Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 5 Episode 19

High Fidelity, Part Two

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Mar 20, 2006 on MTV - Music Television
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Darcy asks Spinner to take her back, and he does, but when he goes to talk to Paige about the kiss, and Darcy, they wind up sleeping together. Ashley returns to town to watch her former classmates graduate, but not all of them will. Jimmy thinks being in a wheelchair is preventing him from being with Ellie, and Ashley tries to help him out.


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  • Outstanding finish to an underwhelming season

    Season Five certainly had it's moments of great episodes and story-archs, but as a whole it kind of seemed like they didn't really build up to the graduation for the class of 2006 here very much at all. They got too wound up in the personal problems of all the students they sort of forgot to address their lives at school this season, but that's not necessarily an awful thing or anything. This was a great finish to the season though, if only for the growth we've seen in the character of Spinner through-out the last few seasons from jockish quasi-bully to social pariah to his redemption in this season. We're left on a cliff-hanger at the end about the future of his relationship with Darcy, but the closing scene where he stops and tells himself that if she looks back at him before getting on her bus to leave for the summer that he'll be okay, and then when she actually does it, was just bittersweet perfection from the actors involved. Another great part of Spinner's redemption is seeing him and Jimmy finally bury the hatchet here and become friends again, something that's torn at Spinner's character all season long. While I would have liked to have seen more development from some of the other graduating characters this season, this episode on it's own is pretty much perfect for a season finale. Excellent work from everyone involved.moreless
  • The senior students at Degrassi graduate.

    "High Fidelity" part 2 is an awesome Degrassi episode. It's so much better than part 1. I love how Ashley and Craig return in this episode. It's really shocking for Ashley to return. I love how Jimmy doesn't feel attractive being in a wheelchair and Ashley flirts with him to boost his confidence. I believe they start dating again in this episode which I actually love because they're both very different people than they were in seasons 1 and 2. I love how Jimmy and Spinner became friends again in this episode because Jimmy was so annoying this season. I love the graduation with Marco being valedictorian. It was a nice way to end this episode. I give this episode a 9/10.moreless
  • perfect

    spinner must decide if he wants to continue dating darcy or if he wants paige. ashley comes back after a few seasons' absense, does she still like jimmy like she used to? Or does someone else? Spinner and Jimmy have a confrontation, but will they be able to finally be friends with each other again? Good episode, the ending was good and the overall episode was good and really felt like a season finale, unlike some previous years. So my grade for this episode is an easy and well deserved A+, all around perfect episode, i certainly think so anywaymoreless
  • Really only alright because Ashley came back

    this epsiode was only good because ashley came back to be honest. and that she looked gorgeous haha.

    oh and of course that her and jimmy go together even though i was upset that ellie liked craig when i thought she shoulda liked jimmy back cause Craig is well...craig and whiny and annoying (sorry craig lovers)

    other then that this episode really wasn't that great, i mean c'mon degrassi, you can do better.

    i waited for this epsiode and it really was a letdown to me sorry for people who disagree with me but it was and you can go have a whine about what i said somewhere else .moreless
  • Season 5, Episode 19.

    YAY for the Class of 2006! Wow, great episode. Ashley's back! Jimmy is getting left back! Ellie likes somebody! Jimmy likes Ellie! Darcy and Spinner are back together! Spinner and Paige kiss! And this is all only in the first 10 minutes! Wow, it seems like so much is going on when you really think about it. This is definitely a series classic. Paige is graduating! So are Ellie, Hazel, Alex, etc. I loved that moment at the end when Spinner wanted Darcy's forgiveness, and she looks back before getting on the school bus. I also loved the song at the end. 10/10.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Marco's cellphone reads the date is October 31, 2005 when he gets the text from Spinner. This episode would have taken place in June. Most likely that was the production date.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Spinner: (about Paige) I can't believe it, she used me for my body.

    • Spinner: Darcy, just one minute.
      Darcy sighs
      Spinner: Look, what I did... What I did was horrible. But I PROMISE to make it up to you.
      Darcy: Spinner, you broke your vow.
      Spinner: I know. That's why all I can do is ask...PLEAD...for your forgiveness.

    • Paige: Spin, just so you know, I never blamed you for what happened; with Jimmy.
      Spinner: You mean that?

    • Craig: You miss me? (softly) Hey.
      Manny: You know it, I can't believe you came!
      Craig: I wouldn't miss this for the world.

    • Mr. Simpson: I just hope we can all get a bit of what's gotten inside you, Paige.
      Paige: I'm not quite sure that's advisable, sir.

    • Spinner: Paige! I've been looking everywhere for you!
      Paige: Me too. I just wanted to say Merci.
      Spinner: For what?
      Paige: For last night dorkus, it felt like the right way to end school. Just don't forget about me okay?

    • Spinner: You decent? Dylan let me in.
      Paige: Oh my God Spinner you have to come look at this old yearbook right this minute.
      Spinner: Okay, but I was hoping we could talk...
      Paige: Sure hon, just indulge me first and take a look at this (points to picture of them in year book with the caption 'couple of the year')
      Spinner: Check it out we were couple of the year.
      Paige: How could we not be? We were unbelievibly super-adorable.

  • NOTES (4)