Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 7 Episode 9

Hungry Eyes

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Mar 03, 2008 on MTV - Music Television
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Hungry Eyes

An energy drink, Purple Dragon, is sponsoring the school badminton tournament, and Emma decides to try out in order to shake up her boring image. But she soon realizes that all they care about is her looks, and not her mind. Mia and Sav team up for the tournament and she agrees to help Sav learn to kiss, thinking he likes her, but he actually has his eyes set on someone else.


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  • Emma decides to join Purple Dragons but learns how their advertising works.

    "Hungry Eyes" is an excellent Degrassi episode. I love this episode because Emma goes back to her protesting ways, and this is really in character for her. In this episode, the girls try to become the new Purple Dragon girl. Anyways, I love how Liberty was trying out for Purple Dragon girl. Anyways, I love the scene where Emma takes off all her clothes in front of the whole school and Snake is covering his eyes, but then he notices Danny and Derek and he tries to cover their eyes as well. I love the subplot in this episode. It's very cute. Sav teaches Mia how to play badminton while Mia teaches Sav how to kiss. But the cute part was when Sav likes Anya and he's showing her his sticker collection. It was so cute. I give this episode a 9/10.moreless
  • hungry eyes

    emma is tired of being predictable by her peers so she auditions to be a spokes person for the energy drink purple monster, which is sponsoring degrassi's badminton tournament. at first emma likes this but later learns some shocking information. will she be able to stand up for the product? sav and mia become a badminton team, sav teaches her and she teaches him how to kiss. she thinks this means he likes her, but later learns he likes anya mcphearson.

    good episode, both plots worked really well and were great, this episode gets an A+, from me at leastmoreless
  • Emma flashes the school.

    Okay, so this episode almost went there, and then took a different direction, which is probably what brought the rating down. But a lot of highlights in this episode. Emma almost goes there as she is about to skip a meal after a girl called her fat, she was about to have an anorexic outbreak, until she changes her mind and decides to flash the school... un what? I like how she took a stand against purple dragon, and it was funny to watch. I just wish it took a more serious turn. Oh and Emma breaks up with Sean... for DAMIEN. Ugh, the beginning of a stupid relationship. Emma's changing acccording to her. The B plot, Holly J and Mia battle it out again but this time, Mia is after Sav again, as he helps him "kiss." Turns out it was for Anya the whole time. That's another couple, that I'm not a big fan of. I liked the Holly J and Mia bond at the end though. Very entertaining episode.moreless
  • An energy drink called "Purple Dragon" sponsers a badminton tournament at Degrassi High. Emma tries to prove people wrong when they say she doesn't have a crazy side by becoming a Purple Dragon girl. Mia helps Sav with his "kissing abilities".moreless

    The Purple Dragon Energy Drink (obviously an allusion of the Monster energy drink) sponsers a badminton tournament at Degrassi High School. There are tryouts for Purple Dragon girls among high school students, and Emma tries out just to prove that she has an unpredictable side, after Manny claims that she is predicatble in 'a good way'. Manny obviously tries out for it, too, and then Liberty, tries out for it, too, so she can 'take down Purple Dragon from the inside'. Lame. She gets eliminated for her attitude. Manny gets eliminated for the 5'7" height requirement. Ha. Poor Manny. Her hotness should, of course this couldn't be judged the boss - a girl - but her hotness should make up for her shortness. Emma gets in with this line:

    "Purple Dragon will make red-blooded people ticked purple."

    Ha. Clever.

    So Emma becomes a purple dragon girl and gets to take part in events and such during the weekend's badminton tournament. She also sells the energy drink to guys and rewards them, too. Such as she makes out with Damian, but then when some of the other, more bad Lakehurst guys come, she pours the stuff on 'em. She gets in trouble for that.

    In the end, she reveals the secret about Purple Dragon. It's got loads of sugar and eventually lands Emma in a dispute with the head of the event for Purple Dragon and it results in Emma taking off the dress in front of a crowd of hundreds of people, including teachers, and does a "Manny Move". Manny races to the stage to cover Emma up with the Purple Dragon sign. Too bad they had to censor, or just plain not show, Emma's body. Even if she gained weight, she'd still be pretty hot.

    Meanwhile, Sav likes Anya, and they are about to start going out. But he hasn't even kissed a girl yet. So he seeks Mia, the teenage mother, for help on kissing. While Sav and Mia practice kissing, Sav also helps Mia gain her badminton skills back, in which she was a dominator at back at Lakehurst. So those two are bonding, and now Mia now has a "thing" for Sav.

    Sav soon explains after Mia kisses him once winning the badminton game that he was just getting "warmed up" because he and Anya were going out.

    To me, Sav was kinda stupid. He should of known that he was giving Mia some kind of idea that he liked her, when he didn't. So now Mia's upset and sort of broken-hearted when she finds Sav playing with Anya and her stickerbook.

    Interesting episode. I liked it. Hehe, *thinks about Emma exposing herself* I really liked it!moreless
  • Emma is a Purple Dragon girl and she is changing.

    This episode is only "slightly tamed". It was a good episode with a good ol' Degrassi message for girls. Emma becomes a Purple Dragon Energy Drink spokesmodel and starts to show her friends that she's able to to change. The B plot was boring as Mia makes move with Sav, who has never even kissed a girl. Mia teaches Sav how to be a boyfriend and be a good kisser. But Sav ends up liking Anya. So the A plot was better than the B plot. Emma finds out the Purple Dragon spokesmodel girls are all about "Sex sells" and Emma takes a stand against them, saying that they are just a bunch of girls with sexy bodies and not real people with a brian...And she ends up taking her dress off in front of the whole school....she's naked. The only part that I found really good in the episode was when Emma and the main spokesmodel girl were in the locker room and she basically tells Emma that she's fat....and the Emma is in her room looking in the mirror and I could've sworn she was about to start throwing up again that would've made this episode so much better if she did but the episode was good but...average mostly. The B polt mostly was boring and nothing happened that was totally interesting so....whatever....not a Degrassi classic but a Degrassi episode.moreless
Kate Todd

Kate Todd

Purple Dragon Representative

Guest Star

Michael Kinney

Michael Kinney

Mr. Armstrong

Recurring Role

Samantha Munro

Samantha Munro

Anya MacPherson

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Raymond Ablack

Raymond Ablack

Sav Bhandari

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    • This episode actually aired as the 8th episode of the season.

    • Paula Brancati (Jane), Lauren Collins (Paige), Melissa DiMarco (Ms. Hatzilakos), Stacey Farber (Ellie), Aubrey Graham (Jimmy), Shenae Grimes (Darcy), Jamie Johnston (Peter), Shane Kippel (Spinner), Mike Lobel (Jay), Adamo Ruggiero (Marco), and Amanda Stepto (Spike), do not appear in this episode. However, Ms. Hatzilakos' voice can be heard over the P.A.


    • Purple Dragon Slogan: It will bring out the monster in you.

      Monster is an actual popular energy drink, as opposed to the fictional energy drink Purple Dragon used in this episode.

    • The title of this episode is the same as a song by Eric Carmen from the 1987 Dirty Dancing Soundtrack.

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