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Episode Discussion: Black or White

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    If I had to sum up this episode in two words, it would be SERIOUS BUSINESS

    Smoking IS SERIOUS BUSINESS, it will ruin your lungs. But considering that Eli has in the past been addicted to love, taking pills, weed, not taking pills, LSD, and probably a few more drugs I'm forgetting, cigarettes are a good compromise if you ask me.... Oh wait, that was a red herring, I shouldn't have jumped to conclusions before I finished the episode, sorry Claire. But hey, at least he probably wasn't lying when he said he was just holding them for a friend

    Drama class is SERIOUS BUSINESS, so serious in fact, that asking politely for a different monologue is COMPLETELY out of the question. Here's a bright side Tristain, last season you wouldn't have needed padding to look like a doughboy.

    And finally, class presidency is serious, serious, SERIOUS BUSINESS!!! How serious you ask? So serious that the ultra-PC administration will look the other way when Degrassi TV starts broadcasting blatant hate speech. Impeachment? Resignation? Suddenly I understand why the class president at my high school kept such a low profile. Word of advice Drew, stay away from grassy knolls and book depositories. You know what would've been a really great twist ending? If this was all a complex scheme by Imogen and Becky to get Winston fired.

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