Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 5 Episode 6

I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 24, 2005 on MTV - Music Television

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  • art or basketball

    jimmy starts liking art more than basketball, and ruins a great chance at basketball to play. how is he going to tell his father this, and will his father approve? danny finds out liberty is pregnant and blackmails JT so he will not tell his parents about liberty. what will happen? will danny eventually tell or will JT and Liberty convince him not too?

    A great episode, I actually liked the JT/Liberty/Danny story more than the main one, but that too was a good, interesting story, and so my grade for this episode is without a doubt a high A+
  • Jimmy goes to an art gallery with Ellie. Danny finds out Liberty is pregnant.

    Jimmy Brooks is back to playing basketball. Or is he?? I think Jimmy's new talent is really cool. He is an excellent drawer. The only bad thing is, I think Elle might be crushing on him but Hazel is girlfriend. Ellie does not have very good like having boyfriends. She went out with Sean and Marco and I think she liked Craig. I kinda hoping they will end up together. I liked the ending where Hazel is willing to know what Jimmy has been going through. It shows that she's mature and not going out with him because he plays basketball. Danny finds out Liberty is pregnant. That kid gets so jelous of JT all the time. He back stabs his friend and makes him help out with a project. Liberty serioulsy needs to see a doctor. I give this episode a 10/10.
  • And yet another triangle begins!

    This episode was just okay since, the character Jimmy, eh, not so well of a character, So anyways another triangle begins & Ellie is stuck in it again, it's between Hazel, Jimmy & Ellie. And it's going to hurt them in the end. I like how Jimmy's basketball plot fits in, his past follows him & Ellie's wisdom helped him figure that basketball isn't a thing he wants to do anymore, it's drawing. And Hazel & Jimmy's dad are not on board for that which makes the situation problematic. The subplot, Liberty's brother finds out which cause chaos at school while taking care of a digital baby. I like how Danny stood up for Liberty, really nice of him. An okay episode.
  • This was excellent

    This episode is the whole reason I watch Degrassi. This episode showed a whole new side to Jimmy that I think a lot of people will like. I like how it showed another side to Jimmy besides basketball; It showed his talent as an artists. I also hope a romance between him and Ellie sparks from this new fling!
  • This is one of the best degrassi episodes so far. It is pivotal for any degrassi fan and is a must see. One of the finest of the series yet.

    In this episode Jimmy goes from being athletic Jimmy to being artistic Jimmy and with that comes a few choices. There is a very strong foreshadowing that Jimmy and Hazel will be coming to a conclusion and that Ellie and Jimmy will be beginning. Also in this episode the sub plot is how Liberty can no longer hide her pregnancy from Danny and they must now deal with the consequences. This episode is well written and vital to the characters. While they changed six characters lives in this one episode they stayed true to the characters personalities. This episode is one that everyone will love.
  • Jimmy's basketball dreams are no more; Liberty's "little secret" isn't a secret anymore.

    This episode was an example of Degrassi TNG at its finest. Jimmy Brookes is tired of being all things to all people-in particular, his girlfriend and his father. He realizes that he doesn't want to pursue basketball. Basketball is a part of his past-a past that includes being shot in the back, and being stabbed in the back by someone he thought was his friend (Spinner).

    I enjoyed the interraction between Jimmy and Ellie. It's clear to me that Ellie IS NOT flirting with Jimmy-she sees his potential as an artist and encourages him to pursue his talent. Jimmy enjoys being validated for what he CAN do, not what he SHOULD be doing (at least in the eyes of Hazel and Mr. Brookes).

    On the b-side of this eppy, we see a six-month old pregnant Liberty, who A) hasn't told her parents, and B) hasn't seen a doctor. Her brother Daniel finds out about JT and Liberty's little secret, and exploits the situation. It is clear that Daniel loves his big sis, and will be there for her and the baby.
  • A powerful episode that need to be watched more than once to be understood.

    In "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For", Jimmy has been feeling a lot of prssure from his Father and his girlfriend Hazel to be the old Jimmy and be a big basketball star. But Ellie surprisingly shows him and exposes him to a different side of Jimmy, one that has emerged since the shooting. He and Ellie like spend time together and it looks like they have a lot of chemistry. After Jimmy and Ellie visit a gallery and soon after Jimmy gets hurt he realizes what he must do and quits basketball to focus more on art and other things, like Hazel...or maybe someone else *cough*Ellie*cough*.

    At first I thought this episode was an ok one and i moved on but I decided to watch it again and then i watched it a third time and by then the episode had much more meaning than at first. I saw that within Hazel and Jimmy's relationship was beyond repair and that Ellie has changed into a sort of Manny now a days because she's desperate for a guy in her life. Although Andrea Lewis (Hazel) made larger appearnces than before but not a big one she was excellent, i really felt her concern in the nurses office and felt really sorry for her at the end of the episode when she really thought that Jimmy would give being the "old" Jimmy a try and I know she's gonna get heartbroken and hopefully she will get a bigger storyline later on.

    Overall this is an excellent episode and it really portrays the topic of change well. One of the best episodes for the series, two thumbs up.
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