Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 4 Episode 1

Ghost In The Machine, Part One

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Sep 07, 2004 on MTV - Music Television

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  • Paige versus Dean in court.

    "Ghost in the Machine" part 1 is a great start to the Degrassi season. I love the continuation of Paige's rape storyline because she wanted to report and charge Dean for what he did and that's exactly what this episode's all about. Paige has clearly moved on, but this trial just brings back all these bad memories for her. It's heartbreaking to see Paige lose the trial and see Dean sentenced as not guilty. But it's actually realistic and it's not cliche. With this being such an intense episode, I enjoy the subplot with Craig inheriting $10 000 and Ashley knows how he can spend it. I give this episode a 10/10.
  • Paige thinks that her past life is behind her but the charges she filed in 2002 against rape is finally brought back up which wrecks paige's life...

    This was a good season opener i liked the fact that paige still faced dean even though she didnt that was very good of her! also i liked it when spinner didnt know weather or not to hang a poster of hilary duff in his locker this episode pretty much started a bad luck streak for paige throughout the season paige's life just isnt the same anymore and it lightened her mood which i think most people liked but i miss the old mean paige dont you?!
  • One of the best!

    I think that the Dean/Paige rape story line was the best one used on all of Degrassi. I like that they revisited it a few years later. That made it seem like it had gone away, and just when you thought it had, it comes back again. I think it was courageous of Paige to continue with it and even though she didn't win, she still got her revenge on him.
  • Paige deals with the rape.

    Paige grows as a person in this episode. Instead of curling up and ignoring all that had happened to her, she steps up to the plate and does something about what happened to her. This episode does not sugar coat the problems with procecuting date rape but still empowers girls.
  • This is one of my favorite episodes i realy feel for paige and what she ahs to go through in this episode. i would be real scared to do what she did. but iv learned that paige is strong and i have nothing to worry about with her. stay strong

    This episode is very special,because paige was just starting to get on with her life after the rape,and then just when she was stating to realy turn her life around they tell her to go to court. if i were paige and i had to go in front of a court and see the person that didi that to me i would be horrified. not to mention they let Dean go. That was not right.
  • The best season opener since When Doves Cry!

    In "Ghost In The Machine" Paige is nervous about her upcoming rape trial. Something that will out her face to face with Dean, her rapist. The first time in two years. We see Paige who is now no longer blaming herself for the rape and has grown as a person and when the officer brings the news about her court date, she suddenly starts falling apart and so does her relationship with Spinner. As the date gets closer, Paige sees Dean at Dylan's college and he tries to convince her to drop the charges and gives her some BS on how what he did was a mistake and that he should've listened to her. This was a part that really made me mad, that Dean would stoop to that level just so she would drop the charges and i was hoping she didn't and then I relized it's just a show and I feel this way then this episode has to be great,

    So after Paige promises Spinner some time "alone", they go in his car and start making out and when Spinner puts his hand on her breast she starts getting flashbacks about her rape and then tells him to stop and that she wants to do the trial. now Lauren Collins was wonderful in that scene and had some of her best acting since "Shout." Anyway as the trial went out and Paige become braver and braver answering questions, the judge tells her she feels sympathy and looks up to her for her bravery but with the evidnece she finds him not guilty. The face she made was the perfect image of a distraught person and at this point was thinking Lauren was gonna win an award for her acting.

    Soon afterwards, Paige goes to a party where she runs into Dean and they talk and he openly admits to her that he raped her and then tells her that she was "good". She is so mad she takes Spinners keyes turns the car on and then smashes her car into Deans. This scene and the one that follows with a song called "Slow Down" are extrodinary scenes some of the best in this season and in the series. After Spinner gets arrested becuase it was his car but Paige confesses and get community service and her license revoked for a year. But even so she confronts Dean and feels happy about herself finally putting her rape behind her.
  • great episode!

    Paige has her rape trial with Dean; Craig inherits a car from his late father.

    I have to say that this was an extremely sad and intense episode, a very good way to premiere a new season! Plus this time, Emma didn’t have the plot of the season premiere and didn’t even have some kind of role in the plot or sub-plot (When Doves Cry)

    For once, Spinner had some good luck. That car was mad hot!

    I thought it was so cute when Dylan kissed Marco and called him “darn cute.” I mean, you can’t get enough of Dylan even if he has only 3 lines in this episode! I was feeling really bad for Paige when Dean was trying to make her drop the charges, she looked so lost and sad and confused.

    The trial was probably one of the most intense scenes on Degrassi ever! Not because the N didn’t edit the trial at all, but because this would determine Dean’s place: jail or home. I had to give Paige props for standing up to that attorney; she really gave her a piece of her mind!

    Then came the most ultimate decision of all time: whether Dean was going to jail or would be free. And as the judge was announcing her decision, I bet millions of Degrassi fans were crossing their fingers and praying for Paige, but I guess that wasn’t enough since she LOST! But then again, she waited too long and the evidence disappeared instantly.

    I think that Marco trying to comfort Paige is a sign that Marco and Paige have a very strong friendship. But here’s one question: how will a party cover up a rape trial loss? Anyone see my point?

    Which brings me to the most disturbing thing that’s been mentioned by A LOT of people: Where the hell was Dylan when Paige was facing the most important trial ever? What kind of brother is he? Shouldn’t he be there supporting his little sis? Before the episode aired, I imagined who would be at the trial and Dylan was definitely one of those people. And to top it off, he has a frat party a few hours after Paige loses the trial! Talk about brotherly love!

    I have to say, Marco and Dylan grinding was so hot! Hazel’s shirt at that party why smokin’ fly! And what Paige said to Spinner was so mean and harsh….well, it’s Paige!! It’s like Paige is his boss, how can he let a girl diss him like that?

    Dean had some nerve saying what he said to Paige. If I were Paige, before going to the frat party were Dean was, I’d call the police so that when Dean confessed, the police would have it recorded and Dean would go to jail…but Degrassi is too intense for happy endings! Dean totally deserved to have his car crashed by Paige, but NOT with Spinner’s car! I can imagine all the pain Spinner was feeling right then right there while Paige was laughing her ass off!

    I thought it was so awesome when Paige told Dean that good people admit it when they’ve done something wrong, and I seriously think she told him off good! Dean looked so scary, but deep down, I’m sure Paige wasn’t afraid at all! Good for her for doing the right thing!

    $4,000 is a lot of money; I would give anything to be in Craig’s place! First off, I have to say how cute it was the way Ashley and Craig were at the music store and they were laughing and acting like really good friends, I love it when they’re like that! But I was so mad at Craig for talking to Joey like that; if it wasn’t for Joey he would still be out in the streets attempting to go to British Colombia, so good for Mr. Simpson for telling Craig off! And then we learn that Joey might going out of business…boo hoo…and he wanted the dealership to be there for Craig! So what have you got to say now Craig? It still ends up being all about YOU!!

    This was such a good episode! I give it 10 out of 10, because it was absolutely flawless, although the absence of Dylan at the trial disgusted me, Dylan was not that important in the episode! ‘Til next time!

    Review by: degrassicutie1

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  • It's a new school year and Paige is anxious about her pending rape case - a situation that will put her face to face with her rapist. Meanwhile, family ties are put to the test when Craig receives an unexpected birthday present from his late father.

    \"Ghost In the Machine\" is the season 4 opener of Degrassi: The Next Generation. An amazing way to start the season. The opener finds Paige ending her summer with her boyfriend spinner and spin\'s friend craig. There out car shopping for spinner\'s first car. Apon arriving back to Paiges home, a officer serves Paige a warrant for a charge she pressed 2 years prior to this day. \"Shout\" was the episode. The main plot explorese paige\'s emotions and feeling about the rape. But most importantly. It brought closure to the storyline and a characters sadness and regret.

    The subplot finds craig turing 16. On his birthday he gets a check from his dead father. This plot i must say was a snooze fest. The only part i liked about it was that Ashley was in it. And that she forgave craig for what happned in season 3.

    I give this episode a 9.5. It was excellent
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