Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 1 Episode 11

Friday Night

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jan 27, 2002 on MTV - Music Television
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Tired of constant punishment and nagging, Jimmy and Spinner seek revenge on Ms. Kwan. Emma and Sean go out on a first date, but nothing seems to go right.

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  • A horrible date and a broken teacher...Loved every minute of it!

    Sean and Emma's first date. A classic. Every date goes wrong in every show when you have two main characters doing it but this Degrassi version of that is even better than the usuals. I love how Sean has to dig through all the garbage and Emma finds the wallet in her pocket! It's also pretty funny how Jimmy and Spinner torment Mrs. Kwan. I like the gum chewing done by Spinner and the chicken wing prank. I thought the egging was a little much and when Kwan started to cry i just felt really bad for her even if she deserved everything that came her way. I wish she hadn't cried but other than that this was a fantastic episode! If Spinner & Jimmy hadn't gone so far i think i would have given it a perfect 10 but oh well:)moreless
  • Emma goes on her first date with Sean. Spinner and Jimmy get revenge on Mrs. Kwan

    This episode of Degrassi: The Next Generation was fun to watch but the ending was sad. Emma goes on her first date with Sean. All these horrible things happen to her. First, bird poop lands on her shoulder. Second, she got a little bit of food stuck on her face. And Third, she thought she lost her wallet and Sean had to go through garbage to find it. Mrs. Kwan gives Spinner a detention. I thought was funny when Spinner and Jimmy were making fun of Mrs Kwan. Now the sad part of this is when Jimmy and Spinner try to get revenfe on Mrs. Kwan. First they make chewing gum noises, then they order pizza for her night class. Those were good pranks and I think they should have stopped at that. At the end they they were throwing eggs at her car and she came out and started crying. That's the saddest part in the episode. It was still sad at the very end when Mr. Raditch said that she wouldn't be teaching for the rest of the term. Anyways I give this episode a 10/10.moreless
  • This is when Sean and Emma have their first date. It is the most adorable thing I've ever Sean. For poor Emma thought it doesn't go quite as planned.

    I absolutely LOVE this episode. It is the very begining of Semma. They are so young and so adorable and I just can't help but smile through the whole episode. When I seen all the awful things that happen to Emma throuhout the date it just makes me think back to my first date. I really think it is a rite of passage to have a bad first date for at least one of the two people. It kept me laughing, feeling awful for, and just smiling with glee. It was really well done. Semma is born and only gets better from there.moreless
  • gd

    Jimmy and Spinner receive detention with Ms. Kwan. At the end of the day, the two trouble-makers decide to go and cause trouble to Ms. Kwan. When she is teaching English as a second language course to adults, they make a prank phone call that Ms. Kwan wants to order a number of pizzas. Then when she is ready to leave, she finds that her van was vandalised. This was the work of Jimmy and Spinner. Soon, when Kwan is missing the next day for class, they discover that she was under a lot of pressure, especially when her husband was ill.

    Meanwhile, Emma and Sean finally accept each other's offer on going on their first date. When Sean arrives, things start going horribly wrong. When they arrive at their place for dinner, they are both extremely nervous, and they accidentally do some silly things. Near the end of their date, Emma reveals that her purse is lost, and the two go scrummaging through garbage cans, etc... to find the missing bag. When they finally find it in the stupidest place, they both reveal that it was still a great date and wishes to do it again some day.moreless
  • I liked the pranks

    Although it was mean to prank her like that, I believe Mrs. Kwan deserved it all but the egging of the car. She is an unfair teacher and I do not like her character at all. Spinner and Jimmy were funny to do what they did, but they should have stopped when it got to the egging of her car. They should have known that was pushing it. As for Emma and Sean, I thought it was so hilarious that she was such a mess throughout the night. How do you not know where you put your money? It was disgusting that he had to go through the garbage for her, but at least we see that Sean apparently really likes her. It was quite a funny episode I must admit.moreless
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Michael Kinney

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Linlyn Lue

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Amanda Stepto

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  • QUOTES (8)

    • Ms. Kwan: (to Ashley and Jimmy) You two may think you're adorable, but that doesn't mean anyone else does.
      Jimmy: Total tyrant.

    • Emma: That was totally verbal diarrhea... (a bird then poops on her shoulder)

    • Ms. Kwan's student: Ms. Kwan! I will eat the chicken wing. (bites it) I eat the chicken wing. (finishes it) I ate the chicken wing!

    • Ms. Kwan: (sees Jimmy kissing Ashley) Ms. Kerwin, Mr. Brooks! This is a school, not a petting zoo!

    • Paige: Guy talk is short: yes, no, grunt.

    • Paige: Emma, your thing for Sean is more obvious then Heather St. Clair's bargain basement nose job.

    • Paige: Hon, your thing for Sean is more obvious that Heather St. Clair's bargain basement nose job. Do you want my advice or not?
      Emma: Okay. Sean asked me to hang out with him tonight. Not go out, hang out. I thought he might be asking me out on a date. I was wrong?
      Paige: Hon, that's a date.

    • Mr. Armstrong: (sees Emma throws a dodge ball at Sean's crotch) Nice job Emma. There are other targets. (Emma throws it at his crotch again)

  • NOTES (8)

    • Sarah Barrable-Tishauer (Liberty), appears in this episode, but does not have any lines.

    • Stefan Brogren (Mr. Simpson), does not appear in this episode.

    • Starting with this one, every episode title (except for a couple) is a popular song or album title.

    • After announcing he's going to take over teaching Ms. Kwan's English class, Mr. Raditch tells the class to turn in their books to "Malleable of the Minds". Coincidentally, Raditch taught this story to his class when he was an English teacher at Degrassi because he mentions that story in the Degrassi Jr. High episode "Kiss Me, Steph".

    • Friday Night ranks 39 for Bold Moves, 30 for Bad Moves, and 23 for Embarrassing for the Degrassi Crash Course.

    • The phone number at Degrassi is 555-1950.

    • On the N the first time this episode aired it was after Rumors and Reputations and then it started to air before Rumors and Reputations.

    • It's revealed in this episode that Sean doen't eat cows because he watched them get slaughtered at his uncle's farm so since he doesn't want to see them get killed he won't eat them.


    • The title of this episode is the same as a song by S Club 7 off their 1999 album "S Club". There are a numerous amount of other artists and bands with the same song title, such as The Click Five, Lilly Allen and Craig David. But all of their songs were released after this episode was aired.

    • Mr. Raditch
      Mr. Raditch takes over Mrs. Kwan's English class. Before becoming principal at Degrassi, Mr. Raditch started off as an English teacher during "Degrassi Junior High".