Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 8 Episode 12

Heat of the Moment

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 15, 2009 on MTV - Music Television

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  • "I Hate Holly J"

    Alli makes an "I Hate Holly J" group on a Facebook-like website, and it soon becomes very popular, with hundreds of people joining. How will this sit with Holly J when she finds out? Peter is being pressured into watching his baby sister. He decides to because he wants to be around her.

    I liked this episode, cyber bullying is a big issue and this episode is basically about that. I liked the message and I liked the overall tone of the episode, and therefore I think it is only fair to give this episode an A+, a perfect score
  • Season 8, Episode 12.

    After Holly J. constantly humiliates Alli, she writes a threatening and hateful blog about her. However, Holly J. begins to fear for her life and the cops get involved. I actually missed seventeen minutes of this episode, but I caught the last thirteen and I liked it. I actually liked this storyline because it's so common and it hasn't been touched on a lot. I cannot stand Alli's father though. Holly J. is such an ass. She isn't the only person that deserved to be apologized to. I liked the Peter storyline, I guess, with his little half-sister. It really foreshadowed that he would be a good father to Bella. Good episode.
  • Alli starts a "I Hate Holly J" Club. Peter had to take care of his baby sister.

    The acting was way better in this episode of Degrassi. I think it's because there was no Connor. I was wondering when we were getting to see an episode of Alli. Melinda Shankar is a better actress than what I thought. It didn't sound like she a cold in this episode. I liked that this episode dealt with cyber-bullying because with people using the internet more and more everyday it does happen. I loved that the police were called on Alli and that she has a record now. There was some good acting with Holly J when she ran out and when she was in her bed crying. Peter having to take care of his little sister isn't really dramatic. But I love seeing him tell off his dad. And the baby was cute. Since the acting was better and the episode was way better than last weeks I give it a 9/10.
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