Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 7 Episode 23

If This Is It

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jun 16, 2008 on MTV - Music Television

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  • Spinner needs Jimmy help to study for the last exam.

    "If This Is It" is a great Degrassi episode. It's definitely not the best episode, but it gives a sense of the early Degrassi years, and the seasons almost over, and it's sentimental. I love how Jimmy tries to help Spinner study for an exam. I love how Spinner and Jimmy decide to get extra credit, but Jimmy does all the work. I love how Jimmy pulls the fire alarm, so Spinner can have extra days to study. I love how Manny was offer a job to bee on a TV show. I just wish she could do both, go to Smithdale and star on tv show. I give this episode a 8.5/10.
  • I think it was about on the same range as DSB, but a little boring-er in ways. Spinner A plot and a somewhat boring Manny B plot...bring back JANNY, please!!!

    Okay. I liked this episode but it was a litte "stale" if you know what I'm saying. It entertained me but I didn't pay much attention to it as I did to DSB. It was likable but I didn't rewatch it like I did DSB...once was enough. There was something about Spinner in this episode that made me say...ummm, what the hell? IDK, I can't really explain it. The B plot was kinda....blah. I think they could've focoused on something more interesting like: A Darcy or Toby subplot....hey I woulod have even settled for a Derek/Danny subplot than Manny's most boring B plot ever. The A plot made up for the boring azz B plot...I liked the idea that they focused on the fact that a lot of high school seniors don't really know what they are gonna be doing after they graduate. And thank God, Spinner is going to graduate! Loved the scene when Jimmy went into the handicap stall....for some reason it was really funny. But a watchable episode. Pretty good. Another good light hearted episode.
  • Jimmy is sick of Spinner's slacking...

    Woah, this episode is cringe-worthy! The episode before graduation so that means some serious decisions at Degrassi Community School! While Manny has to make a choice between acting or college, Spinner has to make a decision, between the band or graduating which reminds me of Craig except this is stupid. Cause the Studz, only have one stupid gig. And he was about to throw it all way. I like when he is taking the test & the fire alarm goes off, Jimmy pulled it for him, talk about a friends. I thought about the episode "Venus" when Manny was taking off her clothes, I thought they were going to take advantage of her!? Anyways a great pre-graduation episode.
  • With his grades in jeopardy, Spinner has to choose between Studz and studying. (Incidentally, that's what this episode would be called if Jane Austen were the head writer.) Manny gets accepted into Smithdale, but also gets an offer to act on a TV show.

    It's not often that Degrassi does two separate plots with the same issue covered in both. On one hand, you feel like they're cutting corners, but on the other, it's interesting to see how different people would handle the same issue. Let's start with the Emma and Manny plot. Manny and Emma are two friends who have stuck together from beginning to end, through thick and thin, so it would be a real shame if they were forced apart. However, Manny really wants to accept the acting job, so it looks as though there may be trouble in paradise. I don't know why there were no changing rooms at the TV studio, or whether or not that's accurate, but it seems to me that that's a good way to insure that the upper crust of the acting society never agrees to work for you. I guess they were trying highlight the fact that you have to do some pretty unpleasant things to get noticed in the acting business. (Things that would earn you bracelet from Jay) I did like the accurate points though, like how cast and crew hate getting tied down to one show, because it narrows their scope of options when they need to look for a new job. I guess the point of this story was that television is a fickle mistress, one day your show's on top of the world, the next, it's off the air, and everyone's suddenly out of the job. So stay in school, get an education, and work will never be in short supply. As for Spinner, I can totally sympathize with him in the scene where he was trying to study, but the drums kept on playing in his head, sometimes it's just impossible to concentrate. He decides to focus all his his effort on winning a Battle of the Bands with the Studz, figuring he can just do 12th grade over again if he fails. This means that if Studz falls through, Spinner will have nothing, and lo and behold, they flop. Again, I liked the real-world accuracies. Just one bad performance can spell the end of a small band. If there was a talent agent in the audience, they just scared him away, and who knows when the next one will come along? I guess the point of this story was that the music industry is a fickle mistress, one day your band's on top of the world... Wait, haven't I heard that somewhere before? Oh right, I said the exact same thing about the other plot.

    That was one of my major gripes with this episode, the fact that both plots dealt with the exact same thing happening to two different people, and then both of them making the same decision. I would have much preferred to see one of them chase their dreams a little bit further, to the point where going back becomes difficult.

    All in all, this episode was a lot more preachy than the average Degrassi, with two separate plots that shouted out the same message. Still I particularly liked the storylines themselves, watching Spinner and Manny on their paths to self-discovery was well worth my time, so this episode definitely worthy of a 9 out of 10.

    However, this was supposed to be the episode where the characters set a good example. With that in mind, I have to deduct a few points because of Jimmy, who showed us a way to pull the fire alarm without getting caught.
  • This episode really showed us that Degrassi can successfully pull off an episode that isn't all about people dying, getting raped, or contracted AIDS .

    I reaally, reaaaalllly, liked this episode . It was a really pleasant surprise, because I know I was expecting it to suck .

    First off, the way Spinner was acting in this episode totally make sense, Spinner's always been the type to do everything he could to avoid school work, or tests . The fact that The Studz played and totally bombed made me happy, because it was getting kind of annoying how everyone kept treating them like royalty, so hopefully that's over . The A Plot and the B Plot of this episode kind of tie in together, if you really think about it . Both Manny and Spinner have choices to make about either an opportunity, or their future & in the end, their best friends help them through it . I Loved the Manny storyline, too . It was a nice touch to see that they hadn't forgotten about Bernice , Lmfao . The flow of this episode just felt really nice, and there was a lot of little continuity throw backs that I really enjoyed . But, I kind of feel like Emma and Damien shouldn't really be together at all, they're honestly the stupidest couple . I can't wait until we see "We Built This City" and they go down in flames . On that note, I'm really excited for the season finale, now. And if this is the way Season 8 is, then I have no complaints .