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THEY KILLED OFF ADAM! The transgender student

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    [1]Oct 4, 2013
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    In the new season of Degrassi they killed off Adam the female to boy transgender student. Through this character we see a bit of how confusing and difficult it is to be a transgender student. I did understand this was probobly a one time gimmick to make the point but I loved this character. Not that I am gay or transgender myself but why did they have to Kill Adam? I mean that's a horrible way to end the character. Even if they did want to get them off the show! Anyone else really upset they got rid of Adam? (Transgender:Someone identifying with another gender that may not necessarily be the one you are born with)

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    Because the actress was leaving and they wanted to do something more dramatic than transferring Adam to private school. (which is the go-to explanation most of the time.)

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