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episode discussion: Karma Police, Part Two

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    [1]Mar 22, 2013
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    * when all else fails, knee the nuts.

    * "I dedicate this song about kisses to my hot teacher, I mean, just doing my homework..."

    * real gun, fake Eli-film gun, I see you working, Degrassi.

    * that's smart, Fiona, don't touch the sketchy thug's hand. I mean, you really don't know where it's been...

    * baby name: whether it's Rock the wrestler or the actor, I still would have gone with Jean Claude, wink wink.

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    [2]Mar 23, 2013
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    More sillies from Fiona in this episode. She's such a c-word to Officer Turner "I'm the girl from thebreak-in, as in the only one that's happened ever. By the way, your fellow officers are bad at their jobs."

    When Imogen gave her the toy dog, I was like "Now that's clever, an innocuous stuffed animal with a camera hidden inside... oh. Well that's less clever."

    I don't think it was fair that Dallas' girlfriend stopped letting him see Rocky becuase of the peanut incident. Yeah, it was unsettling that Dallas let it happen, but what's really important is how he handled it; he knew what to do and where the epipen was. Also he could've just told Alli that Rocky was his cousin.

    It should've been a red flag when the black market gun seller was surprised to see Fiona. If she knew what was going on, the conversation would've gone like

    "I need a gun"

    Are you serious?"

    [sarcastic] "No, actually I want a banana... I'ma small frail girl who just got robbed, what on earth would I need a gun for?""

    "Follow me, are you afraid of the dark?"

    "Petrified, hence why I need a gun."

    I'm not really satisfied with the resolution being that she moves out of her own house; that's not dealing with problems, that's avoiding them. Looks like I was right when I said last week that she won't survive the rest of the year without being shackled to Imogen

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    Who said that Fiona moved out of her house? I thought she told Imogen (after Imo invited her to stay with her) that she loved her place and had to learn to deal on her own (not those words, of course).

    The training section made me want to go target-shooting with my husband again. We haven't gone in a long time, it's SO much fun, and I like to stay in practice. (Last time we went I actually put a shot in a hole from my husband's last shot. Yeah, I'm that good.)

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    [4]Jul 10, 2013
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    I'm late to the party (just got caught up, as I moved and lost all my DVR), so I may be bumping a lot of threads, lol

    I'm actually surprised nobody mentioned the fact that even if she had taken a class and gotten a license, she would still have depression and alcoholism hidden in her background check. Pretty sure those are red flags, no?

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