Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 5 Episode 18

High Fidelity, Part One

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Mar 13, 2006 on MTV - Music Television

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  • Spinner lies to Darcy about being a virgin.

    "High Fidelity" part 1 is an alright Degrassi episode. It's actually kind of boring and things happen in this episode that you really don't want to happen. I like Spinner and Darcy as a couple, so it's frustrating when Spinner lies to Darcy about being a virgin and then Darcy finds out the truth. I love Paige and Alex, so it's just annoying when the Degrassi writers decide to break them up. The only thing that I enjoyed about this episode is when Spinner hooks up with Paige at the end of the episode. I know it contradicts my love for Darcy and Spinner and Alex and Paige, but I like Spinner and Paige as a couple as well. I give this episode a 6/10.
  • perfect

    darcy finds out that pretty much everything spinner has told her since they have been going out is a lie. but can she forgive him, especially when she finds out he ISN'T a virgin? Alex and Paige have a fight about their future, as Paige has a plan for what she wants and Alex still is searching. Meanwhile the seniors are almost ready to graduate.

    Great episode, spinner remains my favorite character (well, him and JT) and i thought it was good. The end with him kissing Paige was a good way to end and overall my grade's an A+
  • Season 5, Episode 18.

    Wow. First part of an amazing season finale. Relationship drama is all around, of course. Darcy is so hot. Shenae Grimes is so sexy. I wish she was my girlfriend. She is freakin' mind-blowing. There is drama with Darcy and Spinner after Darcy gets jealous of Manny, insisting she still likes Spinner. Then Spinner becomes virginal again. The Manny and Darcy fight rocked! Plus, Paige and Alex relationship drama. Paige is so successful and determined and Alex doesn't care, and puts a CD in Paige's bag, causing store alarms to sound. They break up. I loved how Jay acted as a friend to Alex. Great episode.
  • Splitsville.

    Well this episode was most;y about relationships, and preparing for the future. The Darcy & Spinner plot was mostly abut abstinence, Spinner seems like the perfect guy until he lies about being a virgin, Darcy had to find out by Manny, right before Darcy called Manny the biggest school slut, I love how Manny had that ct fight with Darcy & then Spinner had to break them up, meanwhile Alex & Paige don't think that their plans are the same or the future as Alex is completely different from Alex, so Alex breaks up with Paige & then when Paige needs a shoulder to cry on she kisses Spinner, a great to be continued.
  • Darcy finds it hard to forgive Spinner after finding out about his past. Paige and Alex have issues about where their future will be. Darcy is jealous of Manny.

    I loved the catfight between Manny and Darcy. I'm sorry but Darcy is annoying. Did she really think Spinner was a virgin? Wow talk about stupid. I have to say Awww about Paige and Alex although Paige should have understood where Alex was coming from. I don't see why they had to break up because that was an issue they could have easily worked out. I honestly couldn't keep a straight face when Spinner did that whole cleansing ritual or whatever they called it. I really didn't see the point of that when in the end he ends up cheating on her.
  • THis episode was great im glad there was finally a good catfight in this season i luiv darcy and manny even more because of what they fought about and finnaly manny sood up for herself face 2 face woman 2 woman

    YaYYYYY the finale is comiin 2 an end but im so glad the tension between manny and Darcy is fiNNaly over it was fdun while it lasted a good one on one sexy hot girl on girl action cat fiGht could settle that type of tension between girls and for the first time i actually6 respect manny this season for standing up for herself and darcy was not right at all for calling her the SCOOLS SLUT so classic but not rite at all and manny knows that thasts why she Pulled abig chunk of hair out of darcy's head YayYYY but i still Luv darcy

    Okay I Loved this episode! It was my third favorite of season 5!! Mainly because it was (hopefully) the final break-up of Palex aka the most pointless couple ever spawned! And for the most part the hook-up of Spaige again! It was perfectly set, all the characters were DEFINITELY in character except maybe Darcy...the whole Manny-Darcy fight was pointless and how it erupted was ok with the schools biggest slut part but the kissing scene where darcy went insane was Retarded!!! Someone kill Darcy please!!!!!!!!!!!!! I did like how Spinner finally revealed he wasn't a virgin since 3 "hook-ups"!!!! Good epi!
  • Nice Episode!

    I really enjoyed this episode despite Palex broke up on bad terms. Spinner and Darcy trying to be working through their relationship after Spinner tells Darcy he's never had sex, in which he has with two girls before. They break up after Spinner's re-birth that he wouldn't have sex marriage, because Darcy isn't convinced he's totally true on his word. Paige and Alex argue on their future. Especially since Paige was accepted by Banting and Alex feels a bit insecure about the future. Alex and Paige decide to spend time at the mall until Paige starts hawking at Alex about her future, Alex puts a CD in her department bag that causes Paige to really think over their relationship. Even though Paige was trying to help Alex, Alex still had to figure out the on her own. Paige ends up at The Dot where her and Spinner share a passionate kiss with each other.
  • Well....I figured these two couple would break up.

    I was never a big fan of either Paige/Alex's or Spinner/Darcy's relationship and I figured that both couples would end soon. The shows showed realistically why bothe relationships would end.

    Paige is planning for her future after graduation and wonders why Alex doesn't care so much. The differences in life were obvious.

    Now Spinner and Darcy....personally I always felt that decisions about sex should be kept private. I cringed at that "re-virginity" ceremony. I also felt that Darcy showed the worst in Christian teenager stereotypes. I think that even if Manny repented and become pure again Darcy would still have things against her.

    But Spinner came to his right mind and dumped her....and ended up kissing Paige.

    The season finale is next week and I hope a lot of things close up well.
  • I throught it all made sice until pagie and alex broke up what was that about.I think dracy was a littel heard on spiner for lieing.I hope they all can work out their promblems cause it not cool to see pepole brake up at all.

    I throught it was alright but what happend to alixe she was good then all of soundio nshe trund bad agin.I felt bad to see her brake up with paige they both look happy at fist then came the fight about the futter and college. Spiner just had to kiss pagie man he really couldn't help it. I know he loves dracey but what will happen next.I never seen alxe cry until now and she looked really upset about her brake up with paige. I hope they can work that one out just have to wait and see.
  • This episode covers just about everything! I love it, its exactly why I watch this show! I hope we get to see all the characters beyond high school!

    I'm so happy that Spinner and Darcy are no more, she was SO wrong for him... oh my goodness... and I'm sorta sad to see Alex and Paige split to... but what makes me OODLES of happy is that in the end of the episode, Spin and Paige KISS, and that how they leave it until next week! I cannot wait. Paige and Spin are meant for eachother!

    I wish they would have shown the full ending tonight, but then I wouldnt have gotten to watch Beyond The Break, which is officially an amazing show now too... I'm already hooked, and its only on its first episode.
  • everythignis comming to an end. Spinner breaks up with Darcy and Paige and Alex break up!! OOO what will happen.

    i Definately love this episode it kept me qondering! i have to say it is one of the best episodes. You will be wodnering wat will happen with everyone. i thought this episode was well planned and very creative. You would never expect for Darcy to call Manny a slut, since she is all catholic. Hopefully, the season premiere will be just liekthis, i can't wait till the new season starts, wont be the same, but hopefully just as good! Even though i saw this episode soo late, i still loved it and it kept me soo excited till the end.
  • Another well written Degrassi finale with issues directly related to teens that are relatable.

    This episode is what a Degrassi finale should be like. The plot was well structured, the acting was good, and things were not immensely rushed like they were in episodes like Together Forever.

    For the A plot in which Darcy discovers Spinner is not a virgin, I found the idea very relatable and something most teens can relate to with, sex and virginty. With a shocking revalation that Spinner had slept with three girls including Manny Santos, Darcy Edwards becomes up set. I found Darcy (Shenae Grimes) acting to be very natural and she pulled the scenes of very well and Spinner (Shane Kippel) dealed very well with the rejection and I found the fact that he tried to purify himself for Darcy to be very sweet, even if they ending up breaking up by the end of the episode.

    The B plot included the break up of popular and contraverisal couple Paige and Alex and I feel it was delt in a very relistic way. Paige needed more stablilty and structure which Alex can not offer but I was surprised that Alex did the dumping. I found the scene between Alex and Jay at the end very touching were Alex declared she was a lesbian and the two sat and watched televison like friends to be great clousure for the couple since last years break up.

    Another aspect that I enjoyed, although brief, was the mention of Emma's bulima to be good clousure and a recoginzation of the last episodes issue instead of complete forgetting about it like Degrassi tends to do, like Emma's gonorrhea last season, which we have yet to hear the results of.

    Over all I was very impressed with this episode and enjoyed it thoroughly.
  • Great season finale (well, part sesason finale). Good fights, breakps, makeups, and emotion. All of this without making the episode look like a soap opera.

    There has been an awfully lot of Spinner plots this season. Not that that's a bad thing. Out of all the Spinner plots, this one was the greatest Spinner epp. ever! See, Spinner is keeping a big secret from Darcy, he's not a virgin, soon, Manny says she and Spinner had sex, and Darcy is raged and calls Manny a slut. At that point I offically hated her. Then they get in a catfight, good, Darcy deserved to have her hair pulled. Soon, Spin wants to sacrifice his body to God and be a virgin again. Afterwords, at the park, Spinner says something like he is glad to be a virgin again and can't believe he is after last Summer. Then Darcy get's mad and Spinner says his greatest line ever "You know, as hard as I try NOTHING is EVER clean enough for you, I always have to be better than that, we're through. Take that Darcy! Now Spinner can find his true love, ME!

    The B plot for the first time in awhile, collides with the A- plot. It's about Palex. With the finals approaching, Paige is going crazy about her future. She also on Alex like a sticker, which is making them argue. Soon, they get in a fight at the mall, and breakup, since Paige can't just live on the moment like Alex does, and Alex, show's her sensitive side and actually cries in this episode. Jay also FINALLY makes another appearence in this episode, and actually shows his sensitive side, it's a sign of the appocilipse! Then Alex yells at Jay to stop hitting on her because she is not bi, confused, but an actual lesbian. Shocking because in Lexicon of Love Alex says "And you think I am" when Paige says she's not a lesbian.

    These are where the plots collide. At the Dot, Paige is the only customer there, they open up to each other about their breakup, and Spinner offers to drive Paige home, then, THEY KISS! HACHI MACHI. Yay, I love Spaige, I hope this reunion lasts.
  • A Degrassi clasic with two brake-ups.

    Spinner, Darcy, Manny
    1. Great to see Emma healthy
    2. Sparcy is so cute
    3. The rings were so romantic
    4. Great catfight
    5. Spinner shoud have been honest
    6. Darcy over-reacted

    Paige, Alex, and Jey
    1. Paige was a little bit tense
    2. Por Alex, she got fired
    3. The brake-up was horible
    4. Great to see Jay again
    5. Jay was actually sincere
    6. I love the Spaige kiss as a clif-hanger

    I can't wait for part two!
  • Great episode filled with break-ups and make-ups and Manny has finally had enough.

    This was another great Degrassi TNG episode. Paige & Alex break up and Spinner and Darcy break up as well. Paige heads to The Dot to be alone and in the end, her and Spinner end up making out. Meanwhile, Alex heads home where she finds Jay. He trys to put the moves on her (again) and she tells him that she is a lesbian, not bi or confused, but lesbian. He says he's sorry her and Paige broke up and they sit and watch TV together. I am glad Darcy & Spinner finally broke up. It was about time!

    Also in this episode, we see Emma is out of the hospital and doing well. Manny gets into a fight with Darcy after one of Darcy's jealous rages over Spinner's past.

    A must watch!
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