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episode discussion: My Own Worst Enemy

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    Ok, so no one had anything to say about the ep before this. This one was a little more interesting.

    -Did Alli not even have a spare moment to get on the computer? Even if you didn't visit the Louvre, you can just take a virtual tour to fake like you did.

    -I do feel for Tristan, there's no way to tell if someone else is gay apart from outright asking them, which makes your interests pretty transparent. But hey, if he had to kiss Miles in public, France would be the least-awkward place to do it. Maybe Miles was just put off by Tristan's "Freddy's gay son" look.

    -While I do feel for Claire too, I have to say it was kind of selfish of her to crash the summer camp like that. The kids are there to have a good time, they don't need a buzzkill like Claire throwing up and telling them that she's dying.


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