Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 11 Episode 5


Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jul 21, 2011 on MTV - Music Television

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    This season is starting out better than the last for sure. I guess the thing is that this season was definitely not as overhyped as the last. We got a great episode of Degrassi here with some pretty great interactions. What with Drew & Bianca in a very serious situation. Bianca sleeping with Vince to get him off Drew's back, Drew breaking up with Bianca, Vince still on Drew's back. What have these kids gotten in too?

    I'm interested in seeing how the rest of the season unravels, we have a really powerful story arc here that surely can carry out the rest of the season. The Anya & Owen story was nice, loved how they built up too it like this. I'm interested in seeing the dynamics that will come of this relationship.

    The Connor story was really annoying but the plot was original I guess. Just upset that they're going to drag this panty obsession on for more than 2 episodes. Just like they dragged on that 'World of Warcraft' story of last season. See how that turned out. This plot doesn't look hopeful. Great episode in it's entirety.
  • So Heartfelt, so real. This episode brings everything down to the bone.

    This episode is a well rounded episode that you really get to see how scared Drew really is. The actor did a fantastic job with all of the acting and captured every emotion with ease. I could feel his fear and I really felt for the character. All aspects of the episode that included Drew's story seemed so real and you could feel everything that the actor was giving you. I was very impressed that Degrassi was able to pull out some wonderful acting by this young man.
  • Drew is paranoid that Vince will come after him. Owen is telling everyone that he had a one night stand, but no one knows it was Anya. Connor's obsession with girls underwear grows.

    "Idioteque" is an excellent Degrassi episode. I'm still in shocked with what happened in this episode. I felt as if Drew was suffering from PTSD in this episode with having performance anxiety with trying to have sex with Bianca, hiding under the desk when he heard a loud noise in math class. He was so shaky. It was heartbreaking to see him so paranoid that Vince was going to kill him. I feel so bad for Bianca as well because Drew is so scared that he believes his mom when she says Bianca's not good for him. It's sad that she had to sleep with Vince so he'd stop stalking Drew. It's sad that Drew broke up with Bianca. The ending of this episode was so shocking and heartbreaking. It's heartbreaking that the gang beat up Drew. And it's scary that the gang won't kill Drew, but it sound like eventually they will kill him. I loved the Anya "B" plot. I can't believe Anya actually went through with having sex with Owen. Owen can definitely be a jerk with almost telling everyone that his one night stand was with Anya. I did love how Anya told Fiona and Holly J. about not getting into the University of Toronto, and her rejection of Dr. Chris, and that she actually did sleep with Owen. But I don't know what's going to happen with their friendship. Connor gets even creepier in this episode. My mistake in my last review. He stole Fiona's panties, not Anya's. It still very creepy. In this episode, he's stealing Miss Oh's underwear, and underwear from the girls swim team. His obssession is just too weird. But this episode was so much more intense than I expected, so I give it a 10/10.
  • perfect

    Holly J and Fiona find out Owen slept with someone at Anya's 18th birthday party. Anya confronts him about it, revealing he will delete the post he made on Face Range, if Anya will agree to go out on a date with him. Anya eventually reveals, on Face Range, that she was the person Owen slept with. Anya finds out Owen really does like her a lot.

    Drew is scared to go to Degrassi because he is scared Vince will find him. He also does not like being with Bianca because he feels his life was a lot easier before she came into it. Bianca tries to smooth things over with Vince by having sex with him. However, members of Vince's gang attack Drew viciously.

    Wesley finds out about Connor's obsession.

    GREAT episode. I don't know why but the first half made me laugh quite a bit- Drew and Bianca at the beginning, Drew freaking out in school, Wesley's "We have a test!" line… and then the ending. Wow. The ending literally made me say "holy crap". Great episode, probably my favorite of Now or Never at this point. A+, definitely