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episode discussion: Come As You Are, Parts One and Two

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    [1]Jul 16, 2012
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    part one learned:

    * Nirvana is flattered...i think.

    * Becky = smokin' hot

    * uniforms are gone, but pink lingerie is still required.

    * yeah, but flat pancakes are good...

    * invisible ball > twinkly lights

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    [2]Jul 17, 2012
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    Part Oneroo:

    Well the new opening is pretty good, this season on Degrassi we get to follow 25 characters..

    Speaking of which, only a handful of them didn't play a part in the season premiere, Campbell, Luke, KC, Connor, and oddly enough Fimogen were left out of the equation. Campbell was seen and Luke was brought up by his sister though.

    Welp after the entirety of season 11, uniforms are as good as gone. Kinda will miss the color coding, but now we'll get some more creative fashion and the producers will have to work harder.

    Now onto the main plot. Drew and his love triangle. I felt a tinge bad for Katie here, getting broken up with as soon as she's back from rehab and things look to be going back to normal. Drew sharpens the pain by making up a girl named Courtney and blaming his piggishness for their split up. Though he should have expected Katie to find herself at fault more than him anyways. Drew really doesn't know how to freaking handle relationships, still don't see how Bianca hasn't noticed the ways in which he is a tool. Isn't she one of the more intelligent? Anywhom, at the Torres household Dallas and Adam devise a party they aren't supposed to have, and Drew's too much of a pushover/easily peer pressured to do anything about it. Hockey team homophobe Dallas also calls Adam Drew's sister, lovely foreshadowing. One of the rare things Drew does right is stick up for his brother, I'll give him that. Later at the party, Drew is living it up with Bianca while Katie mopes at home.....or instead crashes the party thinking she can win Drew back and make their relationship work. He sends her up to his room so they can talk, making sure she avoids running into Bianca. In another classicly idiotic move Drew starts drinking copious amounts of beer, provided by none other than Dallas. Why the heck was Adam on board with all this without a tad bit of concern? Speaking of him he's off about to set the uniforms on fire, as part of the party's theme, when Becky barges in and steals his freedom of expression by yanking the clothes out of his hands and announcing she'll donate them to charity on his behalf. Oh she's going to be a joy this season.......back with Drew, Bianca has left the party and he's about to head up to see Katie, when he's bombarded by people who might be even bigger tools than him that force him to drink a trophy of beer before going up. Instead of Drew/s planned re-break up with Katie, he tells her about Courtney not being real, conveniently still leaving out Bianca, and then in his drunken state has sex with a Katie who has hope that they just reconnected. Smooth moves Drew. But that's not all we get, at the end he stumbles down the stairs and falls face first onto the floor. After a few seconds he gets up and starts screaming that "he did it" like a moron, takes off his shirt, and starts jumping up and down in the middle of the party crowd.... and now we just wait for the fireworks to explode in part 2. Which women's wrath will Drew have to deal with first? Katie's? Bianca's? Or his own mother's?

    Next we have an EClare plot, not all that awful, but still kind of boring considering I know the outcome. Sorry Eclarers, in part 2 they will no doubt remain friends, I like that the producers are trolling you though. Clare seems to be back to being friends with Jenna and Eli meets Becky, hailing from Florida, being just as sunshiney as it, if not even more according to Eli. Eli also visited New York. Not only is this guy an Atheist, he likes my state, is involved with drama club, and isn't afraid to stand up against homophobia, as we'll see in some coming episodes. He's an absolute favorite for me right now.

    Lastly we have Maya, who has boobs as flat as pancakes according to the hockey team, but I guess it's just the fun life of a douchebag to pick on a freshman for not hitting puberty yet. Maya then gets fake boob thingies from Tori, this is going to be swell....

    And that wraps it up, UnovaChampion signing off
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    [3]Jul 17, 2012
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    part two learned:

    * at least it didn't say WHERE'S HIS BUM?

    * no uniforms, but uniboob.

    * Clare = clarity, Eclare = dessert

    * first comes the break-up, then the boiling over, then the black hair.

    * "Eli, you're kidding about the hearse thing, right? you're sarcastic, not sick. or are you acting? it's so hard to tell with you..."

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    [4]Jul 17, 2012
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    Part 1:

    A-Plot (Drew): Drew is honestly stupid to the point where he needs to be in special ed. For real. He can't make good choices to save his life. Literally too. How the hell could he have sex with Katie, knowing he JUST got back with Bianca. Yea, yea he was drunk, but its no excuse to be honest.

    B-Plot (Eclare): A bit boring, but kept me wondering whether Eclare was gonna get back together. I was sort of happy they got back. As long as they don't give us too much Eclare like S10 and 11.

    C-Plot (Maya): Its good to see all four of the freshmen finally together in one scene (at the mall). I felt bad for Maya, those jocks are real jerks saying her boobs are flat :/ . Pretty messed up.

    Part 2:

    A-Plot (Drew): Felt bad for Katie, but I really want Drianca. Drew is the one making stupid mistakes, Katie shouldn't be trying to fight Bianca. Bianca didn't steal her man, Katie lost him to her . But did anyone think it was FREAKING WIN when Marisol said "The Liar, The *itch, and Her Slutty Wardrobe"? As in "The Lion, Witch, and The Wardrobe". I was LOL hard!

    B-Plot (Eclare): Again, a bit boring and nothing new, but glad Eli was able to handle the date cancellation well. His bi-polar is getting better .

    C-Plot (Maya): Glad Maya stood up for herself, but I wish it would have been against Dallas instead of Owen, but he's a crapper too. Epic burn in that scene . Glad the Tori-Maya relationship is strengthening. Tori treated her like crap last season.

    Tidbits: Not liking those hockey players, they not only seem mean, but very dangerous. Glad there are no more uniforms, it gives the show more of a feel of the older seasons while still staying true to the new as well. While they no longer have their uniforms, I notice they still have to wear those I.D Neckless thingy-s. Still being on the safe side there, eh Simpson? .

    Edited on 07/17/2012 8:13pm
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    [5]Jul 23, 2012
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    My favorite part can be summed up with two words: chicken cutlets. A scene so good I actually told my husband about it. WTG, Maya!

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    #DEGRASSI - Season 12 Podcasts!






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    [7]Jul 27, 2012
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    Greek mythology says that Amazon women were archers, and had to chop their left breast off because it got in the way of the bow. Wonder if the same is true for female cellists?

    Just something for Maya to think about

    Edited on 07/27/2012 5:29pm
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