Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 4 Episode 22

Goin' Down The Road, Part Two

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 14, 2005 on MTV - Music Television

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  • Craig's not taking his medication.

    "Going Down the Road" part 2 is an awesome episode. It's way better than part 1. I said this before, the episode itself is really good, but as finale, it's disappointing. I love this episode because there's actually continuation with Craig's bipolar storyline. I've said this before, but Craig being bipolar is his character's best storyline. What I dislike about this episode is that it's nothing new. I love how Craig gets a little crazy in this episode because he hasn't been taking his medication. I still love how Kevin Smith is making a movie at Degrassi. I give this episode a 9/10.
  • Boring

    The strain of Ashley's rejection and subsequent departure to London proves too much to handle for the ever so fragile Craig, whose on again/off again mental instability leads him astray as he finds himself living in the Degrassi Community School boiler room. This episode is so boring. I hate Caitlyn and I hate the whole jay and silent Bob thing. It was so boring. I hate Craig also. It's like the whole series revolves around him. But anyway this episode was horrible. It was boring and nothing good or exciting happened in this episode. It was just the same thing as the episode before.
  • Degrassi's worse season finale ever.

    What can i say about this? This ep is horrible. Its one of the worst episodes of the series---ever. Its so bad its damn near un-watchable. Jay and Silent bob come to degrassi to shoot a movie...that storyline/plot is a joke right? It was the most random thing ive seen on this show. And the craig plot didnt help anything. It was just as bad. The whole movie thing was stupid and should've never been done. Jay and Silent bob or whatever their names are arent even funny. The episode was stupid. I hope they never do another episode like this again. God help us all.
  • Jay and Sient Bob do Degrassi and Craig goes off the deep end.

    We get to see Craig go full on into a manic depressive episode. The lesson to be learned is how important it is to stay on ones medication. Esecially if one is manic depressive.
    Caitlan and Joey have been on again and off again since Junior High, nothing is ever going to change that. Not even Kevin Smith.
  • Good

    I don't get why many people hated this episode. Most people say they did because it was focused around Craig/Ashley. Just because its centered around people that may not be your fav, doesnt make it a bad episode. I hate paige, but West End Girls ended up being one of my favorite episodes Ever. Going Down The Road wasn't the best episode, but I liked it. Ashley is one of my favorite characters and It was sad to see her go, but Oh well.
  • This episode was just really confusing and nothing different really happened.

    This episode was just really confusing. I didn't get it. All it was about was Silent Bob making a stupid movie or whatever. And that's basically it. I though this episode wasn't as good. And as far as Craig goes...very stupid storyline with him. I got confused. Didn't he leave? But all of a sudden he was like back! This episode made no sense to me at all. I didn't like it. It was just way way to confusing.
  • Another Craig storyline just great.

    In Goin' Down The Road, Craig goes mental again and starts living at the schoo's boiler room. The when he's found he goes to the streets and gets beat up. Now this part of the episode was great and should've been taken a bit further and instead being the sort of sub-plot it should've been the main plot. This would've actually been a good season finale, but then it came.... Kevin Smith.

    He took up the entire two-part episode practically just on the basis to get Caitlin and she doesn't know what to do blah blah. This part of the episode should've been minimal. If they would just done it like that the episode might've been actually great. This episode was def. one of my least favorites of the series.
  • Conclusion to Goin' Down the Road Pt. 1. Craig ends up on the streets after Ashley leaves for London. Jay and Silent Bob wrap up shooting their movie at Degrassi.

    I actually liked the plotline for Craig, from him living in the Degrassi boiler room to living on the streets to ending up at a soup kitchen. Jake Epstein did a good job of portraying someone who has flipped his lid...again.

    On the other hand.....

    The Jay and Silent Bob plotline was dumb. Well not really dumb, but i guess i'll just say the old saying "there's a time and a place for everything", and this wasn't the time nor the place for it. I'm guessing they were trying to offset the most dramatic and intense season yet by ending it on a "fun" note. I would've much rather some sort of cliffhanger.

    Overall, "Goin' Down the Road" joins "Power of Love" in the category of "Poor Finale to a Great Season".
  • Jay and Silent Bob make a movie at Degrassi; Craig deals with Ashley leaving for the summer. Part 2: Kevin Smith comes between Joey and Caitlin; Craig's turmoil leads him to the streets.

    We find ourselves at the end of this interesting/confusing/thought provoking season. Season 4 was crazy. The Season 4 finale= crazier.
    I had been waiting for this finale for weeks. Expecting an exciting cliffhanger. But i got this crazy "jump the sharkish" type finale that is almost making me consider not watching next season. In the finale Ashley runs away from craig to suppoosely get away from all her problems ect. Craig falls into depression and hides out in the boiler room blah blah blah. This episode had 2 parts. The first part was no better than the second. The main plot ends with craig still depressed----as he always is. He "lives on the streets". But by episodes end he's back where he belongs. Useless, sappy and chessy to sum up what i feel about the A plot for the finale.

    Now on to the B-plot. Aka the degrassi movie. 3 or 4 months after the Degrassi community school has school shooting they are having a major film being shot in the halls of there school? And not to mention the hectin Catlin leaves Toronto again after Jay comes between Catlin and an emotionally distrout Joey. In the end Catlin leaves Toronto again. Unforuantly this times its for good. Catlin moves/runs off to LA to follow her dreams. Leaving joey once again emotional and in the cold. For the second time! I for one will miss Catlin. She was one of my favorite adult character and she balenced out the older cast.

    To sum it all up: I hated this finale and this was a mediocore season.

    I gave this episode a: 2.7
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