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    [1]Aug 21, 2013
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    Well um let's see, farewell Adam, let's hope your tribute episode next week makes up for this craptastic excuse of an episode. I guess that final scene was emotional but your plot was taken away to focus on.....Leo hurting Alli, well I guess that's something. Thank you Dallas.I was really rooting for Leo to kill her for some reason. Because that would of meant the rumored funeral would be for her, which I could live with. Oh well, guess he'll stalk her to Toronto now.

    Side Notes: Zoe's a stupid brat, this show is going full blown PSA, and this show is in desperate need of a character I can give an ounce of care about without Adam. When is Winston going to be a breakout star? Oh wait, nobody let them find out if we like him or not, they'll just kill him off in a forced display of writing topush a stupid message everyone should be aware about alreadyby killing a fan favorite.

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    [2]Aug 22, 2013
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    UnovaChampion wrote:
    this show is going full blown PSA..

    Actually, yeah, the Degrassi producers actually said that Adam's death was a PSA to kids who text and drive. In reality, the actress who plays Adam was at the end of her contract and wanted to pursue other interests despite her character having a whole year (in Degrassi time) to go before he graduated, so the producers decided to go the same route that they did when JT's actor said he wanted out... kill him. Canada and the US are both having trouble with kids being killed due to texting while driving, so the producers decided to make an example out of Adam because the Jordan Todosey was leaving anyway, so her departure should mean something to the viewers. Apparently Adam's fans thought he was practically immortal after getting shot in the chest at medium range and coming back a few episodes later like nothing ever happened, so killing him would prove that Adam IS human and not a Highlander, and that texting while driving WILL kill you if you do it, much like the drinking and driving PSA episodes from the original Degrassi show from the 80s.

    As for Alli, she always was an idiot. She even acknowledged in one episode that her greatest weakness was her lust for boys (specifically bad boys.) and she's been through relationships with guys that have lied to her, cheated on her, almost gave her an STD, almost got her pregnant, or has a secret baby that she didn't know about. By all means, lets add a physically abusive Frenchman into her a-hole boyfriends gallery.

    Finally, the Maya plot of her falling for the guy Tristan had a crush on was almost painful to watch. Maya is the only character on Degrassi right now that I don't want to strangle with my bare hands, and I have the feeling that when Claire leaves the show will start focusing on her as the main character (Like Emma was the main character from seasons 1 through 7 and Claire is from season 8 to now.) but really, her taste in the bisexual playboy is the WORST idea for her character. Yeah, he helped her find her best friend when he ran off, but as of right now that was the ONLY good thing he's done. I assume he'll get more character development like Paige, Alex, Spinner, Jay, Declan, Fiona, Johnny, Peter and Holly J did so he doesn't seem like a COMPLETE a-hole, but as of right now the guy has no redeemable qualities in my eyes.

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    [3]Aug 23, 2013
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    Is Leo actually going to move to Toronto just to antagonize Alli? Because as farfecthed as it is, and as much as I dislike following students after graduation, it would make for an interesting plot.

    I assume this is the last episode where we'll see the camper kids. I have to say, they took to a soap opera much easier than I would have thought of kids their age. It might be interesting to see Coulton and Madison in their high school years once the Degrassi Drama virus has fully metastasized. Not getting my hopes up though, they had the opportunity to bring Joey's daughter back as a high schooler but decided not to.

    I didn't think I'd be bringing out "the board" again so soon, but might as well make it a tradition at this rate. RIP Claude Tanner, Rick Murray, JT Yorke, Cam Saunders, and now Adam Torres.

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