Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 5 Episode 18

High Fidelity, Part One

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Mar 13, 2006 on Family
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Darcy starts getting jealous of Manny, when she sees her and Spinner together. Things get worse when she finds out that Spinner had been lying about being a virgin. Alex and Paige can't see eye-to-eye when it comes to their future.

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  • Spinner lies to Darcy about being a virgin.

    "High Fidelity" part 1 is an alright Degrassi episode. It's actually kind of boring and things happen in this episode that you really don't want to happen. I like Spinner and Darcy as a couple, so it's frustrating when Spinner lies to Darcy about being a virgin and then Darcy finds out the truth. I love Paige and Alex, so it's just annoying when the Degrassi writers decide to break them up. The only thing that I enjoyed about this episode is when Spinner hooks up with Paige at the end of the episode. I know it contradicts my love for Darcy and Spinner and Alex and Paige, but I like Spinner and Paige as a couple as well. I give this episode a 6/10.moreless
  • perfect

    darcy finds out that pretty much everything spinner has told her since they have been going out is a lie. but can she forgive him, especially when she finds out he ISN'T a virgin? Alex and Paige have a fight about their future, as Paige has a plan for what she wants and Alex still is searching. Meanwhile the seniors are almost ready to graduate.

    Great episode, spinner remains my favorite character (well, him and JT) and i thought it was good. The end with him kissing Paige was a good way to end and overall my grade's an A+moreless
  • Season 5, Episode 18.

    Wow. First part of an amazing season finale. Relationship drama is all around, of course. Darcy is so hot. Shenae Grimes is so sexy. I wish she was my girlfriend. She is freakin' mind-blowing. There is drama with Darcy and Spinner after Darcy gets jealous of Manny, insisting she still likes Spinner. Then Spinner becomes virginal again. The Manny and Darcy fight rocked! Plus, Paige and Alex relationship drama. Paige is so successful and determined and Alex doesn't care, and puts a CD in Paige's bag, causing store alarms to sound. They break up. I loved how Jay acted as a friend to Alex. Great episode.moreless
  • Splitsville.

    Well this episode was most;y about relationships, and preparing for the future. The Darcy & Spinner plot was mostly abut abstinence, Spinner seems like the perfect guy until he lies about being a virgin, Darcy had to find out by Manny, right before Darcy called Manny the biggest school slut, I love how Manny had that ct fight with Darcy & then Spinner had to break them up, meanwhile Alex & Paige don't think that their plans are the same or the future as Alex is completely different from Alex, so Alex breaks up with Paige & then when Paige needs a shoulder to cry on she kisses Spinner, a great to be continued.moreless
  • Break Up

    Of all the two parters in the show, this one is another fave at least number two in my book. Spinner as we see is having a crisis in both identity and love. Due to Darcy's beliefs which make her excersise abstinance he feels it prevents both Darcy and himself to move forward in the relationship. But worst of all he's afraid Darcy will not accept the fact that in reality he's not a virgin, he had sexual relations before and he would lose her. Due to every thing that happens and what he goes though to keep Darcy at first they go well but then they go wrong. Out of frustration and anger Spinner breaks up with Darcy and starts to question if she is the one she truely loves.

    And of course in the sub plot Alex and Paige's relationship is at a breaking point. Even though they love each other they are going seperate directions in life and so it seems their relationship may not be ment to last. I had a feeling that both of them would split it just didn't seem as though it was in the cards for both of them.

    Both this relationship remind me of any other kind, it is never perfect there are times where you have to stop and ask yourself where your going with this, your desires or even what you truely feel. There are no good or bad guys in this game both Paige and Spinner are doing what some people would humanly do. I'll admit in a strange way even though what both of them did was out of weakness, for one brief moment it actually almost felt right when they both consumated. As a couple both of them actually fit right.

    Do both of them truely love one another. Well that continues on the next episode.moreless
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