Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 3 Episode 6

Gangsta Gangsta

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 22, 2003 on MTV - Music Television

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  • Sean starts hanging out with Jay and his gang.

    "Gangasta Gangsta" is alright Degrassi episode. I've already said this before, but I don't like Sean plots. I find them to be boring because I have no interest in Sean being a bad boy. It just annoys me. In this episode Sean starts hanging out with Jay and his friends. It's ironic because I love Jay as a bad boy. This is the episode where Sean and his friends start stealing things. I love the subplot. I love how Degrassi deals with different issues from episode to episode. It this episode they deal with wet dreams. I love how JT has a wet dream about Liberty. The subplot is the reason I'm give this episode a 7.5/10. I found the subplot entertaining, but JT was a huge jerk to Toby in this episode. Anyways, I give this episode a 7.5/10.
  • Sean is enticed to a life of petty crime, and Toby blackmails JT. this is one of my favorite episodes.

    Main Plot: Since Snake has cancer, and she has to babysit as well, Emma hasnt had much time for Sean lately. As they slowly drift apart, enter new characters Jay, his girlfriend Alex, and their sidekick Towerz. as the episode goes on, Sean goes from clashing with Jay and his gang, to fitting right in with them. Eventually, it gets to the point where Sean has to make a life-altering choice: Emma, or Jay's gang.

    Subplot: JT has been ditching Toby to hang out with the popular kids lately. JT ends up sleeping over his house, and having a very "interesting" dream about Liberty. Toby uses this information to make JT get him a seat at the popular table for lunch.

    I loved this episode, because it gave Sean some character development. it feels like Emma holds him down throughout the series. the episode also introduced my 2nd favorite male character, Jay, and series mainstay Alex, who had next to no lines at this point in the series. the subplot was mildly funny as well, and kind of examined JT and Toby's friendship at the time.
  • gd

    Things haven't been going very well for Sean lately. Emma's busy dealing with Snake's illness and a brand new baby brother and Tracker's busy leading the exciting life a normal 20-something. Feeling lonely and neglected, Sean's drawn to car-loving, tough- talking Jay and his group of buddies. Jay and the gang welcome Sean into their circle and Sean finally feels like he belongs. When Jay asks Sean to prove himself by stealing a keyboard from the MI Lab, Sean goes one step further, stealing something even bigger. JT's been spending more time with Paige and the popular kids and he seems reluctant to share the limelight with Toby. But when JT has a wet dream about (gasp) Liberty while sleeping over at Toby's, Toby uses the information as an in with the cool gang.
  • Sean goes Gansta for the better.

    In this episode Sean meets Jay aka the coolest kid in the world. Sean decides that he wants to be friends with Jay and Jay's gansta friends, but first Sean goes and makes out with Emma in the ravine. The irony. Then Sean starts to steal things with Jay, and by the end of the episode Sean dumps Emma. I bet it was on Jay's orders.

    This is the 3rd, maybe 4th time that Eman breaks up. Of course they get back together. Again. Let's face it ya'll, Eman will never go away.

    Sean went gansta for the better. The End.
  • I loved this one

    I must admit that I loved this episode seeing as it is the first one with Jay, Alex and their gang. I love this group of people because I believe they add an interesting element to Degrassi as soon as they enter. I also like that JT is brought down by Toby somewhat; I think its so funny that he dreams about Liberty; I guess he doesn't have to tell her he's gay afterall!
  • Sean starts hanging with a new crowd and Emma doesn't like it. Jay and the gang are more of the stealing type. Emma obviously doesn't want that for Sean but she doesn't have a say anymore since they break up.

    I loved this episode for different reasons. For one it was mostly about Sean (my favourite guy actor on Degrassi: The Next Generation). Another reason is because Sean and Emma broke up. I'm sorry for any "Semma" fans but I didn't like them together and I'm VERY happy that they're not together anymore. Don't get me wrong I love Emma and Sean as characters I just found that their relationship was like...peanut butter and pickles, they just don't go. Sean made new friends which is also a good thing. I don't know if Jay is exactly a good choice for a friend but Sean and Jay both get detentions, they both get into fights and the people he used to hang out with (Toby and JT) well their not exactly like Sean...AT ALL. Anyway the writters did a great job on the script and "Gangsta Gangsta" was one of my fav episode's.
  • Emma is paying the price for neglecting Sean, and the consequences are bad

    Emma and Sean have always had a rocky relationship. It seems that this is the last straw between the two. Emma is so caught up in her troubles and worries of her baby brother, Mr. Simpson’s (Archie) Cancer and also her Nature Club. However Sean seems to be lost in his own problems. After Sean has had his trouble in the past, He has gotten violent (Under Pressure) and has had a drinking problem. Sean seems to be mistreated by Emma and as a result he starts to hang out with Jay because he actually fits in with them. Emma can’t stand this, Jay and Emma has two completely opposite personalities and they clash. Every time Sean gets close to Emma, Emma pushes him away without realizing it. Soon Jay and Sean get a along but before Jay can Hang with Sean, he has to do this one challenge. To steal Mr. Simpson’s new laptop that he got for his Birthday. Sean is a bit nervous but he still goes through with it despite breaking Mr. Simpson’s and Emma’s heart. Emma is disappointed with Sean. In the end things between the starry-eyed couple get too rough and they break-up. Whilst Toby discovers that JT has feeling for Liberty, Toby uses it against JT to be popular and hang with him.
  • it happens for the last time...sean and emma break up!...again

    This was one of my favorite episodes because sean and emma break up for the second and final time...thank god! It's not like I have a problem with Emma, she was just too uptight and controlling. It was sad when he broke up with her, but she had it coming anyway, so I don't feel too sorry for her.

    Meanwhile, J.T. has been spending too much time with Paige and her friends, and not enough with Toby. I thought it was so funny that J.T. got a wet dream about Liberty at Toby's house. I think this was one of the best episodes.