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episode discussion: Smash Into You, Part Two

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    * just be yourself...*smiles*

    * a song better than "We Are The World"?

    * switch Coldplay with Radiohead and i'm there.

    * there's something worse than texting while driving: raging while texting.

    * here's to a world where Love is voted in at the UN and there aren't any more stupid dating leagues...

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    Well then, Jacinta was a mess and Dave continued to be insensitive, but the price to be payed for his actions were way over the top. Guess it was needed for Dave to fully realize how much of a jerk he was. And when he broke into tears at the end with Alli....hope this leads to character development.

    Speaking of which, Marisol got plenty of it out of nowhere. From most superficial girl on the show to liking Mo? What is this madness? Will Marisol stay like this and be less irritating? Or will she try to hide her momance? And will Drew ever stop making such hilarious insults towards Marisol? I certainly hope not.

    Finally, Adam and Tristan plot beautifully done. Owen was mentioned between them, Adam is being looked at like a guy, and Tristan will hopefully find a relationship in the future, but not before he gets some sort of plot with Owen. There is gold potential right there somewhere. Also, Adam and Zig's interaction was sort of funny.

    Looking forward to next week, Bianca plot, sort of love triangle with Drew centered though. And I'm interested in the sub plots since we don't know them.
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    I thought this was the best episode of New Beginnings so far. Jahmil French just showed how well he can act when given a serious storyline, and I liked everything else about the episode as well. Honestly, Smash into You, Hollaback Girl, and In The Cold, Cold Night are the only three episodes I have hope for with New Beginnings. So far I haven't been let down!

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    ^Really? I personally thought Jahmil is/was horrible, but that's just me. Anyways, as for the ep:

    Marisol.. jeeeez, I hate that girl. "It's okay, you can admit it!" You've gotta be joking. Nothing can bring her back from the way her character has acted ever since she was introduced. NOTHING. (For me anyways, I'll most likely always hate her.)

    Rest of the ep was pretty good, liked the Adam/Tristian plot particularly.
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    Please view and LEAVE A COMMENT. Thank you!!!!

    Need You Now (2)

    Smash Into You (1)

    Smash Into You (2)
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    I wasespeciallyexcited for "smash into you" and unfortunantly I wasn't impressed. I would have much rather seen a solid Alli A-Plot rather than an out-of-nowhere appearance and A-Plot from Dave. Dave's character seems completely lost and up in the air right now, and it's not a good thing. It felt odd to have no Dave appearances, albeit his 3-second appearance in "nowhere to run", and suddenly have him thrust into an A-Plot that was better off focusing on Alli and her unconventional living arrangements with Jenna living in Sav's place, which for some reason the writers refuse to show us. I'd love to see some interaction between the Bhandari's and Jenna.

    Jacinta's accident came off as anticlimactic somehow and the rest unraveled from there. It would have been more interesting if Jacinta had stalked Alli to get to Dave, which would have put Alli in a better position within the plot as well as giving her more to do than "take a break to use the facilities"

    Marisol and Mo held their own with an intriguing plot that ends with their coupling. Both characters are proving their prowess and place in the show and I'm excited to see more of them, as well as follow-up on Mo and Connor's newfound friendship

    Adam and Clare were a brilliant concept for the C-Plot. I loved seeing Clare branch out and integrate with more of her fellow Grade 11s in lieu of her falling out with Clare, Jenna, and KC. This plot was an ideal way to bring attention to the Grade 9s having no prior knowledge of Adam being transgender and portrayed another stepping stone in Adam's progression perfectly. Plus, the Tristan development and budding friendship with Adam was an obvious highlight.

    Too bad the B and C Plots were downsized due to being paired with an incredulous A-Plot.

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