong story.
  • Missy Elliott said "My ex-boyfriend had to go he did not know how to work that magic stick" on her song "Meltodwn". the same applies to JT and Liberty. JT is an idiot

    It's pretty obvious that the only reason Liberty is pregnant is because JT doesn't know the first thing about shopping for condoms. Liberty Quote (from this episode) "We did, last summer remember? When we decided to use the king size condom, the one that slipped off. I'm pregnant". JT's magic stick must be really small. Plus, he knew it was small. Remember The episode where he sees Craig's magic stick and uses the penis pump for Manny? TINY MAGIC STICK. What made JT so stupid to buy "King sized" Condoms that are probably bigger than his head? JT is an idiot
  • JT learns that Liberty is pregnant. Spinner, despite what he planned with Jay and messed up Jimmy's liking for him, he finds a girl he likes and joins a Christian club.

    Not my favorite episoge. It would have been nice if there was a warning that Jt and Liberty were that intimate with each other. Liberty should treat Jt better and enjoy his jokes rather than be a jerk to him. I really wish Liberty were more nice to JT. Ok, that's what I have to say.
  • Liberty is PREGNANT!

    Although they already did this with manny it still kept my attention. I meen who expected that liberty of all caracters would get pregnant... i meen we all saw manny getting pregnant coming. Liberty was the perfect character to get pregnant in the show (i know that sounded kinda stupid but seriously) and the whole them not showing the one were manny gets preg. in the us was completly STUPID! but any way back to what i wanted to say... i give it a full 10 and full 2 thumbs up
  • Another geat PSA

    The main purpose of many Degrassi:The Next Generation episodes is the be PSA's(Public Service Announcements) for teens. This one deals with teen sex and pregnancy. Choosing Liberty as an interesting choice because Liberty's character is one who seems to be more level headed than most. Also, it highlights the fact that just using a condom isn't enough. The condom must stay on and throughout the entire sex act. Kudos for them.
  • Unbelievable Episode

    This episode is one of the best episodes from this series. Hands down.

    The episode was so realistic and so well written.

    Sarah acted her butt off. Talented girl.

    Ryan did a great job.

    Shane was good. As was Shenae.

    Just overrall an excellent episode.

    Kudos, to the crew of Degrassi. Hit this one right on the nail.
  • Season 5 showing what season 5 has to offer with Foolin'.

    Degrassi TNG has had its up's and down's. Some episodes weren't all that great while others were just absolutely brilliant. Foolin' is one of these episodes that makes the Degrassi series what it is. The screenplay for this episode was layed out great. Acting, just as good. Props to the writers though more than anything for this one. Little things like JT crashing his car when he found out about Liberty, only to be followed by Toby wrecking the RC car when he found out. That was classic! Not to mention Ms. Hatzilakos's quote "accidents will happen" right after Liberty revealed she was pregnant referring to the unseen in america episodes Accidents will happen. This episode is only the beginning to. Turned Out is going to be quite possibly, "the final outcome" of this pregnancy. It is going to be great.
  • Good episode, but didn't totally shocked me!!

    Foolin' is a good episode, but everything said about Liberty being pregnant didn't suprised me. Yeah, in a way I'm shocked it's her because you wouldn't suspected that from her or that type of person, but when you look at it in a different way, it's not shocking. I knew it was going to be her all along; ever since they showed the pregnancy test commercial, that as a total giveaway because her an JT are the only couples standing in degrassi!!! The part that made me angry in that episode was when JT almost walked out on her and the unborn child. If I was her, I would've been mad as God knows what!!! But it was funny when they were in the car and both of them were talking about the super-sized that slipped off!!!
  • Liberty is pregnant with JT's baby! But she doesn't want to tell him. Tension between them grows. JT thinks she is too condescending; Liberty thinks he is too immature. Think a baby will make this relationship any stronger...?

    I loved the moment when JT was at the conveinence store and saw the guy with the baby, then saw the sign looking for help and decided to get a job. He's really growing up! Meanwhile, I actually liked Liberty in this episode... Especially the "king sized" condom thing - a great backhanded diss to J.T.'s "stack of dimes."
  • liberty is pregnant. darcy and spinner hook up.

    part 1
    jt and liberty
    the pregnacy

    this was very exiting. i am glad jt and liberty had a main storyline. it was deffenatly unexpected, it liberty. sarah and ryan were great. i love sarah's shoes in the begining. what did liberty expect, it's obvius jt would discuss there sex life. wow, she is 3 mounths. the heather st. clair joke continues. i love the scene at the movie theater. emma had the same shoked look as in west end girls. emma looked really pretty. the car crash added lots of drama. i really like ms. h. jt did something mature for once. i like the end when jt told liberty he would not abanden her and the baby and i love love love it when she said she never needed help before. it was so meaning full. the n finally agnoledged abortion. i like liberty's coment abot the king size condom. it was funny when jt told toby and he crashed the fake car. danny is really anoying.

    part 2
    darcy and spinner

    spinner clearly knows nothing about christians. darcy looked so pretty. spinner so can not lie. darcy is so understanding. i think she will be a counceler or something. jimmy is really starting to bug me. they make a great counple. it was so funny to watch spinner at the friendship clup. i love sparcy.

    this was a really great epesode. it is one of my favorites.
  • when j.t. gets liberty pregnant he has to deal with the repercussions of being a teen parent. one being that he has to grow up way faster than he would have liked.

    great episode! one one of the best i thought. i thought it was great that they had liberty being the one who became pregnant when i'm sure everyone thought it would be any of the other girls. it just goes to show that the least likly person can get pregnant. this is why i like this series. it's because it's so real and it explains alot of the thing teens have to deal with. another thing is that they don't skirt around the issues they get right to them and explain them perfectly. the acting is great. really great. yeah.
  • Kewl!

    I like this episode a lot. Liberty is 3 monthes pregnant and tells J.T. that while in a car, car hits something, and yadda yadda yadda. They breakup, but J.T. got a job at the drug store to help when the baby arives, so even when they're broke up, he still helps. Awesome eppie!
  • Two Words Can Change Everthing........"I'm Pregnant"

    I read all these spoilers saying Liberty is pregnant and I didn't believe it till I seen it. I was like wow Liberty really is pregnant. I never though She could make this big of a mistake. Also I can't believe shes known for 3 months. What I found kind of intresting was during the part where Liberty told JT she was pregnant and after Liberty told Mrs. H what had happend when JT crashed, Mrs. H said, "Accidents Will Happen". I'm guessing either the writers meant to put that in there or it was a huge coincedence. I'm curious to see how JT and Liberty will deal when the baby when he/she is actually born.

    As for the subplot I thought it was pretty cool since they haven't really talked about religion that much. I think it would make a lot of sense if Spinner became a Christian. Also I believe Darcy and Spinner will make a cute couple. Although I think Spinner was a total jerk for what he did to Jimmy I would still forgive him. He really is truely sorry for what he did, but theres nothing he can do to make Jimmy walk again. I noticed that Darcy's hair sure did grow unless its hair extensions. Either, or her hair still looks pretty. Anyways I think this episode really defined Sarah and Ryan's characters and that the writers will do a good job on updating us on how they are dealing with this. I hope we get updates on Spinner to and that Jimmy finally decides to forgive him.
  • Liberty finally tells JT that she is 3 months pregnant. Her consist controlling leads JT to end their relationship, but chooses to not leave her in her time of need.

    Every season there is that one episode that sticks out so when we talk about different seasons, that episode is the first that comes to mind. Foolin' for me is that one.
    The writers are doing a very nice job portraying teen pregnancy like it was to happen to you. I applaude JT for standing up for what is right, even though his and Liberty\'s relationship is on the rocks. He will not abandon her or their unborn child. Thank you to the writers for giving us a situation, but giving some light at the end of the tunnel.
  • I like it!

    Its funny, I mean at first I thought it was going to be someone else who gets pregent but when I saw it then I started laughing I mean Liberty, I thought that it might be Manny because what happen when she got pregant but when I found it that it was Liberty then I just started cracking up.
  • Liberty tells JT she\'s pregnant and that she has known for 3 months. Spinner meets a girl who is very into Christianity.

    It\\\'s interesting when the new principal says \\\"Accidents will happpen\\\" in regards to liberty\\\'s and jt\\\'s car accident.
    \\\"Accidents will happen\\\" was the name of the season 3 episode dealing with a similar issue, unplanned teen pregnancy. although it comes as a shock that jt and liberty hooked up so intimately.. i guess that\\\'s what makes degrassi what it is..!!
  • This is def. Degrassi's best.

    In the latest episode 504 "Foolin'", Jt and Liberty seem to have some relationship issues and JT is tired of Liberty being such a control freak and Liberty is tired of JT's joking ways. But when Liberty tells him that she's pregnant, he's sent into turmoil.

    This episode is by far the one of the best episodes, it really captured what it felt like to be in a teen pregnancy situation. Ryan and Sarah's acting was incredible. Especially in the drug store scene, Ryan was really good. I also loved Sarah in it, she really go to prove herself as an actress and she really did a fine job.

    Degrassi did it again and dealt with teen pregnancy once again and did it bettter. Accidents Will Happen was a really good episode but Foolin' def. is up there with it, I believe this storyline was really explored and when Liberty told JT was really intense and shocking.

    This episode gets two thumbs up I reccomend it to anyone of any age.
  • I hate to follow the crowd ... but

    I hate to follow the crowd, but this episode was great.

    When I heard that a character was going to get pregnant, I flashed to Spike and thought, "here we go again". But this was a different take on the topic.

    J.T. and Liberty are the perfect example of two people who are really not ready for this phase of life but they are both faced with dealing with it. Liberty is used to doing everything herself and now she's realizing she can't do it.

    This was well played by the actors and it was refreshing to see some different characters take center stage.

    Additionally, the side story with Spinner was well done. I like how Shane Kippel is playing Spinner. He really draws you in to want to have sympathy for him, despite what he did. Hopefully they won't play this too straight though. Let him stumble a bit rather than go from zero to hero.
  • The next "Next Generation" is on it's way.

    Christine "Spike" Nelson, Erica Farrell, Tessa Campinelli, Manny Santos. What do all of these girls have in common? They all got pregnant while attending Degrassi, and Liberty is the next to join this group.

    Liberty's pregnancy is one that is way different than the ones before her. She didn't wake up and realize her period was late like the others. Liberty already KNEW she was pregnant before this episode started: and the kicker is she KEPT IT A SECRET FOR MONTHS.

    I was very surprised that Liberty and J.T. broke up for good. I applaud J.T. for telling Liberty that he's not going to abandon her or the baby.

    I also enjoyed Spinner becoming friends with Darcy in this episode. I loved his expression when he was at the friendship club. Jimmy was a jerk in this episode, but as someone mentioned it added a 3rd dimension to Jimmy's character. We usually see a sweet, laid-back guy, but he has no remorse or resolve when it comes to Spinner.

    This is a great episode that sets up THE storyline of season 5. Tackling the hardcore issues with plotlines that don't have a "happy ending" at the end of the episode: This is what Degrassi is all about. Watch out Degrassi fans, the next "Next Generation" is on it's way.
  • Another great episode.

    In "Foolin" we learn that Liberty and J.T. are expecting a baby.

    The first half of the episode deals with problems in their relationship: J.T.'s inability to keep quiet about personal affairs and Liberty's continual need to control J.T.'s choices. Liberty believes that J.T. is being too immature, for the same reasons that she used to like him for.

    The second half of the episode deals with Liberty's confession of being 3 months pregnant, and the couples' decisions regarding the situation and their relationship. J.T.'s mature way of dealing with the situation is well portrayed, as are Liberty's own emotions.

    We also get to see the begginings of a possible relationship between Spinner and Darcy, as well as how Spinner confronts Darcy's being a Christian and how she confronts the truth about Spinner's involvement in the shooting.

    This episode is well written and very realisitic. Season 5 is definitly a good one.
  • Hey folks

    Omg i totally want to know wut happened on the episode foolin we totally didn\'t get that episode yet!!!!!!!!! Is Liberty pregnant by J.T. or wut? plz somebody tell me i like totally need to know this, it is a matter of life or death... If you don\'t tell me i will die because i am sooo impatient that i can\'t wait 2 more weeks.