Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 7 Episode 15

Got My Mind Set On You

Aired Daily 9:00 PM Apr 14, 2008 on Much Music
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Derek and Danny work on a project together with Peter and a Lakehurst transfer student, Rachel, only to find out, when they're dealt a blow of reality that it's not that easy to do. Meanwhile, Emma tries to have a "normal" life while Snake is still suspended from school because of Darcy's lies.


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  • Danny and Derek ask a girl they both really like to their partners for a school assingment. Snake is suspended from teaching at school. Emma and Damian start dating.

    This was another great episode of Degrassi. It's one of th better ones in season 7. I like storylines of Derek and Danny because you don't really see much episodes about them. Derek and Danny are fighting over a girl. They have a project to do, so they ask her to be their partner. I knew they were going to be fighting over a girl. Anyways that store manager was racist. She didn't trust Danny at all. And that girl didn't believe Danny at all. I am so glad Derek made that video. He did the right thing. Emma is so crazy in love with Damian. She started acting like a fool but it's a cool. They are going out now. She has the cutest dog ever too. Snake can't teach at the school anymore because of what Darcy said. He can teach there when they get everything organized. There was a lot of drama in this episode so I'm going to give it a 10/10.moreless
  • got my mind set on you

    derek and danny fight over the same girl, rachel, in a presentation for a class they are doing. but will their friendship be strained when it is obvious rachel likes danny and not derek? emma is tired of n ot being able to do much because of what has happened to snake.

    good episode, the sub plot was kind of boring but the main one was really good i thought, and so because of this my overall grade for this episode is an A+, albeit a bit weaker than other A+ episodes, i think anyways. Good episode though, i thinkmoreless
  • Season 7, Episode 15.

    Derek, Danny, and Peter are working on a video assignment with a Lakehurt transfer student named Rachel. However, Danny and Derek both develop feelings for Rachel. When Danny gets the girl, Derek plans a nasty revenge. Meanwhile, Snake is still suspended because of Darcy's lies, and Emma feels like a prisoner while trying to adapt to the changes.

    I liked this episode, but it was overall pointless. It was enjoyable, though. I think Damian is great to Emma, but their romance is pointless. I liked when he said she was "going Nascar." LMAO. But the main plot, which went to Derek and Danny, wasn't bad at all, though. Pointless, but pretty realistic and very entertaining.moreless
  • I love the show, but DANG, was this episode terrible.

    First with the A-Plot. Danny and Derek, two carecters I already could care less about, do a 'how to' video project, with peter, and this other girl who comes out of nowhere. Than when they go to get foot, Derek says, (about Rachel) "she's been eying me like a fat guy eyes a rack of ribs". This is the stupidest line I've ever heard, ever in the history of Degrassi. She ends up making out with Danny which makes Derek jealous. Because Derek is so funny he decides to but some crochless panties in Danny's backpack. This does not amuse. The racist lady at the store goes all freaky on Danny because he's black, and calls security. He runs away. End of the ridiculously dumb A-plot. Oh, and Derek makes a video about how she is such a jerk. It's super lame.

    A-Plot Grade: F- 0%

    The b plot is about Emma. Oh boy. Recipie for the worst episode ever. She is all pissed because her dad is accused of sexual harassment. Than she gets a dog. Damien doesn't like it. Shocker.

    B-Plot Grade: D 65%

    Final Grade: F

    Again, love the show, but this one was bad, REALLY bad.moreless
  • Worst episode of Season 7.

    I didn't really like this episode because Danny & Derek had the main plot. It just was not Degrassi-material. I liked how they dealed with racism but why did they have to do it with Danny. I liked the B plot, Emma dealing with the precautions of a falsely-accused father. Trying to live a normal life was good. But I didn't see how Damien fit in to all of it. This episode could of been so much better. Because racism & dealing with a not normal life plots are powerful & have a lot of potential. I did like how it had a happy ending though :).moreless
Hailee Sisera

Hailee Sisera


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Naomi Snieckus

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Linda Prystawska

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Tom Melissis

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Scott Paterson

Johnny DiMarco

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Doug Morency

Mr. Bince

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    • song list:
      Written By Jim McGrath, David Gavan Baxter and Kevin Fox
      Performed by Clearfield
      Courtesy of McLevin music
      Easy Ridin'
      Written By Scooter Pietsch
      Performed by Sweet 17
      Courtesy of Imaginary Friends Music Partners
      Written By P. Saunders
      Courtesy of Morning Music Ltd.

      It Was a Better Time
      Written By Hamish Thomson, Allison Shevernoha
      Performed by The Hermits
      Courtesy of Hermitmusic/Endearing Publishing

    • This marks the beginning of Emma and Damian's relationship.

    • Adamo Ruggiero (Marco), Aubrey Graham (Jimmy), Charlotte Arnold (Holly J.), Lauren Collins (Paige), Melissa DiMarco (Ms. Hatzilakos), Mike Lobel (Jay), Nina Dobrev (Mia), Paula Brancati (Jane), Sarah Barrable-Tishauer (Liberty), Shane Kippel (Spinner), Shenae Grimes (Darcy) and Stacey Farber (Ellie), do not appear in this episode.


    • The title of this episode is the same as a song by James Ray recorded in 1962, however it is most popularly done by George Harrison and was on his 1987 album "Cloud Nine".