Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 5 Episode 19

High Fidelity, Part Two

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Mar 20, 2006 on MTV - Music Television

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  • Outstanding finish to an underwhelming season


    Season Five certainly had it's moments of great episodes and story-archs, but as a whole it kind of seemed like they didn't really build up to the graduation for the class of 2006 here very much at all. They got too wound up in the personal problems of all the students they sort of forgot to address their lives at school this season, but that's not necessarily an awful thing or anything. This was a great finish to the season though, if only for the growth we've seen in the character of Spinner through-out the last few seasons from jockish quasi-bully to social pariah to his redemption in this season. We're left on a cliff-hanger at the end about the future of his relationship with Darcy, but the closing scene where he stops and tells himself that if she looks back at him before getting on her bus to leave for the summer that he'll be okay, and then when she actually does it, was just bittersweet perfection from the actors involved. Another great part of Spinner's redemption is seeing him and Jimmy finally bury the hatchet here and become friends again, something that's torn at Spinner's character all season long. While I would have liked to have seen more development from some of the other graduating characters this season, this episode on it's own is pretty much perfect for a season finale. Excellent work from everyone involved.

  • The senior students at Degrassi graduate.

    "High Fidelity" part 2 is an awesome Degrassi episode. It's so much better than part 1. I love how Ashley and Craig return in this episode. It's really shocking for Ashley to return. I love how Jimmy doesn't feel attractive being in a wheelchair and Ashley flirts with him to boost his confidence. I believe they start dating again in this episode which I actually love because they're both very different people than they were in seasons 1 and 2. I love how Jimmy and Spinner became friends again in this episode because Jimmy was so annoying this season. I love the graduation with Marco being valedictorian. It was a nice way to end this episode. I give this episode a 9/10.
  • perfect

    spinner must decide if he wants to continue dating darcy or if he wants paige. ashley comes back after a few seasons' absense, does she still like jimmy like she used to? Or does someone else? Spinner and Jimmy have a confrontation, but will they be able to finally be friends with each other again? Good episode, the ending was good and the overall episode was good and really felt like a season finale, unlike some previous years. So my grade for this episode is an easy and well deserved A+, all around perfect episode, i certainly think so anyway
  • Really only alright because Ashley came back

    this epsiode was only good because ashley came back to be honest. and that she looked gorgeous haha.
    oh and of course that her and jimmy go together even though i was upset that ellie liked craig when i thought she shoulda liked jimmy back cause Craig is well...craig and whiny and annoying (sorry craig lovers)
    other then that this episode really wasn't that great, i mean c'mon degrassi, you can do better.
    i waited for this epsiode and it really was a letdown to me sorry for people who disagree with me but it was and you can go have a whine about what i said somewhere else .
  • Season 5, Episode 19.

    YAY for the Class of 2006! Wow, great episode. Ashley's back! Jimmy is getting left back! Ellie likes somebody! Jimmy likes Ellie! Darcy and Spinner are back together! Spinner and Paige kiss! And this is all only in the first 10 minutes! Wow, it seems like so much is going on when you really think about it. This is definitely a series classic. Paige is graduating! So are Ellie, Hazel, Alex, etc. I loved that moment at the end when Spinner wanted Darcy's forgiveness, and she looks back before getting on the school bus. I also loved the song at the end. 10/10.
  • Graduation.

    The season finale, and graduation of some students of Degrassi. And special guest stars form the past return, Craig returns at the very end & that glare with Ashley & Ellie was priceless. Ashley returns, she kisses Jimmy which starts up a new relationship. Paige & Alex stay friends, the big dance as Jimmy forgives Spinner and Manny forgives Peter. The main plot, Spinner lies again as he sleeps with Paige as a goodbye & when Darcy finds out, it's over for good or so Spinner thought. The subplot was pretty much graduation, that song t the end when it's showing everyone graduate, that's what made the episode special. A perfect episode, flawless!
  • A award winning episode

    I gots to review this. This episode was a big masterpiece. I was watching this episode like 6 times when I downloaded this episode. By looking at this season finale episode, I know some big things are going to happen next season. Since Jimmy didn't graduate, I know there's gonna be a storyline where he walks again. I can feel it. I know it. He's gonna get out of the wheelchair. I mean, Why is he gonna be on the next season? Not just to be there, not to watch Craig and Ashley probably hook up again. It's probably because he's gonna walk again. I know he's gonna walk again, there's no other reason why he's coming back. It's all because he's gonna walk again, and if you don't think that, then why are you watching the show? LOL. JK, but I can feel it. I know that Jimmy is gonna get out of that wheelchair soon.
  • It's graduation day and special guests reappear in the end. Jimmy and Spinner finally work out their conflict that has been going on since the shooting. Spinner has a hard time getting Darcy to forgive him.

    Awww to the graduation scene made me think of my own graduation. I also thought it was cute how Craig appeared in the end and surprised Manny. It was also a shocker to see Ashley appear in this episode. I found it cute how she was there for Jimmy though after Ellie turned him down. Ew to the fact that the guy she claimed she had a crush on was Craig. Thank goodness they weren't matched together. I felt bad for Spinner when he realizes Paige just used him although it would have been cute if they got back together. I was also pleased that Jimmy and Spinner finally worked out their conflict. It's about time they be friends again.
  • Most of the seniors graduate and Spinner must start to figure out the repurcussions of what he has done...

    This episode kind of made me really hate Paige, Spinner, Darcy, and Marco. Paige was really annoying and kept on saying "merci", and Spinner looks like a total hypocrite if you had just previously watched the end of the third season. Darcy and Marco were annoying as well.I thought what Paige and Spinner did was just a tad out of character because in my opinion, Paige would still be getting over her breakup with Alex AND it was never like her to go and sleep with Spinner! Especially when he was still dating Darcy! That whole thing just made me really annoyed.By the end of the episode though, you're ready to cry because everyone is graduating and a sad song is playing. I don't think that Degrassi's 100th Episode matches up to the other 99....
  • It's the end of school for the Seniors and time for some surprises to be unveiled followed by Graduation!

    Hmm...I liked the idea of Jashley reunion...but now I'm disliking them once again! And to get rid of Spaige like that again was one of the dumbest moves by the producers! Sparcy makes me want to kill!! And all the characters were out of character! I mean Darcy just up and got pissed at Manny when Manny didn't do anything!! Sure it was a love scene to be rehursed but it was just friendly! God I hate Darcy soooo much!! I've hated her ever since Redemption Song probably! Ashley seemed all London-Loving..which was out of character, I'm looking for the good old Independent Rocker Ashley not preppy loser Ashley! And Paige was mean to Spinner...which was out of character as well. Spinner was in character ;) (Although him and Jimmy were probably the only ones IN charcter!) Ellie was out of character, I really thought she liked Jimmy! But I LOVE Crellie now!! So it's all good..Jimmy was in character up until the Jashley kiss. It was an okay episode but it was rushed and somewhat a trainwreck of love.
  • Ashley Comes Back....

    Not everything turned out for the best in this episode, and not everything ended up okay, and some things just shouldn't have happened.

    I remember Alex and Paige fighting over what their future would be like, and Alex wasn't happy because she gets fired and doesn't know what to do next.

    Lots of people forgive Spinner. I don't. He was trouble from day one. But at least the Spinner's actor isn't nearly as bad as Spinner is.

    Poor Jimmy. And he has to stay in high school.

    There are too many people that have left Degrassi, and they might come back for several visits. There are several that we haven't seen for a long time, so they all have to come back eventally. I think Sean did.

    The best part of the episode is that Ashley comes back. She just might work at that school or something. They say that she is going to take more classes, but how is that possible??

    She looks so nice and that is the nicest and longest that her hair has looked. She is probably going to get back together with Jimmy or they may become friends at least, and hopefully Craig won't show up because Craig is annoying. But Ashley coming back is what makes this episode one of the best ones, even if everything else didn't work out. It's hard to believe that lots of them are graduating. It happened so fast.
  • Jimmy and Spinner are friends again. Ashley comes back and it's possible that her and Jimmy are getting together again. I have one question though, did Craig gradutate? Oh well he'll still be on the show.

    WOW. This episode is so amazing. I can't wait until next season to see what will happen next. Degrassi will always keep you suspecting. Will Jimmy walk again? Will Spinner and Darcy get back together? There are still questions and it need answers. Andrea Lewis has left the show so not only will she not be at Degrassi but we won't even hear about what she does after graduation. Melissa McIntyre and Daniel Clark is back on the show. Who knows what might happen between Sean and Ellie know that he's back. I can't wait till next season to see what happens.
  • Very good episode with unanswered questions

    After feeling the effects of the kiss the night before, Paige really starts rethinking her feelings about Spinner. Spinner on the other hands thinks Paige and him should be one again, that's until Darcy comes back into his life gives him that trust back. They rekindle their relationship, but Spinner makes the ulimate mistake and sleeps with Paige that night. Once again he has to think about who he should choose Paige or Darcy. Darcy is totally clueless about his weird ways the next day at school. Spinner tries to get back with Paige, but Paige turns him down claiming it was only sex and nothing more. Spinner feels like terrible, not only did he mess something up with Darcy, he also broke his vow to God. After the play, Darcy finds Spinner's cell phone where he texted Marco saying he did Paige. Darcy feels betrayed and leaves him. The graduation swquence happens after this point. Spinner and Jimmy become friends again. Jimmy and Ashley become b/f and g/f again. Craig surprises Manny from Vancouver. Ellie, is also left heartbroken when she knows Craig is still with Manny. Spinner tries to reclaim his love with Darcy again before she goes to Bible Camp, he swears if she turns around he will get another chance with her.
  • The season 5 finale of Degrassi was very special. The seniors (most of them) graduated!

    "High Fidelity (2)" was very special. It was huge step in trhe series. The seniors(except for a few exceptions) finally graduated. We've followed them from the eighth grade and now we see them move on. Also, many relationships were reunited. Jimmy and Spinner finally became friends again, Paige and Spinner hooked up(for one night), Ashley came back and kissed Jimmy, Manny forgave Peter for what he did, and Craig came back. I think that this episode dealt with a lot of decisions and how life will be after Degrassi(for seniors). "High Fidelity (2)" was probably my favorite episode of "Degrassi: The Next Generation". It had a feeling of closure to it and it was very emotional when the seniors graduated and the song was playing in the background. It was also very good for the 100th episode. Overall, I think that "High Fidelity (2)" was an amazing episode that be known by Degrassi fans for a long time.
  • Was an ok episode.

    Don't get me wrong, I love this show to death, but i felt that there was a little something missing from the season finale. I felt that there shouldve been some kind of cliff-hanger. Like something huge, that would get us to REALLY REALLY want to come back for season 6.
  • Everyone is back to their old selves......

    Paige uses Spinner for sex and Spinner was driven by him wanting it.....well at least I thought they were going back to their old selves.

    But Spinner wants to get back with Darcy and makes his final plea before she goes off to Bible camp.....Spinner... WHY WHY WHY! They don't match at all. I think faith is important but it is a different priority for different people and it is an area you both need to match in in order for the relationship to work.

    I was SO glad Jimmy forgave Spinner. And it looks like he is back with Ashley.

    What I wished is that for the season finale they showed some insight on what is going on with Liberty, Emma, J.T., and Toby. It felt a little empty.

    Hopefully they can kick start with next season. I wonder if they will introduce any new cast members.....a year from now all of the original DNG cast will have graduated.
  • Jimmy finally letting go of his hatred of Spinner was nice to see.

    Ah, the finale for season five of Degrassi: The Next Generation. One thing that I have to say about it was that it was really nice to see a lot of the storylines wrap up nicely, espcially Jimmy and Spinner's. One thing that I liked about it was how Spinner was truly sorry for his actions that put his best friend in the wheelchair and ultimately wished he never was apart of the whole plot with Jay last season. The one upside to this particular plot was that it showed both characters fighting their inner demons, with the help of their mutual friends, to get on speaking terms and to become civil to one another again.

    Another thing that I enjoyed about the episode also dealt with Spinner and how he changed through the course of the season. In the episode you can truly see how much he loves Darcy and how bad he felt for the one night stand he had with Paige. I hope in the upcoming season they can work out their problems, because I thought they were a cute couple.

    I also liked how both Ashley and Craig came back for the episode as well. While I'm not a huge fan of Mr. Manning, it was still nice to see he and Ash when they came back for their friends graduation ceremony, I hope we get to see more of them in season 6.

    In all, these were just a few reasons why I enjoyed this episode of "Degrassi: The Next Generation". I hope the upcoming season is as well written as this one.
  • I just don\\\'t think this season was as good as it could be...

    It seems to me that Degrassi has gone down in the way they do things. The writing isn\\\'t as well and neither is the way they\\\'ve been shooting scenes. That episode when Emma became anoerexic seriously sounded like an after school special. I think it jumped the shark when Jimmy got shot because you just can\\\'t top that and this season has really shown how it has gone downhill. The-N keeps advertising it as the \"go thereist season ever\" and it\'s just not. The plots have potential but it isn\'t played out right. I really don\'t like what\'s going on and now with this type of closure it\'s really going to go downhill.

    i loved it. this episode was awesome. i was excited to see ash and craig again.

    but wasn\'t emma just in the hospital? it seems like she was never there in the first place. that\'s the only thing i didn\'t understand about this episode. otherwise, this episode excited me a whole lot.

    but season 6 better step up with the storylines. the writers are getting kinda lazy with the plots.

    i definitely want sean to come back in season 6, because the whole deal with him was never closed. he left, and that was it. no more sean. oh well. overall, this episode was amazing. definitely a tearjerker.
  • If you like closure, this is not fo you.

    In the Season Finale of Degrassi: The Next Generation, The episode occurs at the end of the year during the week of graduation. All of the origional cast that were in the 12th grade graduated except for Ashley and Jimmy. The Jimmy and Spinner hate finnaly ends when Spin and Jimmy make up which has been an issue for the whole season. Paige uses Spinner which causes Darcy to break up with Spinner, which was the only semi-stable couple in the 6th season. Darcy leaves for bible camp and leaves a sad spinner. The episode was a 6.1 because it does not provide adequate closure it was like watching any other degrassi episode.
  • Marco, Paige, Ellie, Hazel and Alex are graduating. Manny's show is premiering, Spinner cheats on Darcy with his ex Paige,Ashley and Craig come back. Ones who were supposed to graduate, Jimmy, Ashley and Spinner will be in Degrassi next year. they don't h

    I thought that this episode was really good. It was a good way to end things. Craig and Ashley came back, spinner and jimmy are friends again and manny and peter are getting along for emma who is out of the hospital so yeah!! But i don't like how things were unresolved. like will ellie tell craig how she feels or what about marco and his dad, will he ever except him? wats gonna happen wit jimmy and ashley? will hazel stop being paige's shadow? or does manny's parents ever want her back? and except paige cuz we know where she is going where is every1 else graduating going to college next year? What is gonna happen with everybody? I NEED TO KNOW!!
  • Spinner hass a bit of girlfriend trouble, but on the good side him and a old friend reunite. An old classmate comes back and gives Jimmy a bit of bad advise. Manny is almost completely excepting of Peter being with Emma.

    Great way to end the season, but I think Craig should have been shown a bit more. Ashley looked much differnt I was quite suprised. Spinner seemed too unappriciative of Darcy, but she does try to mold spinner in a way. What ever happened to Linus? In all pretty great!!
  • Degrassi: the next generation rule. It tells exactly what Degrassi is about. The bad thing that happen is that Spinner and Jimmy aren't friends anymore. But in High Fidely part2, Spinner and Jimmy are friends again. I think that Spinner and Paige are back

    Degrassi: the next generation- high fidelty is a good episode. It explains Spinner and Jimmy and why they should be friends again. It also explains Spinner and Paige and why they should be a couple again. Spinner and Darcy shouldn't be a couple anymore. Spinner and Jimmy are good charcters.
  • One of the best episodes by far. I cried it was so good. Touching..... a great ending to a Degrassi year.

    This is a great episode. In this episode Ashley returns and she and Jimmy hook back up. Craig shows up for the graduation, and Spinner and Paige have sex. Spinner regrets it, somewhat, and tries to win back Darcy since she found out about it. What I really like about this episode is that Jimmy finally forgives Spinner, that was the most touching part.
  • So...I\'m a little confused on where the closure is...

    OK, so, this episode was supposed to give closure to the season but I\'m still uber-confused by everything. What happens to everybody? Like Darcy and Spin, there is no way that they are just going to end it like that? And why wasn\'t Dylan at the graduation...his sister and boyfriend are both graduating! And, where are they all going? I know that Paige is going to Branting but what about everybody else? What is the show going to do? I\'m a little worried...I love these people!
  • You never know what will happen! ;)


    Spinner's & Jimmy's fight wasn't two years - it was one. I guess yo don't remember they marked the one year anniversary of the shoot out a while ago?

    I was surprise to hear that both Spinner & Jimmy weren't graduating. They and Ashley have another year at Degrassi coming. ;)

    Wonder if Jimmy & Ashley will get back together?
  • This episode was probably the saddest episode of Degrassi to watch

    This episode was probably the saddest episode of the series to watch. Yea, other epiosdes had sad storylines, shootings, but this episode had the departure of our Seniors...the kings and queens of Degrassi. This episode will go down as the best season finale in Degrassi history. It had sex, fighting, making up, and the return of Ashley. Also, Jimmy and Spinner's two year fight came to an end and they exchanged their sorry's and Spinner even hugged him. It is extremely sad to see them go and I don't think season six will be the same ever be the same without Ellie, Marco, and Paige.
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