Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 4 Episode 21

Goin' Down The Road, Part One

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 07, 2005 on MTV - Music Television

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  • This was a pretty lame episode IMO.

    I am so sick of the whole Jay & Silent Bob deal, please let that franchise die. It was a really lame subplot to this episode. It was sad to see Ashley & Craig fade apart the way that they did and Caitlin's behavior was much more erratic than usual.

    Alanis' token appearance was even worse. Her line about being in Canada 'cuz she can't take 4 more years of President Bush wasn't even witty esp. since she's Canadian & no one wants her in the States anyway! As for any so called Americans who want to move to the "Great North" 'cuz they're unhappy with our President, I say go for it, we don't need you here anyway!
  • Craig's upset that Ashley's leaving for London.

    "Going Down the Road" part 1 is a great Degrassi episode. The season finale is actually really disappointing because it's about Craig and Ashley and those two just become so boring by this episode. I would rather see a plot involving other characters and something new instead of the same old thing with Craig and Ashley. For me, what makes me enjoy this episode was Kevin Smith. I love how he's come to Canada to film at Degrassi. Now, I love Joey and Caitlin, but at this point, the show is about the next generation, so it's exciting that Caitlin cheats on Joey with Kevin Smith. I mean the adults don't get any good storylines anyways. I give this episode an 8.5/10.
  • Ughhhhh. i hate this episode

    Why the hell did writers let Kevin Smith on the show? He ruined season 4!
    The only thing I sort of liked was Crash. But that's only a little bit. I can't watch this episode without laughing b/c it's soooooo stupid.
    Caitlen cheating on Joey with Kevin? Gross.
    I hate this episode with a passion. It didn't even deserve to be written!
  • Ashley leaves, Craig's insane, Caitlin cheats on Joey.

    I've never made my hatred for Craig and Ashley's relationship a secret. Ever since they started matching in season 3, I've hated them. This episode makes me hate them even more. Ashley's been worried about Craig, a lot. So now she's worried so much, she needs to get away. From him. Craig wants her to write songs with him for the new Kevin Smith movie. More on that later.

    How does Craig take Ashley's reaction? He goes off his lithium, hides in the boiler room, ends up homeless, and gets beaten by another homeless guy.

    Oh, did I mention the Kevin Smith movie? Yes, celebrity appearance. And yes, he's the guy Caitlin has an affair with, which reminds me of those fan fictions where an original female character has a relationship with the author's favorite male character. And in the end, he saves Craig's life.

    How much did I hate this episode? Kevin Smith managed to knock Claude off the spot for most annoying boyfriend Caitlin's ever had.

    Kevin Smith should leave Canada and be goin down the road.
  • Craig is off his meds.

    The thing I love about the character of Craig is how hard it is to tell when he's on his meds or not. Craig is a needy kind of fellow, even when he is on his meds. Because he's such a girl, when Ashley is leaving for the summer, he becomes a maniac. Soon, his medicted mania has bad consequences for Craig and his family.
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