Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 5 Episode 14

I Against I

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jan 30, 2006 on MTV - Music Television

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  • This is the best episode in season 5!

    Okay. I have to say I think this is the fourth best episode of Degrassi EVER!!!! It had my heart beating honestly, when the church people and Marco were going at it! It was amazing! I really can't believe that this was a better episode than I thought it was gonna be! The B plot was okay....and slightly cliche for me in some way! The A plot rocked it though! Linus is a straight up intolerant **** I loved when Marco punched him...I really wasn't expecting Marco to do that! It really made my heart start beating! And such a controverstial (spelling?) episode. I think if kids are gonna have sex they should have access to free condoms...and the schools giving them to them is really a good idea. I hate that the conservative ass friendship club got away with the things they said and did. Loved it! Though for some reason made me start thinking politically about the issue of condoms and teens and sex and when I think of stuff politically, I get depressed. IDK. Politics depress me. So in a way it was a depressing episode that was very informative SUPERB!!!!!
  • Perfect

    Spinner and Marco have a fight over a topic of sex at school, and the fight escalates into a big thing that could very well end their friendship, especially when one of Spinner's friends is being mean to Marco because of his homosexuality. Emma and Caitlyn try to cheer up Spike after what happened with Snake.

    Good episode, the sub plot did not interest me a lot but the main plot with Spinner and Marco was very interested and kept me hooked until the very end, and so my grade for this episode is an easy, well deserved A+. Perfect
  • Nice episode

    This episode was a great episode and i think Dary standing up for marco`s siminar was nice since she barely even knew him.........anyway the linus/marco fight wat the siminar was awsome,mostly because we see marco with some balls( just kidding)
    well i did like how it ended with what marco had siad to spinner"your really alone aren`t you",anyway it was a special episode,but paige and alex trying to have sex?

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  • Spinner becomes friends with Marco again. Caitlyn, Emma, and Manny try to cheer Spike up for what Snake did to her.

    This is such an AWESOME episode. Linus is a jerk. I don't like his beleifs. He actually needs to read the bible because some of the things he says does not make sense at all. I like that Spinner and Marco becomes friends again in this episode. Spinner really has it tough. I hated that Linus made fun of Marco's sexuality. What he said is definately not true. The best thing I like about Darcy is she always gives Spinner a chance. Emma, Manny, and Caitlyn plan a party for Spike. They bring male strippers to the house and one of them looks like Snake. I hate it that Snake kissed another woman. I have no clue why he would do that. I am just hoping that everything turns out good. I give this episode a 10/10.
  • Another powerful episode brought to you by Degrassi.

    This episode dealt with controversy towards giving out condoms for safe sex, which is an amazing issue! I love to see Marco punching Lineus in the face, that was so awesome, he totally deserved it, I also liked how Marco forgave Spinner, even though nobody else did, which was really nice of him. The subplot was interesting Emma trying to cheep her mom up after the separation especially since her anniversary is coming up, so Caitlin returns to party! As they hire male strippers! That was so funny, until Spike through her wedding present in the trash & broke down after one of the strippers looked like Snake. Anyways an episode that definitely delivered.
  • Marco and Spinner beome friends again, Caitlin, Manny and Emma try to cheer Spike up!

    I loved this episode! But it made me want to smack Linus! He really needs to learn to respect other peoples beliefs! I believe in abstinence, but teenagers will do what they want! And usually that means haveng sex! But at least with the \'safer-sex\' seminar, their safe about it!
  • I loved it!

    At the beginning of this episode Marco and Spinner become friends again. Then Linus pressures Spinner into convincing Marco to stop his safe sex compain. I like how Marco isn't as loney anymore and at least he has one of his friends back. I found this episode exciting because Spinner and Linus go to far to stop the compain.
  • Controversery at Degrassi

    \"I against I\" was my favorite season 5 Degrassi Episode. Marco starts a \"safer sex\" program and it anger\'s some of Spinner\'s Friendship club buddies. A safe sex seminar is exactly what Degrassi needed after last year\'s gonneriah outbreak. Linus goes crazy and get Spinner to try to get marco to pull this off because he believes in abstinence. When people bring God into politics, public schools, etc., stuff starts to go wrong. And that is exactly what happened. Linus stated \"Condoms make kids have sex\". That is so not true. First, hormones do. Second, Unless your Dean (Who raped Paige in season 2), a condom won\'t make you have sex unless someone is willing to be your sexual partner. marco was doing the right thing and Linus had no right to call marco a **** Just like Chris Rock said : \"Whoever you hate will end up in your family. You don\'t like gays. You\'re gonna have a gay son. You don\'t like Puerto Ricans? your daughter\'s gonna come home with \'Livin la Vida Loca\"
  • Exactly why I watch this series!

    I kinda figured that Linus was a right-winged lunatic and Spinner was going to drop him.

    Please let their be closure betweem Jimmy and Spinner!!!

    The whole thing with Spike/Emma seems interesting. I hope it brings mother and daughter together. I am also glad they brought Caitlin back but I miss Joey now!

    Overall, kudos so far. I can't wait to see how they close some of this up and have some of these kids graduate. I wonder what they will introduce next season or if it will be a pseudo-college degrassi!

    Bravo! and keep up the fantastic work on what has been a great sequel to the original degressi. I was addicted in the 80s and this series keeps on reminding me why.

  • Marco and Spinner becomes friends again after drama.Snake gives spike an anniversary gift abirthstone necklace.Spike throws it away.Catlin come to visit.Manny suggested a stripper that looked like snake.Thats a bad turn ou ouch.

    Spinner and Marco becomes friends again.Friendship club doesnt like that Marco is distributing condums.They were against sex before marriage.Spinner has a protest.Marco punches a boy from friendship club for calling him a **** tells Marco sorry and became friends again.Snake give spike a birthstone chain.Spike throws it in the garbage.Catlyin visits and Manny decides to get a stripper which looked like her husband snake bad turn out.
  • Even though I didn't like the religious undertones of Spinner and Marco's storyline, I still thought this was a nice episode, because of how it deals with intolerance of others.

    In this episode, we find Marco and Spinner appear to start getting over the drama of the previous school year when Linus (and basically the rest of Friendship Club), have Spin try to get Marco to cancel a safe sex seminar happening later that afternoon.

    While I can understand Linus and his girlfriend's stance on the subject of teen and unmarried sex, I just didn't like how they were trying to force their views on the students of Degrassi. While abstinence is most likely the best thing for teens to do, safe sex is the best way to go if they teens want to get intimate. I think that when Linus was egging Marco on in the gym helped Spinner see that while the club was nice, with how they accepted him once he came to Degrassi, the members can be somewhat closed-minded. I found that once the whole seminar debacle was over, I was really feeling sorry for Spinner, because how it appears that while he is devoted to his club, he is spiritually unsure of what he wants to do with his life.

    With that said, I thought this was a nice episode, even though I didn't agree with the views of the character of Linus, it did a good job of dealing with bigotry and intolerance. It's really nice how shows like Degrassi deals with topics like this.

    On to the sub-plot of the episode, it was Snake and Spike's anniversary. I really thought that it was nice of Catlin to come and comfort Spike through her ordeal with Snake. I also thought it was pretty comical that all Manny could think of to cheer her up was to get a stripper. However, with that, we learn that after seeing stripper, Spike still has feelings for Snake. In all, this part of the episode was pretty good.
  • Linus and Kim, friendship club leaders, and Marco bump heads as tries to close up old wounds. Meanwhile, Manny drops it like it's hot!

    I like this episode. One, because the title was cool. Two, Manny called Danny an idiot. Three, Manny's famous line. Four, Ellie's brainwash line. Five, Spike's revealing shirt. Lastly, Linus and Kim getting the boot from Friendship Club. Mostly because of Marco rebuilding a friendship with Spinner. Things are looking up for Spinner. This episode wasn't epic, but will make a big stepping stone for future epic episodes like the finale or Our Lips Are Sealed. Drop it like it's hot y'all!
  • I love this episode...and not just for the strippers "droppin' it like its hot"-love ya Manny!!!

    "I against I" was about Spinner's involvement in the friendship club and his want to get his friends back. It was also about Marco advocating safe sex and Spike dealing with her split with Snake.

    This episode inspired me. It brought up multiple points of views on sex, which actually spoke to both sides. It also showed that some people can be forgiven and that spirituality isn't just reserved for a select few. Spinner has to fight between being friends with Marco and Linus' homophobic views.

    Spike is still in her funk over Snake cheating on her, so Emma & Manny decide to cheer her up by calling Caitlin (and a troop of male strippers). All is fine until one of the strippers, who eerily resembles Snake, starts dancing. Spike reveals that she is still in love with Snake at the end.

    I love D:TNG. It continues to make me laugh, think, cry, and connect with the characters episode after episode. Great work.
  • Spinner is spiritually confused, and Spike contemplates her love for Snake, in the midst of their marital troubles.

    This was an excellent episode that dealt with homophobia and intolerance. I think it\'s great that Spinner reaffirms that he is not homophobic, although he is deeply devoted to the Friendship Club.

    I also liked the b-side. Spike is an amazing woman. She knows that she loves Snake, and I think they\'ll work out their marital problems. It\'s important to show the world that divorce isn\'t always the only option in the case of adultery. It was also nice to see Caitlin (although I wish she\'d go back to her \"season one\" hairdo-she was smokin\' then!!!)

    I\'d just like to say that not all Christians think like Linus. There are some really nice ones out there, that welcome gay people into their churches with open arms.
  • Adamo Ruggiero Did A Wonderful Acting Job!

    Adamo really did Marco justice in this show! I was so proud that the producers and writers finally made Marco stick up for himself against someone as narrow minded as Linus. This is a prime example that some gay males don't act like 'sissies'. When they are fed-up the man deep down inside will arise and take care of business. Shane Kipple did a good job himself this show! I had to respect his acting on this one.
  • Caitlin comes to help out Spike and Spinner is in the Friendship Club

    Spinner apologizes to Marco and they become friends again. Spinner and Darcy are part of Friendship Club along Linus. Marco is having a seminar called Safe Sex and they are handing out condoms. Friendship Club thinks this is a bad idea because they believe in Abstinence. Linus leads the pack in protest against this seminar. When Spinner helps out, this damages his newly renewed friendship with marco. Marco and Linus end up in a fight.

    Caitlin suprises Spike and comes to visit. Spike is having a hard time with the seperation between her and Snake. Manny suggests they get a male stripper and Caitlin thinks its a great idea. So they throw Spike a party with this male stripper. As the guy is serving food to Spike and takes his shirt off, she gets a weird look on her face. When they ask what is wrong she says he reminds her of someone. Its kinda funny cuz the guy does look kind of like Snake. She is really upset and admits she is still in love with Snake.

    I really liked this episode. I was excited to see what would happen on the next one.
  • It was a really good episode. I love that Spinner stands up for Marco, demonstrating that he really is a good friend, it doesn't matter what happen before

    It was a really good episode. I love that Spinner stands up for Marco, demonstrating that he really is a good friend, it doesn't matter what happen before. And I think that even though Jimmy is mad at him, thanks to what happen to him, he knows who he really is. So, Jimmy stop being a dramaqueen.
  • In this episode, we see that Spinner is still with the Friendship Club. At a school fair, the beliefs of his group clash with those of Marco who is trying to promote a safe-sex campaign. Spinner is torn between abandoning his new belies or standing up to

    In my opinion, this is the best episode of the season yet. It is sad that Degrassi has depreciated to such a point that I expect mediocrity out of most of the episodes, but this one has proved me wrong. This is a Degrassi classic! It had a well-charged plot that kept me on the edge of my seat for the entire twenty-two minutes. Even though I hate Spinner, I feel that there was good character development for him and I did actually feel bad for him at times since he was definitely torn between defending his newfound Christian faith or supporting his former friend Marco. This is an important episode because it indicates during the end that Marco has forgiven Spinner (or at least will no longer ignore him as everyone else has been doing for the past year.) The confrontational scene between religious fanatic Linus and Marco at the condom demonstration was excellent! It was so charged and intense- Degrassi-style conflict! I also enjoyed the backstory which dealt with Spike's dealing with her husband's infidelity: She still misses Archie. It leaves us all in suspense as to what will transpire later on in the season. Excellent episode!
  • I have not seen this episode yet, but I just wanted to say something about the last comment. Jimmy is STUPID MOODY UN- FORGIVING?????

    I have not seen this episode yet, but I just wanted to say something about the last comment. Jimmy is STUPID MOODY UN- FORGIVING????Um I’m glad that you would forgive the person who made you be in a wheelchair for the rest of your life, just like that. Jimmy has every right to never talk or have anything to do with Spinner. I like Spinner on the show, but I did not like what he did to his ex best friend. And Manny if a good looking girl but she is also what Peter said. A attention whore…she broke up three couples, got drunk and showed everyone what she’s got and she is a bad friend to everyone. (I know that was a little off topic.) Marco is too weak. He befriends anyone who is down and out. Him and Manny should be kicked off the show.
  • Spinner themed, of course this episode is going to rock! The storyline is very clever, and shows a good point. Good job to Shane!!!!

    This episode was just plain- out amazing. I love Spinner, I love Darcy, and I love Manny, so of course I love this episode. It centers around the theme of religion and friendship, finally, the 3rd time this season it wasn't totally hardcore. Degrassi is having a carnival, hosted by Degrassi's Friendship Club, STUPID MOODY UN- FORGIVING Jimmy is there, and Linus (who sucks) is hosting the "Dunk the Dork" contest, and Spinner is the dunkee, Jimmy is mean to Spin and un- greatful, so he reapeatedly dunks him, Marco feels for him. Later we learn Marco has been a bit lonely lately, with Jimmy and Ellie and their stupid art, and the very odd couple Paige and a completely transformed ALEX, oh, Marco said PALEX, which is so awesome to us TV.COMians. And behold they're friends again! Marco also dissed Spin's old hair, awesome! But Linus who I hated in this episode didn't like this, and he and Spin complained to Ms. Hotsause, and called her a bad Christian (well, she is a homewreker!) and stupid Linus eventually gets in a fight with Marco, who knew Marco would fight with him!!!!
    The subplot was also great, Caitlyn returns, blonde again, and tries to cheer Spike, but Spike is still sad :(. Eventually Manny, Emma, and Caitlyn hire male strippers, after Manny sugests it for the third time, and while Spike seems cheered, one of the strippers looks like Snake! And it shows a good message, even though what Snake did was horrible, Spike Still loves him, amazing, Manny was cute in the sub- plot! A+