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episode discussion: Bitter Sweet Symphony, Part One

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    * "aw man, we have to return back to school?...but we're practically married, I mean, y'know..."

    * no gangsta colors, no red or blue...gangsta bandanas are okay, though.

    * yes, but without stupid junior-high drama, this show wouldn't exist...

    * I may be psycho, but at least I'm not a bully. bullies really are the worst.

    * Jake has the greatest wide-grin stoner smile ever known to mankind.

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    Woah. I DVR'd it and watched with absolutely 0 expectation, but I was actually pretty surprised.

    I'm loving the Cam plot. Next week looks super intense. Perfect opportunity for a suicide plot. Hopefully they go through with it.


    Though all signs do point to Cam's suicide.

    -All of the 'you think you know ______?' promos. They all show clips of the characters in multiple episodes (or so it appears). Cam's promo only showed clips from him in the premiere. So unless he goes into a coma for a while.. yeah.

    -It's been foreshadowed a couple of times. Jumping off of the banister and hurting his arm, cutting himself (which was an accident, but the way he reacted to the cut seemed pretty foreshadow-y to me.)

    -Even the trailer for part 2 is suggesting it pretty damn strongly. Eli's 'don't look!'. and then telling Clare to have a teacher call 911. I don't see why he'd tell her to not look at an injured person who seems to still be alive. My first instinct would be to run up to them and see if they're alright.

    I dunno, maybe I'm over-thinking it. After all of the teasing though, it'd be a pretty big letdown if he just ends up getting hurt.

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    Things aren't looking too good for Cam, he's got the walls closing in on him. I hope he does off himself, I don't hate him but we need something big to happen; I mean, in the past few seasons we've had 3 instances of a gun brought onto Degrassi property, but none of them even fired a shot, how's about Degrassi give us some proof thattheyhaven't gone soft?

    And speaking of unpopular opinions, Dallas was totally in the right to yell at Cam; his lack of passion hurt the team, and he doesn't deserve to wear the jacket after how he's been acting. I was a little nervous when Cam said he had an "idea" since his last one was to jump off a balcony.

    Tristan and Tori are real a-holes for not forgiving Maya; Maya was trying to right her mistake while Zig was trying to bury her deeper, she was doing the best she could.

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    I agree everything seems to point to Cam committing suicide. I'm also wondering if he'll attempt to kill Zig and Dallas first.
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    I think this first part was a great set up for what was to come. I just feel so terrible for Cam. To be so depressed that you just want to kill yourself . Its so sad.
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