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episode discussion: Zombie, Part Two

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    * wait a minute, I am at a computer, I am smelly...but no pudding, phew!

    * Maya, it's just a belt.

    * what's the point of facebook if you can't get naughty?

    * aren't all elections ultimately popularity contests? think about it...

    * there, there...*pat pat*...comedy

    * awkward Eclare baring of the souls right in front of Drew...

    * June graduation...makes sense...but I need my Degrassi fix now...

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    Isn't there one more episode; "It's the end of the word as we know it" next week? Is Harry going to become a recurring character? Becausehe's like some kind of virus pretending to be a person, and it would be odd to see him become an actual human character. Then again, they did that with Bianca in a mostly believable way.

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