Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 8 Episode 16

Heart of Glass

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Mar 22, 2009 on MTV - Music Television

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  • Johnny and Alli have sex - while Alli thinks it's the most horrible experience of her life, she breaks up with Johnny only to learn that it was his first time, too. Peter still has feelings for Darcy.

    Alli tries to make sure she's not going to lose her bad-boy boyfriend Johnny to a more 'experienced' (with sex, of course) girl by having sex with him.

    Alli's been watching all sorts of shows and movies and stuff about mature relationships with adults and everything, trying to learn "things" to do when making out with Johnny, etc. (I feel uncomfortable going into detail)

    Finally Alli joins Johnny and his gang of friends at some crappy joint where they have it - in a tent. The aftershock: Alli has had the worst experience of her life and just flat out, well, really, I can't put her mood in words. Just creeped out! She breaks up with Johnny on the spot.

    Later near the ending of the episode, Johnny tells Alli that he was a virgin before he had sex with Alli that night, too. Alli's shocked and learns that, well, Johnny doesn't exactly state it in these exact words, but he's saying that Alli's been the longest relationship he's had in his life. Eventually they get back together and decide to take it slow.

    How romantic.
  • Alli decides she needs to do whatever it takes to keep Johnny interested. Peter is considering going to Kenya to be with Darcy.

    I was so dissapointed when i watched this i really thought Alli wouldn't lose her virginity like that. But i do understand where she is coming from she really wanted to fit in and she was afraid that Johnny would lose interest in her if she didn't sleep with him. Afterwords she felt horrible and wished she could take it back but sadly she couldnt.

    Peter considered Africa,but chose Mia over Darcy.

    This episode was really touching,and I was really happy that Alli was atleast smart enough to use protection. Besides the emotional scaring she wasnt hurt,she wasnt left pregnant,and she didnt catch an S.T.D .
    overall GREAT episode
  • Alli wants to keep Johnny and think there's only one way to keep him. Mia suspects that Peter still has feelings for Darcy.

    Surprisingly this was a very good episode. Alli has sex woth Johnny because she really wants him to like her. I loved the A-Plot. It shows how awkard losing your virginity is. Melinda Shankar did some goos acting in this episode. I am glad that she didn't get pregnant and that she didn't get an STD. I was really shocked that Johnny was a virgin. I'm glad that they didn't break up because I like them as a couple. Mia suspects that Peter still has feelings for Darcy. I'm glad that they broke up. Mia is so annoying. I give this episode a 9/10.