Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 2 Episode 15

Hot For Teacher

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jan 10, 2003 on MTV - Music Television

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  • About Peter

    In season five, she had a son, Peter. hes 16. in season 2 he must me 13 so thats weird right? She couldnt be single or unmarried then right? she had a son right then :S i think its confusing but whatever ... i do not understand cuz in trivia there is wrote she is single, that shouldnt she be cuz thats weird if you have a son... and i also dont understand why ur review must me one hundred wors long cuz this is only messing up the bords... ok 5 words right now but wateva bye bye (Confused Degrassi Fan)
  • JT fools around in class, and Ms H punishes him with guinea pig duty for a week. JT decides he can do it because he likes her. He then mocks her in class while she's talking business outside, and she catches him. Spinner and Jimmy make an honesty pact.

    First of all, I wonder where Peter comes in. She looks awfully young to be a mother of a teen, as well as her single status. The only thing that could make sense is that she was a teen mom, and her parents helped her raise Peter so she could go ahead with getting her education degree as soon as she did. Otherwise, it was entertaining. And she handled it well; JT's staring at her butt and all. And her token thanks when JT apologized for his mocking her. The other plot with Spinner and Jimmy is just funny. But the balance in honesty often comes with learning a few things the hard way. Bottom line they both need to learn is, will this honest comment help the other person, or will it just annoy them?
  • J.T gets in trouble and spends time with his teacher that he likes. Jimmy and Spinner make a deal to always tell the truth

    This episode of Degrassi: The Next Generation was good. JT aka The Class Clown gets in trouble with his teacher who he crushes on. I think he was acting way too immature at the beginning of the episode. Toby seemed really cranky at the beginning too. Anyways it looks like he could be a vet or something. The teacher is so right that he is intelligent. Hopefully JT can stop wishing about going out with an older woman and start going out with girls his own age. Ellie so amazing in this episode. Go ELLIE!! Anyways telling spinning that he smells was so right. I liked Jimmy and Spinner's deal. Them telling each other to be honest and stuff. Of course they learn theere lessons later. I think Jimmmy was a little bit too rude to Terri. Anyways at the end was class when Mrs. Kwan had blue pen ink on her month. I give this episode a 9.5/10.
  • We see a side to JT we have never seen before Spinner and Jimmy tell the truth.

    This episode was great imo. Jt makes fun of mrs.H and puts baloons under his shirt and acts like her and she catches him and he must stay after school with her for detention. While staying after school, Mrs.H has him watch her little Gineu pig Isabella. We see a different side to JT. Jt is not just the class clown, but he really cares about others and respects animals. He takes care of Isabella and mrs.H is happy to see this side of him. Meanwhile, Jimmy and Spinner tell the truth. This is very funny also. This is a great JT epiosde.
  • This episode is great because it develops a side of J.T.'s character that we do not often see. It shows us that while J.T. normally is all jokes and fun that he can have a more serious, considerate side to him.

    J.T. gets in trouble with Mrs. H for fooling around in class. He is sentenced to guinea pig duty with Mrs. H and is happy because he has a little crush on her. He enjoys taking care of the guinea pigs and spending time with Mrs. H and seems to become more serious about school. Everyone notices that J.T. isn't goofing around like he used to and Toby utters the ultimate insult calling J.T. "Liberty". This spurs J.T. into making fun of Mrs. H which she walks in on. She is disappointed in him and says that he is wasting his intelligence by always joking around. I like this episode because it really develops J.T.'s character showing us the guy behind the jokes.

    The B-plot was silly, which is why I wouldn't give this episode more than 8 out of 10. But this is definitely a classic.
  • Totally unnecessary

    I don't think this episode is even worth the time. There is nothing interesting about it. JT falls for his teacher and because he is a little middle schooler, he thinks that he will go for her. He ends up respecting her in the end and the whole episode ends up being for naught. Its not an episode you could watch more than once.